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Eureka Bagless/Cyclonic Whirlwind Vacuums

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Eureka Whirlwind Ultra 4885 - compare to Dyson

Sep 4, 2001 (Updated Jan 13, 2005)
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Pros:Long cord is helpful. Low cost of ownership.

Cons:Bagless cleaners are less sanitary than bag models.

The Bottom Line: Good Cleaner - but lots of work to clean the dirt cup, funnel, and pre-motor filter.

The Eureka Whirlwind Ultra model 4885 is a very good bagless vacuum cleaner. It uses dual cyclone technology similar to that used in Dysons. While the pre-motor filter does not work quite as well as that of the Dysons, it works fairly well, and the pre-motor filter is easy to clean. The pre-motor filter will likely need to be cleaned every other month (compare to every 6 months for Dyson). The dirt canister is fairly easy to empty. I believe the Eureka is easier to use and cleans better than the Dyson.

Features include:
True HEPA Sealed System
Bagless cyclonic
Large dust cup
Dirt Alert sensor
Dirty Motor prefilter sensor
Dirty Hepa filter sensor
15" cleaning path
Stretch hose
Ready to use attachments
Sangria Red
12 Amps
22 lb Weight
ABS material
Power Cord Length 30 (feet)

The Eureka 4885 has dual cyclones. The first cyclone uses centrifugal force to spin the "larger" dirt out of the airstream. The air then passes through the yellow perforated funnel and goes to the second cyclone. This is the smaller tube. The finer dirt is spun even more rapidly and the centrifugal force with help from gravity causes the dirt to fall into the tube. The air then passes through an excellent pre-motor filter.

When I first got the 4885, I was surprised by how much dirt that it pulled (this is common with ANY NEW VACUUM). The 4885 has excellent air flow and a good brush roll design to help beat out the dirt.

As for maintenance, it is more work than a bagged machine. With a bagged machine, I used to change the bag every other month or so. With a bagless, there's work after every use or possibly every other use. After dumping the dust cup, I rinse the cup and funnel with water. I also clean the pre-motor filter by spraying with water. The filter cup and pre-motor filter dry overnight before I can replace them. It is important to make sure that everything is dry before you reassemble. The HEPA filter will clean the carbon dust from the motor .

It is a heavy machine - about 22 pounds. It's also kind of cool to watch the big dirt and lint spin around in the first cyclone and the really fine dirt swirl around in the second cyclone (may get boring with age). The cleaning hose is extra wide to avoid clogs. To lower the handle to start vacuuming, the foot pedal must shift to the left (I'm used to pushing back.) The attachment hose is a little short. It's a little awkward to push the lever that shuts off the brush roller to clean bare floors.

After using the machine for about 3 years now, the stretch hose developed a couple small tears. I could have replaced the hose for about $30. Instead I did a quick fix with some duct tape. The first long life belt was good for about 2 years. The brush roll is supposed to stop rotating when the vac is in the upright position - unfortunately, this feature no longer works. Fortunately, the front of the machine is raised up above the carpet to prevent damage to the carpeting from rotating in the same place for a long time.

Although this is a good bagless vacuum, I would likely recommend buying a bagged machine for less work. With any bagless vacuum you get exposed to the dead skin cells, dirt, grime, hair, etc when you empty the canister. Many of these dirt components are very sticky and will not just drop into a garbage can. With a bag, you don't get to see how much dirt is picked up, but then you don't have to see the nastiness either.

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