Spring Time Fever...Ahhhh Breathe That Fresh Air!

Apr 8, 2004

The Bottom Line Spring is in the air! Have you enjoyed the outdoors lately?

Here is my entry to Mothra3's Springtime Entry... http://www.epinions.com/content_3858145412

Spring Time and What It Means:

Well I'm not even sure what it means to a lot of people but what it means to me is "fresh" beginnings. Flowers blooming, grass growing, birds chirping, kids screaming (outside mind you), and people smiling. Let's not forget romance...I think that is why a lot of people smile ;) I've noticed that the winter months people around this part of the country are a bit grouchy, but when the first sign of Spring is in the air, smiles quickly replace the frowns, including myself. I find myself to be much happier when warmer weather is in the air. I'm not sure exactly why this is, but I know that fresh air is perfect for the soul :) The children are all in better spirits as well. Riding bikes, playing basketball, soccer, going to the park, anything to keep them out of the house. Spring always brings cheer to everyone around the world, whether you are living in a little town like me, or a big city. Look around, you'll notice, I'm sure, how different people seem.

Then we have the dreaded Spring cleaning, all of us have to endure. Whether its the first day of spring, or later, if you procrastinate on cleaning, we have tons of duties to do when nice weather approaches. I do my yearly Spring cleaning around the first of March (mainly because I want to get it out of the way so I can enjoy the nice weather later.) From washing curtains, to washing walls, to mowing grass, to planting flowers, I am quite busy with all the lovely jobs in store. I say this in a complete sarcasmic way. (Not sure if that is even a word, but hey, I like the way it sounds...ha-ha)

As we enjoy each day of Spring, preparing for Easter, or the upcoming summer months, we have a lot to do to keep us busy. I suggest doing the cleaning in time to enjoy the weather yourself. Get those mop buckets out, the curtains down, the carpets shampooed, the lawn mower serviced, and then take a nice long romantic walk with your loved one.....take your children to the park to play and have a picnic.....work outside in your garden and breathe in all that fresh air. It really helps to cure the Winter-time Blues.

My Favorite Thing About Spring:

I have several things about Spring I love, but my most favorable is the weather. I will take rain and warm weather over snow and cold weather any time! I love being able to go outside barefoot, smelling the fresh flowers, the freshly mowed grass, the birds chirping, and especially hearing my children scream as loud as they can because they are NOT IN THE HOUSE! ;) (I'm sure all you mothers can relate) Ok, now that I'm finished, I will go enjoy my children playing outside ;) Take care and thank you for reading my entry to mothra3's W/O http://www.epinions.com/content_3858145412 I would enjoy reading more about Spring Time Fever!!!!!....

Remember, smiling burns more calories than frowning;)

Have a glorious, relaxing Spring!

God Bless!


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