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by rich1984
I don't know how these ppl writing reviews don't see a difference. I love my machines! Before I got them, I would snore VERY loudly. Within 3 days of the defender being in my home that stopped. Also, I suffered from asthma & horrible indoor allergies and was using benedryl on a regular basis. My asthma has never been more in control & my indoor allergies are history. I have 2 defenders & the majestic; one defender is for my bedroom & the other for the rest of the house. I stay in a 1200 sq ft garden apt. The defender has different settings so it can be quietly ran for sleep. How do I know the defender works: bc I let my mom borrow the defender in my room for 2 days & the 2nd nite I couldn't sleep bc i was literally gagging on the air. It was horrible, & the next day I ordered my 2nd defender! Now for the majectic all I have to say is make the very 1st thing u do when u get it your mattress & when u see the amount of deals that comes off the bed it should be all you need! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It is expensive but so is constant benedryl and asthma inhalers not to mention the doctor visits. If u suffer from asthma, allergies, sinus issues this product was made for u. Also, talk the salesman down! Whoever spent $4700 can't blame nobody but themselves bc they didn't negotiate bc i got the majestic & 2 defenders & didn't break $2700. All & all, worth every dime!
Oct 6, 2011
3:43 am PDT

Defender and Filterqueen
by kokosmomma
I had a similar experience just two days ago. By the time the salesman's supervisor got through insulting my intellegence, I would not have taken this product if they had given it to me. They got down to $10 down and #17 a month. Can you imagine at 21% interest? I had a delightful salesman who took a lot of abuse from his supervisor. He was going to go back to the office and quit. Never again will I invite a stranger into my home to sell me something.
Aug 7, 2010
10:50 am PDT

I beg differ....FilterQueen
by azmotobrat
It seems like the person who wrote this review doesn't use his/her "main processor unit" at all. First of all, this is a classic stupidity of gullible people to respond to "winning cards" at your door (I am lucky: our gated community doesn't like mail boxes, and no delivery to the street allowed). I had 2 filterqueen air units and vac for years, my parents had FQ vac many years ago- that bloody thing had lasted for over 20 years. It has been very reliable, well performing, not to mention that is not some "China-made Walmart-sold" piece of disposable junk. It is an American made product, just like when you choose SubZero fridge and Wolf range over General Electric appliances. The only substitute to it that I have found so far is Mielle, Bosch and few other European products (currently I have Mielle vac)
If you buy something, YOU should be initiating a contact, finding a dealer and not falling for speeches of a preaching stray salesman.
I am afraid you have been scammed by some 3rd party resales unit and 3rd world grade financing, not by Filterqueen.
My floors are all natural travertine and marble, I don't have any carpet in the house by two primary reasons: aesthetics (any carpet looks too cheap and disturbingly ugly), and filth coming out of carpets in a combintion of dust, dirt, bacteria and constantly shedding fibers. Stone floors do not absorb dust like carpets, and need to vacuumed frequently. So for me it is essential to have an air cleaner. I have been extrememly happy with Filterqueen product and their services.
Jun 1, 2010
12:21 pm PDT

Majestic filterqueen and defender
by javcla
I have read all that is writen on the web before purchasing the right one.

I have a few to things to share after having gone through the write ups of the good and bad points and demos of different brands.

The WEB is a tool to share and anything can be written about a product or products. There is an average, a higher percentage of bad product reviews tends to appear more frequently than the good ones. why?

The question that came to me was, why the hell on earth would a product be manufactured for so many years if it didn't work. There has to be something good about it.

Anyway I have purchased a majestic system.
Its about the same price as what was mention with all the other reviews with a plus and a minus. It is costly but definitely worth it.

The sales person was good to let me use it for a trial, i manage to borrow a kirby, rainbow and a miele from friends to compare without letting him know.
We got together and trash out the systems.
had a few clashes and notes of the good and bad points.
Which led me to decide to buy the majestic.

My advice to all those out there......,

Do not buy on impulse, you will end up having a bad experience and end up frustrated with the sales person and the company and the method and feel as though you were conned out of your life and blood.
whats the point of it? the mistake is on yourselves for buying something you didn't need. Nobody pointed a gun at you for taking out the cash from your wallet.

I didn't regret buying mine. I did my research and my homework. Now my children are no longer on medications for allergies (i'll cut that story short). That is my relief now.

Remember again, do not buy on impulse no matter what. Take some time to think, decide and compare, then ask yourselves if you need it.


