Mad Housewife Chardonnay

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Dag,Namet… I'm a MAD HOUSEWIFE !!!

Jul 5, 2007 (Updated Jul 30, 2007)
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Pros:Great flavor, decent price.

Cons:A little more of a "dry" after-taste than I'm use to.

The Bottom Line: If you’re a Housewife, and you're "mad", relax with a glass of this !!

"Somewhere near the cool shadows of the laundry room. Past the litter box and between the plastic yard toys. This is your time. Time to enjoy a moment to yourself. A moment without the madness. The dishes can wait. Dinner be damned." ~ QUOTE from the bottle: Mad Housewife Chardonnay.
. . . .

Upon viewing this vintage, I observed a golden yellow tone. The nose detects an aroma which exerts slight undertones of white grape, among other fruits. Upon initial contact with the palate, it revealed a distinct crispness which embodied……

Screeeeetchhhh…… (needle dragging across a record).

No, wait. Sorry!!! I'm not really a wine aficionado, I'm just playing one on Epinions.

But really folks…. I'm just an average Housewife (who has a part-time job outside the home), just like many of you. So, let's start over.

Personally, I'm not generally a Chardonnay drinker. I prefer the sweet wines, like White Merlot and Honey Mead. But, there isn't always a place for sweet wines. Especially before and during a meal ("would you like a fruit salad with that T-Bone steak, Mam???).

And sometimes, I just want a nice glass of wine, not a dessert in a stemmed glass.

Now, I'm not "up" on what wines are suppose to go with what foods (I believe it's suppose to be white wines with chicken and fish, and red wines with beef and pork). Myself, I just drink what I like, and what I'm in the mood for. So what if I'm having a glass of Chardonnay with Sirloin Tips… As long as it pleases me, that's all that matters.

Sometimes, I want something a little crisper. So, I must choose from one of my other favorites

This leads me to one of my most recent favorite wines. Mad Housewife - Chardonnay.

This is not a high end wine, carefully stored within the catacombs "until it's time", rendering you to have to mortgage your house in order to purchase a bottle. However, it's not a cheap "night train" variety, either. At $9.99 for a 750ml bottle, it is priced within reach, yet tastes better than it's "retail value".

When gazing upon this lovely bottle of wine, you will find an image of said "Housewife", clad in pink garb and pearls, vibrantly "showing off" her pristine silver spatula. Ahh, yes… the embodiment of perfect "Housewife-dome". Doesn't it just make you sick !!! (that's the whole idea !!)

But…. it's not the label that makes this wine (although, that's what drew me in, in the first place… after all, what Housewife isn't Mad)…. Whhaaaaa…..ahhhhh hah hah haaah… (oh, ehhh, hemm, excuse me…. sorry about that !!).

So, what does this wonderful wine taste like?

Well, it is rather refreshing. There aren't any strong, pungent flavors. It's very mild and fruity. It's not overly sweet, and has a nice, dry crispness. The manufacturer claims "melon, pear, and apple undertones, but I can't personally depict any specific fruits. I can only overall determine a general "fruitiness" (along with grape) to the flavor. It has a very enjoyable, smooth flavor…. Hmm, hold on a second, I need to pour myself another glass…..

The only slight issue I have with this wine is it's AFTER-TASTE. It's not a bad or repulsive after-taste, but it does seem to leave me a bit dry. I don't find this problem with other wines.

So, here's my recommendation. …

Kick off your shoes, throw on your P.J.'s, tuck the little one into slumber-land, leave the dishes rotting in the sink, ignore the pile of smelly Sponge Bob underwear built up beside the hamper, step over the trail of stinky sweat socks, tell Hubby "Not tonight Honey, it's been a long day", slip on your fuzzy slippers, and pour yourself a glass of Mad Housewife Chardonnay.

Sit back, relax, and snuggle in with a good book. After all, this is your time of the day !!!

But, not too many glasses, mind you. With 13.5% Alcohol by Volume, it could leave you sleeping like a baby. Umm, wait… where on earth did they get that saying , anyway? "Sleeping like a baby"? My baby never slept very well… waking up every hour or so (still does, at 8 years old) !!

On second thought…. have another glass, and sleep better than a baby!! (Just make sure you're already in bed… and you don't have to drive anywhere, to get there !!)

~Enjoy !!

Mad Housewife - Chardonnay
Vinted and bottled by:
Mad Housewife Cellars
San Martin, Ca.

Mad Housewife Main web site:

Year: 2005

Recommend this product? Yes

Winery Name: Rainier - Mad Housewife Cellars
Varietal: Chardonnay
Country: USA
State or Region: California
Price: 9.99
Wine Rating Scale: Better than most

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