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May 10, 2004

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Vampire movies, or horror movies as a whole, are not my favorite genre to watch. One thing that's annoying is that most movies dealing with vampires or Dracula are very poorly done. But these are, I think, the 10 best vampire movies that I have seen.

The List:

Blade & Blade II - This is a cool movie about a guy that was born half vampire, half human. Blade fights the urge to feed on humans through the use of an injected substance. There's lots of vampire killing in this movie, which is great. Wesley Snipes is a good martial artist and his skills really show in this movie. In Blade II, he comes back to kill more "Sucker Heads." He's on a mission - first to rescue his friend that was bitten in the first movie (Whistler), and then to kill a vampire hunter. Almost ironic, huh? But, of course, there's a logical explanation for this. See, the vampire hunter is a mutant thats feeds on vampires and humans and spawns very quickly. They have more power than a regular vampire and are harder to kill. Blade and the Sucker Heads team up against this foe. It's a great movie.

Vampires - John Carpenter brings the heat to the vamps real quick in Vampires! There's lots of action and gore. Do hookers usually get bit by powerful vampires? Interestingly, the vampire killers are Vatican approved. Talk about a license to kill! James Bond's got nothing on the Pope! Carpenter keeps the neck nibblers evil enough to dislike but the film is hip and sexy enough to interest most viewers. It's worth a peek.

Underworld - Underworld explores the war between werewolves and vampires. The werewolves are trying to crossbreed with vampires so they can become more powerful. A human that holds the key to the werewolves' desire of crossbreeding, comes into the care of a vampire named Selene (Kate Beckinsale). There's a lot of good fight scenes and great special effects. The storyline is fairly interesting, but I think the dialogue could have been improved.

Bram Stoker's Dracula - This is one of the top vampire movies made. I suspect this will be in the classic archives some day. Gary Oldman, Anthony Hopkins, Sadie Frost, Keanu Reeves, and Wynona Ryder all perform very nicely. Reeves is not one of my favorite actors (outside of The Matrix), but he actually does well here. You never want to mess with a man's wife. But it's especially a bad idea to mess with a vampire's wife, even if he does have three! That's the fate of Jonathan Harker (Reeves). Anthony Hopkins (one of the greatest) plays Van sharp contrast to the newly released movie "Van Helsing." Buffy can't even touch Helsing. This is a truly great movie!

Interview With The Vampire - For some reason Tom Cruise caused some controversy when selected for the movie, but I thought he did a great job. People shouldn't be so judgemental. Even Ann Rice had to eat crow over the controversy. Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, and a young Kirsten Dunst join in this dramatic vampire flick. I haven't read the book but I've heard it follows the book pretty well. I thought Pitt did a good job playing a refined yet evil vampire. This is probably one of Antonio Banderas' best films, he's usually lame. The film follows the characters through their lifetime as the world changes around them. It does a good job of showing the odd feelings one would have as an immortal being.

Nosferatu - This is another oldy (but goody). Amazingly this film was made in the 1920's! You won't be blown away by the dialogue, but the mood is still maintained. It does a good job of creeping out the viewers, but it does feel very dated. This German made movie did a lot to influence films that followed it. The musical score is enjoyable and very fitting. Check it out!

Vampire Hunter D - This is an anime movie. It's very good! The sequel Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is an amazing follow up. D is a half vampire, half human but has decided to hunt and kill his vampire bretheren rather than embrace their lifestyle. (loosely similar to Blade) D travels and fights alone. He's after a powerful vampire called the Count. Count has a human, Doris, in his castle and has claimed her as his bride. D shows this joker whats up. The action scenes are well done, the animation is excellent and the story is very interesting. This is a great vampire movie, the sequel is excellent too!

Dracula - We're rewinding the 'ish back to the old skool with this one! This is the film that sparked a horror movie revolution and with good reason. For being ancient, it's a pretty darn good blood sucker. We are introduced to Dracula while he's in his castle. Enter the blood party ending Van Helsing. Bela Lugosi (yes, it's a guy) does a great job playing Dracula. Even more than the cinematography, the acting really makes the mood work in this film. You'll probably have to hit up Netflix for this one, lame-o's like Blockbuster and Hollywood don't usually carry the classics.

Queen of the Damned - Aaliyah plays Akasha the Queen of the vampires. The movie is a film adaptation of Ann Rice's Queen of the Damned. Lestat becomes a rock star which gives him a lot of power and opportunities to feed. The music mysteriously awakens Akasha. Akasha wants to rule the vampire world with Lestat at her side. The movie doesn't entirely communicate the greatness of the Ann Rice novels, but it's a decent vampire flick.

Kindred the Embraced - Humans and the undead battle it out in San Francisco (of all places). A coalition of five vampire clans make up the Kindred. All the clans are ruled by Julian who's a Prince. The action is pretty good and the storyline is decent. There are a real variety of vampire types involved in the movie - business men, artsy, gang types, and bikers.

Honorable Mentions:
* From Dusk Till Dawn
* Blood - The Last Vampire
* Vampyres
* Dracula 2000
* Dracula - Pages from a Virgin's Diary
* Horror of Dracula

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