Jan 6, 2010
12:17 pm PST

by a94si
We recently rec. a call from "Dew Reseach" saying that they wanted our opinion on a vacuum cleaner and it was for research ONLY. That the the guy didn't work on commission or was a saleman. She also said that we would rec. a $250 gift card for just giving our opinion. At no point was this a sales thing. I asked the woman 3 times, what you are telling me, that this is NOT a high presure sales thing and we would be forced to buy anything and she said NO not at all. I made sure and she said NO we ONLY want you opinion, thats all.

Oh the guy that shows you the vacuum and air cleaner has to come out on a weekend day! AND you and your husband have to be present, so they can con you both!

Anyways the guys (Travis Schmidt 720-280-2601) came out and right away he starts showing the air cleaner thing and puts in my son's room and the guy just talked forever and didn't let you get a word in at all. By the way, the "saleman Travis Schmidt 720-280-2601)" kept refering to himself as a "manager". OK- what manager would be out selling stuff on a Sunday evening? Not any reasonable ones. I don't think this young man was a "manager" at all, just another sale tactic to use on people.

So then he brings out the Mafestic vacuum cleaner and has us bring out our vacuum cleaner. Does a compare test and of course our vacuum cleaner is junk, in his words. Which I personally love my vacuum it has never broken down the 5 years we have had it and does a great job, our carpet always looks clean after I have vacuum.

We the "sale guy" says that our vacuum leaves sand, dirt, dead skin, hair, and anything else that sounds bad behind.

That the Majestic vacuum picks up everything and that if you owned this fine piece of equipment, that you would ONLY have to vacuum ONCE a month. Well we have a house full of kids and they do eat food and just vacuuming ONCE a month just doesn't cut it in my house, there is crumbs everywhere! AND you know this to be true, if you have EVER lived with a TODDLER, they are walking messes! Trust me!

Anyways he has us vacuum around our house and then shows us the filter, which didn't even have that much dirt on it, I was surprised, I would have thought for such an amazing machine it would have picked up way more dirt and everything else, by the way this saleman was talking about it.

So he just keeps vacuuming here and there and pulling the filter out and saying look at all this sand and dead skin WOW your house is really dirty, which, there wasn't that much.

This saleman (Travis Schmidt 720-280-2601) then goes on to "bad mouth" other vacuum companys like Dyson, Kirby, rainbow, tri star and then of course store bought vacuum cleaner names. He said that their vacuum and air cleaner machine is FDA approved and that they are WORLDWIDE and everyone loves their machine!

Well we went back to my son's bedroom to see just how fresh the air was, well honestly me and my hushand didn't notice a difference at all, my husband was rolling his eyes. like yeah right, it smells the same!

The lady on the phone that had set up the appointment for this "saleman Travis Schmidt 720-280-2601 " to come out to our house said that it would ONLY take 45 min. of our time. The saleman was at my house for 3 hours!!!!!!! Yes 3 hours.

After he got done showing us the vacuum and the air cleaner. He then says how do you want to pay for this? I say well we really don't want it!!!!

We don't even know how much it is? He said well I can make you a about the vacuum and air cleaner for $3900.00. I said NO WAY, I don't even think that air cleaner even works. He said ok how about the vaccum then for $2800, I said no that is way too much money to even spend on a vacuum. So the guy looks down at his watch and says "well it is the 12th of the month" maybe I can cut you a deal. I normally don't do this, but in your case, I could give you my employee discount rate of $1900 and now will you buy it?

I explained to him very nicely, NO that is still too much money for a vacuum, if it was ONLY $400, then I would consider it, but NOT $2000. Then he said well, you can make payments on the vacuum, NO way am I going to make payments on a vacuum. I don't value a vacuum enough to make payments on it. If I could drive that vacuum around town and take my kids in it, then I could see making payments on it. BUT if it ONLY cleans my carpets and that is all it does, there is no way I'm going to make payments on this. Crazy for anyone to be making payments on a vacuum!

Then this "saleman Travis Schmidt 720-280-2601" calls his "boss" and tells his boss we didn't want the vacuum, because we don't want to go into debt over a vacuum and that we think it is too much money.

Anyways in the end the saleman said "well you don't seem to care about your kids health" I said yes I do. Then the saleman said he thought for sure we were going to buy the vacuum, because we had kids and that he was expecting a different reaction out of us, being he thought he cared about our kids. I said sorry you feel that way, but we still don't want your vacuum cleaner. So then he FINALLY cleaned up his junk and left my house!

