Eastern Astrology for Western Astrologers

Aug 28, 2001
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Pros:Easy to follow and plenty if information.

Cons:Sanskrit is very hard to remember.

The Bottom Line: If you are interested in the Ancient science of Vedic Astrology, this is the book for you, it's so clear and concise.

I purchased this book just last week and have already gotten through all 400 pages. I have been wanting to study Vedic Astrology since a few years ago but have never had any good books to begin my studies. Now I have!
William R Levacy has written this book with the student of Astrology in mind, but has structured it in such a way that even the most novice of Astrologer's could comprehend.
Readers will be able to learn how to identify the major methods used in Vedic Astrology, how to interpret a horoscope Vedic style, forecast future events and it examines the Charts of the World, otherwise known as Mundane Astrology.
This book is the sort that you will keep for years and always refer back to it (as with most Astrology books!), it has precise interpretations, clear and concise steps for better interpretation and understanding of the Vedic Chart.

I must say though that you must be prepared to begin to learn the basics of the very difficult language of the Ancient Indians - Sanskrit. There is a glossary however that is very extensive and covers every word you will need, to read the book.
William R Levacy recommends in the preface that the reader should first read the whole book from cover to cover as it is written in stages. Skills 1 and 2 are basic skills needed to understand Vedic Astrology and the rest of the skills (up to 7) adds depth to the basic knowledge acquired in the first half of the book. I have to agree that this is the best way to read this wonderful book.
Levacy really goes into a lot of depth with this book and I found after reading it just the once I have picked up a considerable amount of information.

There are several chapters that cover specialized areas of focus, such as Health, World events, the Astrology of space, timing of events (such as Buying a house) and Planetary transits. Each Chapter is written clearly and very easy to compare with Traditional Western Astrology.

I highly recommend this beautiful book to anybody interested in learning the science of Vedic Astrology or even for anybody who just wants to know themselves a little better.
(Some prior knowledge of Astrology is expected, but only the very basics).

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