Weslo Cadence 78E Folding Treadmill

Weslo Cadence 78E Folding Treadmill

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Weslo Cadence 78E Treadmill

Jul 21, 2007
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Pros:Cheap, works great

Cons:Not for heavy use

The Bottom Line: For basic walking use, this is a great buy.

When Hurricane Katrina washed away half my apartment complex in August 2005, it took my old treadmill with it. As big and heavy as that thing was, I never found a single scrap piece of it left in the rubble. Since I am one of those treadmill owners who actually use it on a fairly regular basis, I decided to get another one, but didn’t want to spend too much money. After a bit of shopping around, I found this Weslo Cadence 78E at Sears for $199.99. It was on sale.

This is a pretty no-frills treadmill, but that’s exactly what I wanted. I don’t want to pay extra for one that keeps up with my heart rate or anything like that. I don’t need something that scientifically calculates my exact caloric expenditure based on my age and weight. I just want something that moves a conveyor belt at varying speeds for extended periods of time. I measure my workout in distance and time. All the other stuff is just details that I don’t want to keep up with.

One thing you have to watch out for with some of the cheaper treadmills is that they are much smaller than the others. This treadmill is medium sized compared to the other more expensive models. What that means is the belt is not as long or wide as others. I have tried some that were so narrow I could barely walk on it. While the big wide ones would be nice, they also take up a lot more room and are much more expensive. I stood on a great many treadmills in the $200-400 range and decided that this one would be just right. It could be a few inches less wide, but so could I.

The belt on this treadmill is 16 inches wide by 45 inches long. If you want to get a good idea of how wide you need your treadmill to be, just stand normally and measure the distance between your feet. As for the length, I think it is just right. Also know that this treadmill is rated at having a 250 pound capacity, though I bet it could handle more than that on occasion. It is quite heavy and made of metal.

Weslo put a push button interface on this treadmill and I think it is better than having a giant knob to turn. The knobs may seems quick and easy, but not while you are trying to turn then while walking or running at the same time. With the big push buttons, they allow you to increase or decrease speed more gradually. There’s also a big STOP button in case of emergency. Its 2.0 HP motor is adequate enough to keep the energy going and it accelerates very reasonably. I’m not a speed runner so I’ve never been brave enough to crank this thing up above 7. If you want to do a lot of actual running, as opposed to speed walking or jogging, you probably want to get a better treadmill than this.

While you are on the treadmill, it keeps a running total of the distance you’ve travelled, how long you’ve been going, how many calories you’ve burned, and your speed. The only one not completely accurate is the caloric burn meter because that greatly depends on your weight and some other factors. It still serves as a nice gauge by which to measure performance, but just because you drank a 120 calorie Coke and this treadmill says you burned 120 calories doesn’t mean you cancelled out the effects of that sugary beverage.

I’m happy with my Weslo Cadence 78E and have had no problems with it in the past year since I bought it. I think it is a great investment in your health so long as you make an effort to use it regularly. If you will have more than one or two people using the treadmill often, you may want to spend extra for a better one.

(Thanks go to openroad for adding this to the database for me!)

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