I'm so glad we didn't buy this vacuum or air cleaner, after reading all the bad reviews on this product, there is so many more bad reviews than good reviews for the MAJESTIC VACUUM AND THE DEFENDER AIR CLEANER FROM FILTER QUEEN.

Please do your homework and read as much as you can, because everyone has said this is a SCAM and all these saleman are doing is using HIGH PRESURE TACTIC ON YOU, to buy their product.

Take it from us, we are so thankful, we didn't buy anything this saleman Travis Schmidt 720-280-2601 was selling.

PLEASE BEWARE this "saleman" name was Travis Schmidt and his phone # is 720-280-2601, please save your time and your money and don't take calls from this guy Travis Schmidt 720-280-2601.
Jul 13, 2009
11:02 am PDT

MY Majestic Vacuum and Defender Air Cleaner experience.
by cottbus
I have read the review by tomster41 and concur with most of the review, but would not go as far as to say never buy a Filter Queen.
Every product has it's pros and cons but it is the way this product is being marketed. In my case it also started with deception: because
you have taken part in our home air quality survey you have won a 3 day and 2 night vacation. We are a new company just starting out
and would like your opinion of our product, no hint that I would have to deal with a vacuum cleaner. The young man came at the appointed time with a few boxes. First he dealt with the 3 day and 2 night coupon making false promises: the coupon would be good for 2 years and no cost to us when it is clearly stated on the back of the coupon that it is good for i year and all taxes are the holders responsibility. He also did not disclose that the coupon had to be activated within 15 days. Next he dealt with the Defender and since we have continuous air exchange did not make any difference so,he started into his tricks about and with the Majestic. The presentation
sounded and looked impressive but since he did not use our Center Vac to demonstrate the difference and did not back up his verbal claims with proven facts everything remained more or less sales talk and sales tricks, yet I became open to consider buying it. Disclosing the price, $4500 for Majestic and Defender but if bought today $2995 made me flinch and put me into bargaining mood.
First I eliminated the Defender than I balked at the $2995 causing him to contact his boss who allowed him to offer the Majestic to me
for $1595 which I considered more reasonable since it would give me a chance to do my due diligence within the 10 day return period
in Canada. One claim was particularly questionable: When you use your vacuum it will make you working for almost nothing after 15 minutes
as the filter will be clogged and the airflow down to almost nothing. To justify giving me a discount of $1400 he had to bring to the office my vacuum power head and hose, so that I can not check his 15 min claim I guess. He promised to return my stuff in two days.
After signing the contract the salesman also solicited referrals for which he offered us a $50 Safeway coupon, we did refer him but never
received the coupon.
Visiting the library and reading Consumer Reports has given me valuable information since the Majestic is not rated that high. Sharing
my findings with the salesman's boss caused him to blurt out that Consumer Reports are in Sears Pocket since Kenmore products are
mostly on top of the list, but he also reduced the price by another $300 considering that I supposedly wanted to help the salesman to win
a sales contest.
To make my final decision I wanted to do the 15 min check but I needed the Power head and the Hose returned and after four days I contacted the office and got it back. I had already cleaned the filter on my Easy-Flo and before vacuuming tested the suction on both vacuums using the salesman's cloth test and found them equally strong, I checked after vacuuming for 15 min - no change - then I did the rest of the house, another 45 min and still no change. This test proved to me that I did not need the Majestic as it would not improve either the cleanliness or the air quality of our house since our vacuum is vented to the outside.
Informing the man in the office about my finding and decision crowned the whole encounter with the Filter Queen marketing approach and
the Campus Technologies Inc. team.
The man in the office told me at first that the salesman would come and get the stuff. When I realised that it would be the 10 th day, too close
for comfort, I called again but the office manager became rude telling me he didn't want to talk to me and hung up. Calling him again he told
me, that I will have to bring the stuff to the office before he would issue the refund. There is more. When I delivered the Filter Queen stuff and
he got around to dealing with the refund told me that there would be a restocking charge, reminding him that nothing is mentioned in their return
policy he relented but came up with another claim, there will be a credit card charge to cover the salesman's time and gas. Again i refused and
he finally refunded the whole amount.
To once more draw your attention to their deceptive approach to marketing before and during their effort I will come back to the referral we
wanted to arrange for the salesman. My wife took the phone and like a honest person mentioned Vacuum Cleaner which got our salesman worked up, never, never mention Vacuum Cleaner when making contact trying to arrange a visit. Well, this young man seem to have been well trained by the people who should know better than to corrupt their approach to salesmanship and ethics. Salesmen with the Filter Queen sales
ethic are an insult to all honest ones.
Having been forced into considering the vacuum cleaner scene I have learned a lot and I think the Filter Queen is as good as any and better than many.
Kurt Drocholl, CHWK, B.C..
Aug 5, 2008
6:10 pm PDT

