Eddie Bauer Soothing Comfort Bouncer - B is For Bear

Eddie Bauer Soothing Comfort Bouncer - B is For Bear

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Eddie Bauer "B is for Bear" Bouncer - an Un"Bear"ably Bad Design

Jul 5, 2007
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Pros:Folds, appearance, harness, mesh netting that zips up

Cons:Price, design, lack of comfort, netting gets caught, hard to clean, bland colors... see review

The Bottom Line: I do not recommend this bouncer at all. It is extremely poorly designed, doesn't bounce well, doesn't provide much comfort. In the end, it was useless for us.

When I was registering for baby items, I figured a bouncer was a must. The Eddie Bauer “B is for Bear” bouncer caught my eye right away. I have always had an interest in nature, and the bouncer had a nature kind of theme, with earthy, muted colors and a screen that zips over the bouncer for outdoor use. Since I was having a baby in March, I thought the bouncer would get a ton of use in our yard.

“This bouncenette utilizes premium comfort features like a quilted, reclining seat, gentle vibration, and nature sounds to soothe baby at home and on the go.”

The “B is for Bear” Bouncer

This bouncer retails for about $49.99, and was one of the more expensive bouncers to choose from. I registered for this item at Babies R Us, and haven’t seen it elsewhere. Although this is marketed as an “Eddie Bauer” bouncer, it is actually manufactured by Safety 1st.

The bouncer does not come assembled (only partially). It looks like your typical bouncer for the most part, but has a screen that zips over the front. The bouncer is a tan color and comes with three toys that hand by Velcroing them to the top of the bouncer.

The bouncer is designed to fold up for travel. There is a switch on one of the legs that allows you to release the legs so that you can swing them around and fold them down. It is for babies up to 25 lbs (or up to when infants can sit).


Assembling the bouncer wasn’t too horrible, but I did need the instructions. The legs of the bouncer had to be assembled by inserting poles into each other and fastening with a screw. I assembled this during my ninth month of pregnancy and I was very frustrated because I really had to fight to get the screws in – it didn’t seem like the holes lined up well and I had to really work hard to get everything together.

Aside from the legs, there was not too much else in the way of assembly. There is a unit that attaches to the front of the bouncer that provides music and vibration. It requires 1 C battery and 3 AAA batteries. I wasn’t too thrilled with this combination since it leaves you with odd numbers of batteries.

Thoughts & Experiences

At first I thought I really liked this bouncer. I was excited to try it out with my firstborn. However, it wasn’t long before I realized that I didn’t like this bouncer at all!

~ ~ The Pros ~ ~

~ Appearance – I liked the “nature” theme of this bouncer. It has a soft, soothing, earthy look to it.

~ Screen/Mesh netting – I really loved that this bouncer has a screen that you can just zip up over the front so that you can bring baby outside without worrying that your little one will get bitten up by insects. I also figured that it would allow me to not have to worry about our cat (although she ended up never having an interest in the baby).

~ Harness – Like a bouncer should have, this has a harness. There is a strap that comes up the middle to which two side pieces clip into. (However, the clip sometimes required fussing – something a lot of people complained about on BabiesRUs.com).

~ Vibration – This bouncer has the typical vibration offered by a lot of products, which is a nice feature to have. I used it a few times out of desperation!

~ ~ The Cons ~ ~

~ Price – for starters, this is around $50 – one of the higher end bouncers. In retrospect, I realize that unless a bouncer has some really phenomenal qualities, it doesn’t need to be that expensive.

~ Lack of “bounce” - This bouncer doesn’t bounce very well. I later got a cheap Fisher Price bouncer (“Pink Petals”), and the thing is incredibly bouncy! The Eddie Bauer bouncer just doesn’t bounce very easily.

~ Muted colors & toys - Although the bouncer may be appealing to adults, I don’t think this is the most stimulating for baby. Bright colors may not be of interest to baby in those first three months or so, but I would rather have a bouncer that incorporates bright colors, contrasting designs, etc. This bouncer is pretty much just bland and plain, not mentally stimulating. The toys are all beige in color as well.

~ Head positioner - The head portion of the bouncer has a slightly raised upside down “u”, but it is not adjustable and never provided much in the way of head positioning. This was especially the case when my daughter was first born, and she was slumped over in the bouncer. We even tried using a separate head/body positioner that we had bought to try to keep her in a comfortable position.

~ Lack of comfort - Instead of being a “sling”, this bouncer has a hard back to it. I don’t think it was as comfortable as the bouncer I got to replace it, which was more of a fabric sling. Although babies need back support, being bent in a sitting position kind of defeats the fact that there is support. I realize too much padding can be a risk, but the bouncer just didn’t seem very comfortable.

~ Heavy & bulky - I truly wouldn’t use this bouncer to travel with. It does fold down, but I would rather bring my lightweight Fisher Price (“Pink Petals”) bouncer with me any day, even though it does not fold. I can easily pick up the FP bouncer with baby in it without a problem, whereas I didn’t see myself doing that with the Eddie Bauer bouncer.

~ Size constraints - Unlike a lot (most?) of bouncers, this bouncer has a tall border along the sides and bottom. Once baby grows long enough, their feet can’t hang over the edge, and they outgrow it quickly, whether or not they are over the weight limit.

~ Washability - the seat pad inside the bouncer is removable and washable, but the fabric under it can only be wiped. My baby spit up all over the bouncer – not just on the padded seat cover - and all I could do was wipe the spitup off the fabric, which has a cardboard type material under it. (My FP bouncer seat completely removes for washing).

~ Zipper-adjusted recliner - To recline or raise the back of the bouncer, there is a mesh portion that zips up or you unzip to drop the back of the bouncer a few inches. It felt like every time I adjusted the back of the bouncer, the mesh got caught in the zipper. Even if I weren’t fussing with the stuck zipper, having to run the zipper around the bouncer was cumbersome. That was actually the straw that sent me back to Babies R Us, who fortunately honored my return.

Other Thoughts

I never used the music, but from the reviews I’ve read (on Amazon.com and BabiesRUs.com) say the music is weird and unpleasant, and that it basically sounds like static.

I actually never ended up using the mesh netting. This thing was too cumbersome to drag outside, and since it didn’t bounce very well, I didn’t need to broadcast my baby’s crying throughout the neighborhood!

I can't say my daughter liked this product very much. I only used it for about 6 weeks before I couldn't stand it any more. She never had any interest in the "colors", she was always slumped over, and I can't imagine she was comfortable on the hard backing.


I am giving this bouncer 2 stars, although I am very tempted to give it just one. You would think for the price, this would be at least decent, and it wasn't. I think it was poorly designed and needs a lot of improvement. I see the reviews on BabiesRUs.com are predominantly very negative. When I got this product in December 2006, it was fairly new and there were no reviews, but now it is an obvious consensus that this is a bad product.

The “pros” are generally what most bouncers have, aside from the netting. However it was the netting they used for the seat adjustment that made this bouncer way too much of a hassle. I recommend under no circumstances.

In comparison, my little Fisher Price Pink Petals bouncer was much cheaper, had a ton of bounce and was basically just a fabric sling over a frame – and it worked wonderfully!

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Recommend this product? No

Amount Paid (US$): 50
Age Range of Child: 0 to 12 Months

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