Majestic Vacuum and Defender Air Cleaner from FilterQueen

May 8, 2004

The Bottom Line Don't buy it. It's way overpriced and the salesman will use every trick in the book to make you stick to the deal.

RE: Can only be bought via HOME Demonstration

I would like to share my recent experience with a company that sales Vacuum Cleaners and Air Filter. Hopefully, this will help prevent others from getting SCAM by this company with their sales tactic.

Last week I received this little yellow 3X3 card on my doorknob with a claim # on it. I contacted the number and was informed that I won a prize (2 days paid hotel at 70 different locations to be used within 1yr). They said that all I had to do was have one of their representatives show me a product at my home so I can give them my opinion.

I agreed to meet with this person over the weekend. He started to tell me how much I need this air filter system (named the Defender) and how a renounce toxicologist recommends it, especially if you have allergies. He tells me this story about how much the inside air of our house is more polluted than outside, blah, blah, blah. Then he proceeds to show me the next item (Majestic vacuum cleaner) and tells me how wonderful this product is as compared to other vacuum cleaner and that people shouldn't be using others types because it sprays dirt back into the air and push it back into the carpet. During the conversation, he keeps on telling me that he is not a salesman. After about 2.5 hours of demonstrating these products, he proceeds to tell me the price of these machines. Call his boss on the telephone, and for some stupid reasons on my part, he suckers me into purchasing (finance it with 21% interest/6 months same as cash) the items for $2500. He didn't tell me the details of my finances or any other terms of the purchase because his claims are that he is not a salesman. He even offer to give me both products that he just use during the demonstration. I told him I did not want pay for a used item and told him to bring the new items later in the day. So, later in the day, the brings both items in and told me that he already took care of the warranty for me. Then he proceeds to mention that I would need to buy two ADDITIONAL filters for the vacuum that is only available from them on a quarterly basis. Hmm, he seem to "forget" to tell me this during the initial contact. He hands me the manuals and took off with the empty boxes that both items were in. He didn't even ask me if I wanted the boxes. For heavens sake, these could have been a refurbished product, and how was I supposed to tell. Later that night, I began to read the booklet and it tells me that the Air Cleaner works only in 1 room. However, during the home demonstration, he tells me that it can clean the air on the entire floor, even if the floor is separated by walls and have multiple room. I was reading through the manual, I noticed that the warranty card has not been filled out and to activate the warranty, I would need to sign the card and place a "product sticker" that identifies the machine.

The following day I closely reviewed my finances and realized that this was way too much money for me to spend. In addition, I did some research online and found that you can buy it for much, much, less (~$200-300). So, how can they justified by selling it for over $2000. By looking at the RETAIL INSTALLMENT CONTRACT AND BILL OF SALE RECEIPT, it states that I have 3 days to cancel the transaction at any time prior to midnight of the 3rd business day after the transaction according to the provision defined in the Federal Trade Commission Trade Regulation Rule Cooling-Off Period for sales made at homes.

I contacted their office two days later and spoke to the person that sold me the items. I verbally told him that I have reconsidered the purchased and wanted to cancel. I also fax over to their office my signed written notice of cancellation, include a written letter that I wanted to cancel. I told him that I wanted to come by his office to drop off the items and he tells me that he is leaving work and will not be there. I suggested that he can come over this evening to my house to pick up the items and he said he can't. Fine, so I asked him if I can drop it off anyways with somebody else at his office and he said that it was his license and it had to be only him that can accept it back. So, we agreed that he will come to my house the following morning. I had so suspicion that they might be try to stall me from canceling the contract, so I proceeded to make photocopies of my written cancellation letter and the cancellation notice on the sales contract and went to the Post Office to have it send by certified mail with signature of Return Receipt.

The following day, my wife and I waited for him to come by our house to pick up the items at the agreed time and no one showed up. I called his office to determine his availability since he did not show up at the agreed time. I was informed that he should be on his way. I waited again and no one came by so we left for work shortly after.

When I arrived at work, I called his office again to ask why he did not show up at my residence. He told me that someone was there at our house. I told him that I do not believe this and made arrangements for pick up at another time tonight. It sounds to me like they were trying to stall so that the 3 days cooling off period past.

The company tells me that someone else will come by my residence to pick up the purchase items tonight in the evening. This sounds a bit fishy to me because I was told by the person who sold me the item that he was the only person that can take them back.

The sales manager showed up at my house and proceeded to talk to me into reconsidering the offer. Luckily, I did my research. I had the two items right at the doorstep and did not let him in my house. He got on his cell phone and contacted the owner of the company. They offer to lowered the price to $1700. Wow, that's a whopping $800 dropped!!! I wasn't impressed. They began to question me more and more, pushing me to retain the products. Then, they offer to take back the Defender air cleaner and offer me the vacuum for $1300. I told them NOT EVEN Close. He still wouldn't leave my doorstep. I thought the only way I had to make him leave was to pick up both things to his car. Finally, he was gone. I will never ever buy anything from a door to door salesman again. I hope my story helps others and prevent this company from scamming people into paying their hard earn dollars for an air filter and vacuum cleaner.

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