majectic vacuum and defender air purifier?
by waytoomuch
we almost got stuck with these units to the tune of over $4700.00. If you use a regular bag type cleaner it seems to leave the air not as smelly but I had a rainbow and I didn't have any of the odor and their air cleaners are bogus!!! Go to a site called allergy buyers club to find out the truth....that's how we decided not to accept these over priced the way I did get my rainbow back but not in the excellent shape it was given in. There is paint on the water basin and it looked like it was slammed around alot like it was used for construction cleanup And when they had returned our unit they left it out in the rain instead of putting it up on the porch....Do not let these people inside your house if you return their products, have them packed and waiting for their pick up outside and don't let the sales people try to intimidate you that's what they tried with my husband and myself they will try to over talk you and not give you a word in edge ready for that if you return...all I can say is just do your homework and don't buy it...there are other units allot better and cost way less out there.
May 3, 2008
6:38 pm PDT

Re: Filterqueen
by waytoomuch
yes it is way over priced please check out allergy buyers club before you buy any of their products. You won't find them. Regardless of what they say.
May 3, 2008
6:21 pm PDT

by bigguy25
We recieved a card in the mail which stated we could win a substantial amount of money. i informed my wife we are going to get BBQ set only. Being research minded I did some research prior to visit which was suppose to happen on 7/14/07 @ 10:30AM but gentlemen did not show to 11:00AM and stayed till 2:00PM. The salesman showed Defender air cleaner and state it cleans 98% mold, germs and other. The salesman criticized other manufacturers - honeywell. However he stated it is good for so many sq ft. Knowing the size of rooms which are large I knew it would not fit . After salesman stated to put in room which is mostly used. I wondered how are you suppose to here TV and sleep. After about one hour he asked me to go upstairs to notice difference and the outcome is that it was too noisy and I really did not notice anydifference.

He then brought out Majestic and showed us base and approx. 2 gallon tank. He stated our vaccumm does not pickup dirt because it was not a true cyclonic. This statement is false as he did not even look at Beam advocate central vac. I know beam is a true cyclonic and he stated Majestic does not suck water. He tried to compare both by vaccuming using Beam which the vent was open so no suction and majestic. I informed him not a true test. He stated what if your central vac gets clogged and I explanned this was reason for oversize pipes and traps.

I asked how much both would cost and he stated 4000.00 . I asked for namecard which he could not provide and cost estimate which he took when he left. i also my wife and I discuss major purchases together alone. I informed him I looked at 100 windows to determine correct one to buy.

I do not understand how he expects anyone to buy something when he could not even give a brochure , specifications, and testimonials.

We decided not to buy as this was an example of high pressure sales tactic.
We will not buy because of warranty complaints also and release from contract and scamming of elderly woman.


After looking at FDA site I found this article-

Adverse Event Report

Patient Outcome Other;
Event Description
Pt purchased this product to help with their and spouse's allergies, it was fda approved to remove 99. 99 percent allergens as a medical device. Both br take allegra d presciption and this device has not shown to reduce anything. It is too noisey to operate in a room to sleep. Both have seen no proof it removes allergens as stated. The distributor says it works. Not in this house.

Jul 15, 2007
1:57 pm PDT

I agree. Do not buy it. It a big cheat. VERY MUCH OVERPRICED
by faresgawad
I had a call from a salesman who got my no from a fiend of mine. He asked me to allow him to visit me to show a demonstration of his product.
He came and showed me his air cleaner and majestic vacum. It was impressive but when i asked abut the price, it was VERY MUCH OVERPRICED specially for Egypt (around 3000$).Then he started the ticks of salesmen.
(you can buy it onle from us)
(you will have a life time guarantee)
(stand on it and see how it is strong)
(you have a lifetime guaranttee on the price means no one will buy it cheaper in any place) (give me your vacuum cleaner and get a 400$ discount)
(do not be mean on your family)
(which do you prefer a million dollars or your health)
(if you want it, take it, i will leave it here and go,we will agree about the payments and installations later, to show you how reliable we are)
and many of these tricks.
When i asked the salesman to give me a bruchore or a leaflet of the product and give me time to think about it, he refused to give me anything.
He told me (I gave you what is better than a brochure. he ment a demnostration)
When i asked about the company that he represents in Egypt, he said Filterqueen. This can not be true becuase Filetrqueen must have an agent company in egypt. When i insisted and argued him. he mentioned the name of his company which was a small and not well known in Egypt). Not a rusted and reputable company). The sales man did not even give me a visit card about his company with names and telephone no.
He was acting that if you do not take now and especially from me, you will lose alot becuase you will never find it again anywhere!!!
The salesman was not a qualified or an experienced guy. Just a young man (22 years old)that had learned some cources and ticks from his boss. This is the least he can do instead of sitting without a job.
This kind of sales and tricks is begining to spead in Egypt in many filelds (recreation, travels, appliances,etc)
The poor young salesmen who accepts these jobs with a poor salary and a high commision if they could sell these weard and very high prices items)
I can tell a lot.
If any one is interested, he can e mail me at
Best regards
Mar 13, 2007
1:38 am PDT

