Logitech V200 Review @ 1 Year - Best Value for a Wireless Mouse

Jul 12, 2007
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Pros:comfortable shape, easily accessible/replaceable AA batteries, solid build, quick response

Cons:receiver does not stay connected well when stored, mouse requires occasional reset/connection

The Bottom Line: If you're looking for a comfortable, no-frills, and lasting wireless notebook mouse, look no further than the Logitech V200. After one year of heavy usage, I strongly recommend it.

Initial Note
The first part of this review is based upon what I remember of my initial impressions of the mouse. If you would like to read about my impressions of the mouse after 1 year of usage, scroll down to the bottom of this review.

Why I Bought It
After using a retractable Kensington mouse for about a year, I thought it was time to purchase a real wireless mouse that didn't require me to deal with a cord. I read great reviews about the V200's durability, so I decided to buy it.

Opening The Package
As is with most computer peripherals today, the V200 comes packaged in a tough, plastic package with the following contents:

- V200 Wireless Notebook Mouse (1x)
- V200 2.4 GHz USB Receiver (1x)
- Duracell AA Batteries (2x)
- Windows Driver Software CD (1x)
- Quick Setup Guide (1x)

Opening the package requires a tough pair of scissors, but be sure to cut along the edges so as to not to damage the software CD or quick setup guide hidden between two layers of plastic inside.

Although the mouse is PC and Mac compatible, the mouse comes with Windows-only drivers, so if you have a Mac, you need to download the drivers from the Logitech support website at www.logitech.com/V200mac.

The mouse is easy to set up. Follow the steps in order:
1) Turn on computer
2) Plug USB receiver into USB port
3) Install batteries into mouse by sliding back top cover.
4) Insert software CD into drive and install software. (If using a Macintosh, download and install the software).
5) Reboot computer.

The first thing that I noticed was the mouse's excellent contours. Being a portable notebook mouse, it was understandably smaller than normal mice, but the airplane-wing like shape provides the most comfort out of any wireless notebook mouse I've used.

Next was the excellent tracking and response rate. I had issues with the first wireless mouse I bought (a Maxell that still used a trackball), but the V200 gave me instant feedback and much better control over my desktop than my laptop's touchpad. I was immediately impressed, and I don't think I'll switch back to wired mice again, since the V200 gives me more or less the same feedback sans wires.

Another great feature about this mouse is that the USB receiver has a very small form factor - about 1 cm x 0.5 cm x 4 cm. Because I have a VAIO with recessed USB ports, I have very limited space for USB externals. Yet the V200's USB receiver fits with space to spare, allowing me to plug in other USB sticks or wires without problem.

The left and right buttons on this mouse feel great, with just the right amount of travel and a soft "click" sound with each push. The scroll wheel is up to par with Logitech's other mice, scrolling smoothly with just the slightest hint of stopping at each rotational mark. Probably the reason why this mouse is so great is that Logitech thought to only incorporate the most basic mouse buttons on it, and built them well.

Lastly, the LED indicator on the top is quite useful, lighting green when the mouse is first connected to indicate a successful pairing to the computer. It also flashes red when the batteries are low, and turns solid red when the batteries are insufficient to continue powering the mouse. Not too many wireless mice have this simple but elegantly thought-out feedback design, and I have to give Logitech the credit for engineering this mouse so well.

The major gripe I have about the mouse is that the USB receiver doesn't stick to the mouse itself very well - it can easily be knocked off inside my laptop's bag and sometimes I need to dig around inside my bag to find the receiver when that happens. A simple travel pouch can solve this issue.

Another minor gripe of mine is that the middle mouse button (depress the scroll wheel) is hard to push. Although the rotational left and right scroll feature is great, I seldom use the middle mouse button because of its firmness. The only time I use it is when I'm playing Sims 2, when holding down the middle mouse button and moving the mouse rotates the screen view. I definitely think that Logitech could have made the middle mouse button easier to push.

After One Year of Use
I bought this mouse in June, 2006, and it is now July, 2007 - that makes 13 months of usage. Some things I'd like to mention here:

The V200 mouse still feels as solid as ever, despite me being a pretty aggressive mouse user. I often lift the mouse up an inch from the table and drop it back down repeatedly as I am navigating my desktop, yet the body shows NO signs of stress or plastic wear. It has definitely held up much better than the Kensington PocketMouse Pro I used previously, which I stopped using because the body began to flex and groan too much.

The left/right buttons feel a bit softer than when I initially purchased it, with the left mouse button a bit softer than the right mouse button because I'm right handed and left-click quite a lot. Both still audibly click and provide that same sufficient tactile feedback as the first day. The scroll wheel still scrolls smoothly, with the middle mouse button a little easier to click after playing so much Sims 2 :) I still haven't found the need to use the left and right scroll wheel tilt functions, but I don't mind that they're there.

I've also dropped the V200 countless times on the ground, and all that's happened is a few cosmetic nicks here and there that you can't notice from a cursory glance. Sometimes the battery cover comes off after I drop it on the ground, but it still clicks and holds solidly in place.

What surprises me is that the USB receiver still clicks into place into the bottom-side of the mouse. To avoid the USB receiver being knocked off in my laptop bag, I put it snugly in a side pocket for travel and have had no issues with the receiver falling off since then.

One complaint that I have that surfaced after plenty of use is that the USB receiver sometimes loses connection the mouse after I resume my laptop from Hibernate. All that I have to do is reinsert the USB receiver and push the Reset button on the bottom of the mouse to re-establish connection. This may have more to do with my computer, however, than the mouse.

As I use my computer and mouse quite frequently (> 8 hours a day), I didn't see the year-long battery life that the package claims. Rather, the low battery red-flashing LED came on after every 6 months for me, and it turned solid red (battery is really dead) after 4-5 days of usage. I use regular Duracell AA batteries. Still, that kind of battery life is pretty respectable, and I'm pretty happy about the mouse. It also matches my gray VAIO pretty well too :)

Bottom Line
If you're looking for a comfortable, no-frills, and lasting wireless notebook mouse, look no further than the Logitech V200. After one year of heavy usage, I strongly recommend it.

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