Especially for Baby Deluxe Sleep System

Especially for Baby Deluxe Sleep System

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Great wedge to help baby sleep!

Jul 10, 2007 (Updated Jul 24, 2007)
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Pros:Comfortable, easy to wash, heartbeat device

Cons:When my son got bigger he tended to slide down the wedge in the night

The Bottom Line: This product does a great job in helping the baby get to sleep and stay asleep!

Why we bought this Sleep System...
Before my son was born we wanted to make sure that we had everything set up so that when we brought him home from the hospital his bed would be ready. We had already decided on the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper and we wanted to make sure he would be sleeping on some sort of wedge to help keep him on his back and to be slightly angled to help with digestion. This product seemed like a good solution for both.

How to use this product
This product comes already assembled. When you remove it from the plastic bag inside of the box it is ready for use after you discard all of the tags.

The wedge is 12" x 15" and has two bumpers (that go on the baby's sides just underneath their armpits that are 3" x 7.5". The bumpers are removable so that you can adjust to your baby's size.

This wedge can be used with a newborn up until they are 6 months old. However, once the baby is able to roll over freely, use of the product should be discontinued.

Another feature:
This wedge/sleep system also has another feature called a "Heartbeat Device". The Heartbeat Device is an activated heartbeat sound that lasts for 15 minutes to help the baby be soothed to sleep (because they are used to hearing their mother's heartbeat). To activate the heartbeat device open the cover of the wedge and tucked into the foam is a plastic case. Inside of the plastic case is room for 2 AA batteries (not included when buying the sleep system). Then you turn on the switch on the side of the plastic case and put it back in the foam and close the cover. Finally you press the cushion to activate. After 15 minutes the heartbeat sound will stop and you can choose to activate it again.

We had a couple of instances in which the wedge was the victim of some nighttime accidents. To wash, remove the foam and heartbeat device. Then put the cover and bumpers in the wash in a gentle cold water cycle. Do not put in the dryer. Only drip dry.

We never had any severe accidents, but if the foam would have ever been a victim then it would need to be discarded.

Our experience:
We used this wedge/sleep system the entire time he slept in his co-sleeper the first 3 months of his life. He slept very comfortably on it and has always been a great sleeper. Since, he always slept pretty well we never did try the heartbeat device but it works well and appears to be soothing when I laid on the wedge to try it out.

I was appreciative of the slight angle of the wedge. We always laid our son on his back but I could tell he was digesting his food easier (at the slight angle) than lying flat on his back

The only negative about this product isn't really about the product itself, but when my son got a little bigger (around 2 months) he started to slide down the wedge during the night. We found ourselves having to pull him up throughout the night.

Great product! It does the job of being comfy and helping the baby to sleep.

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Special Thanks!
To Marytara for getting this up on the site! Thanks a bunch!

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