by stupid6
i brought the machine and have had to get the foot fixed twice it is really loud and i think it was the worst buy the i could have made but one very slick salesman and my wallet was empty i tried to send it back but the wouldn't take i so im stuck with it
Mar 4, 2007
6:13 pm PST

Re: The sales pitch we feel into
by spiderweld
I understand that you may have been scammed. It's human nature. Contest boxes, flyers, word of mouth are all advertising techniques. Why would you pay a billion dollars to advertise on abc. If you buy a FilterQueen system anywhere else than Health Mor Inc. then you will not have your lifetime warranty. I purchased mine here recently and the young man was as thorough as he could be. If you replace the medi cartridge filter yearly, my great, great, great grandchildren could also use this system in their lives as long as they replaced the patented medi filter. It can be handed down generation after generation. I took notes and viewed FilterQueens website and now I understand that I am a proud owner of the best Indoor Air Quality system in the world. Who wants to live in DIRT?
Sep 25, 2006
7:49 am PDT

Filter Queen Products
by spiderweld
We have all heard "you get what you pay for, right?" The filterqueen representative obviously did not make the customer aware of how the Filter Queen indoor air quality system helps every family. Most people haven't a clue as to what goes on in their home as far as the air pollution. FilterQueen is not a door to door business. They set appointments with their interested customers, educate them why it is they are there, and provide them the best solution with no obligation to purchase. I was very impressed with the lifetime warranty so I thought the price was reasonable for a clean, healthy home. I love my FilterQueen system and I can already tell that my family's home is healthier.
Sep 25, 2006
7:30 am PDT

Re: Filter-Queen Majestic
by kefke2001
hi tomster,
first I want to say that the product you describe is an wonderful working machine that purifie's 99,99% of all dust and dirt.
The price is high ,i agree but you get a high quality machine instead that last for years.
Maybe it isn't the machine that holds you back,but the price.I have my opinion that you want to buy it,but you can't afford it.Maybe that is the problem.
It's a very good machine i have it for 15 years now and i have no one problem what so ever.You know what they say."If you want quality,you have to pay for it".If you want a dust blower instead of a vacuum cleaner go to the mall.
May 24, 2005
12:57 pm PDT

The sales pitch we feel into
by captcasey
4 weeks ago I passed a contest box it said win a car or win 25 thousand .. Heck who would not enter? Needless did I know I was opening myself up for a scam from hell. Yesterday I got a call from the company telling me that they were the ones who put out the box oh would not you know they did not give me their names only that I had won the week prize drawing that they had for the contest, I thought hard there was not anything like that on my entry I placed . I pulled out a contest paper that my daughter had scribbled her name on but I would not allow her to put it in cause she was under the legal age. I read it over there was nothing on the contest add that said hey we have a weekly drawing to.
So then this lady tells me I won a inside smokeless grill a knife set And two tickets to anywhere with hotel. Hum seemed great but to good to be true and boy was I right .,Next thing she said hey we will send out a person of our team to bring you your free gifts. We have a product we are testing and it is in our test Phase. Would you give us your option on it . Now hum I am a police officer and my husband works crime lab. Well be both say ok bring it on can not be that hard knowing there was a catch to this mess.
12:00 rolls around a young man shows up at my door. We let hem in with three bags . He says hi I have a product I would like to show you . Then if you watch I will give you your prizes you won. I said in point view so if we do not watch your event we can not have the prizes . He said no. Hum funny how it went from we are bringing your gifts to you have to watch to receive. So we settled down to watch this salesman pitch his true tried story or a vacuumed and a air filter.
As he pored out his speech and his book he showed us the Air filter hum seems ok but then he started making comments about the other air cleaners out there. Seems to me no matter what you have it is going to miss something .He claimed it killed most any vi rises and gee the flue as well. Then he went on to show us a vacuumed . Turned it on and showed us the power it had. ok power of air going through it indeed my shop vac has more power than it. Later in the story we at the fed and pd decided to put it to the test bf power but I will get to that later. He showed us all the useful gadgets it had. A air blower (got one already) He showed me it sucked up dog hair hum mm ok showed me the extra dirt ok. But what really got us he told us we could"T get one cheaper. I asked he said I tell you in a min,. Hmm later he told us it was $2987.00 But it had a lifetime warranty loll yea like right it does not read the fine print. So my husband being in the Christmas ways decided to buy one hey what's a good vacuumed ? Well the man then told us that we had to buy the bags from hem and that I could"T get them elsewhere. That AHHHHHHHH the warranty was for three years for the air Filter Hmm the thing he told us earlier was lifetime. I got it recorded. Then he said the Vacuum was 5 years but if it broke down I had to pay $99.00 to get it fixed . Well no life time warranty and I pay to have it fixed. Mentor down the street does it for 45- Rip off. Well came the Money part. 90 days same as cash . No bogie I have tax returns coming my way. AHHHH but if I go 90 days same as cash I have to make the first two payments in Jan and Feb. So where is the 90 days same as cash? Well my hubby agreed to all of it. Then someone saw the light. I had asked the man in the speech what if I wanted to wait and then buy it later he told e I had to buy it now because it would be 1000- more later. Well I had wanted to research the item before I bought it . Well after the man left brought in a cheesy grill that was at the dolor store a knife set I could buy there to and handed me a brochure for three free days at a hotel only in the states no air fare nothing I gagged and instinct took over. I called BBB got questions answered. I went online researched the items saw that FOR BRAND NEW I COULD BUY IT FOR 2300- LESS. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I called the man in Co. I told hem we wanted to Cancel and not buy the item and that I could buy it for cheaper he told me where is that it must be a rebuilt. Nope I had the research already for hem when he came to pick it up . He read it and got nasty with us . he asked me what you to do buy a 500- dollar rebuilt peace of ( crape this thing here won"T allow me to write what he said. I said oh my now the vacuums are pieces of .... . The way I see it is that you are a scam artist. This whole day was planned and the box in the mall was put there on pretense to get people to buy and be sucked into a web of lies. He said what if? I said hum let me say I bought this product it broke down lets say a year later I pay $99.00 to have it fixed. Well my goodness it is a rebuilt isn't it? My so that means it is a piece of ... I guess and no I do not want it . I have called the mall where the box was placed and asked them if they knew that this company was using the box to gather names call people tell them they won a weekly prize which she told me it was only one a week wow this man had 15 apt's in a few days. must be a loot of weekly prizes??? I do not say that the product is a bad machine it rates about as good as my shop Vac in power it does pick up dog hair it does help dust and it may kill or collect virus which you just let go once you change the filter to good knows where. But I refuse to be taken and made to pay more than I should for a product. I will never trust another contest box and I shall think twice before I allow myself to be lied to. Before I pay 4786.00 with 21% interest rate and that much for a vacuum I think I will put wood floors down and well take a much needed vacation first maybe buy a car with the down . But never trust someone when they say these important words. You won a weekly prize and we would love to have your option about a new product you just let yourself be a target.
The police Dept has logged 12 people in the area that have called and complained about it as well . Wish I had know before hand what to expect. Good luck all and hey if you still want this machine it is cheaper to buy the reconditioned one and fix it if it breaks down for 100- and you saved your self between 2000- and 4500- Dallas still.
From the Desk Of
Capt Casey
Dec 18, 2004
9:31 pm PST

Re: Hey! is FREE a bargain, then???
by prosperity1
Neighbor is out, tossed. Left a Majestic unit on the sidewalk, next to a 1 year old gas Bar-B-Q

I guess I will take them ALL!

Same way that I have received many great computers, a bicycle, leather couch, shelves, garden tools..., given to me by friends, neighbors, when they moved!

Oh! I remember now, what a hassle moving can be! I am retired from service to our government, and on some of my 28 moves, I even gave away my SPORTS CARS!!!
Aug 12, 2004
2:04 pm PDT

by Tigerlily137
:) Very glad you moved this to an appropriate category!!

May 10, 2004
8:20 am PDT