Top 10 Punk Rawk Records Of All Time!! (Vinyl Era)

Jun 27, 2004 (Updated Jul 2, 2004)

The Bottom Line These records are on constant rotation on my turntable and should be on yours too! Ok, you can shoot me now.

Top 10 Punk Rawk records of all time huh? This one wasn’t as tough as I thought it was going to be. I set out to make this amazing list for everyone to read and enjoy, but as you can see I had to split up my list. First top ten list is the “Vinyl Era” list, all of these records I have taken from my personal vinyl collection. As I have taken them from my vinyl collection most are also apart of my CD collection…well, HERE GOES!

10. SOCIAL DISTORTIONMommy’s Little Monster” – Kind of early in the list for this one huh? Yeah, well just you wait. Social Distortion is the most amazing Punk / Rock-a-Billy bands ever. This record shows their raw talent as well as the amazing lyrical and vocal capabilities of Mike Ness. Amazing record!
Best Tracks: The Creeps, Another State Of Mind, Mommy’s Little Monster, Anti-Fashion

9. THE CLASHLondon Calling” – Now if Social Distortion was too early in the ranking at 10 The Clash are insanely low at 9, but that’s how it goes. However, most people say that “The Clash” is the best record by The Clash, but I do have to say I enjoy this one much more. The Clash’s blues influenced punk has brought so much to the world. One of the most influential punk bands ever known the world lost something amazing the day Joe Strummer went away.
Best Tracks: London Calling, Brand New Cadillac, Spanish Bombs, Death Or Glory, Four Horsemen, Revolution Rock

8. THE RAMONESThe Ramones” – Wow, am I digging my own grave here or what? The Scene is going to hang me. The Ramones one of the first punk bands to come out of the US raised many eyebrows and took the world by storm. With this self-titled track The Ramones put their gangly, long haired, leather jacket, torn jeans, punk stars on the map! Also more punk rock veterans missed every day…R.I.P. Joey and DeeDee.
Best Tracks: Blitzkrieg Bop, Judy Is A Punk, Chain Saw, 53rd & 3rd, Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World

7. THE SEX PISTOLSNevermind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols” – Now I know you think I’m crazy or just a poser…well maybe, but I know what I like, and I Love this record! The Sex Pistols paved the way for so many bands. Multiple record labels, many disputes with many people, and 12 Punk Rock anthems later…I give you # 7. Granted it’s only # 7 but you have to work with me here. Too many punk icons are dead…you know that? Far too many!
Best Tracks: Holidays In The Sun, God Save The Queen, Seventeen, Anarchy In The U.K., EMI

6. THE PLASMATICSBeyond The Valley Of 1984” – Here’s my submission for Punk Goddess of the universe. Wendy O Williams! Most amazing stripper gone punk rock singer ever! This record was the first Plastmatics record I ever got my hands on and I listened to it non-stop for weeks…ok maybe not non-stop, but pretty close. Nothing beats an amazing looking woman with a Mohawk and electric tape over her nipples riding a horse!
Best Tracks: Headbanger, Nothing, Fast Food Service, Living Dead, Sex Junkie

5. OPERATION IVYEnergy” – Members of this band have gone on to bigger things such as Rancid & Common Rider. But this was the groundwork for both of these bands. The only full-length album OP IV put out packed with ska-based punk rock is full of heart and fueled by glory.
Best Tracks: Knowledge, Take Warning, Bombshell, Unity, Bankshot, Caution, Big City

4. MINOR THREATMinor Threat” – No one could EVER blame me for this one! Minor Threat another amazing band that broke up a little too early for me. The best band to EVER come out of D.C. Minor Threat has influenced so many bands, songs have been covered by too many to list and Minor Threat bread Fugazi! Put out on their own Dischord Records these 12 songs are punk rock needles in the haystack. This band brought Straight Edge out into the public. Amazing record…just amazing.
Best Tracks: I Don’t Wanna Hear It, Seeing Red, Straight Edge, Minor Threat, Guilty Of Being White

3. DESCENDENTSMilo Goes To College” – God I love this band. First punk rock band I ever got into. The Descendents have paved the way for punk and emo bands alike, singing songs about love gone bad, coffee, favorite past times, coffee, fast food service, middle class parents and of course coffee. These 15 Caffeine fueled jewels are a wonder to behold. All Hail The Descendents!!
Best Tracks: Myage, I’m Not A Loser, I’m Not A Punk, Catalina, Suburban Home, Kabuki Girl, Hope

2. BLACK FLAGMy War” – Henry Rollins is a god of the hard-core punk rock scene. Yet another band where many others say “Damaged” is their best record, but I have to say “My War” is my all time favorite. Pumped with speed and fury this record is one you put on your turntable and listen to over and over again. Plus is there really anything better than a hand puppet wielding a knife on a record cover? Henry Rollins’ voice and lyrics are just honey to my ears. (Is honey good for the ears?) Black Flag…that’s all I have to say…Black Flag.
Best Tracks: My War, Beat My Head Against The Wall, Forever Time, Nothing Left Inside

And here we go…# 1…are you ready…did I scare you off yet…expecting Misfits? Maybe Buzzcocks? Perhaps Crass? Well, here we go…

1. BAD RELIGIONHow Could Hell Be Any Worse?” & DEAD KENNEDYSFresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables” – Okay, you caught me…I’m cheap…I took the easy way out. It’s a tie. Bad Religion has always been one of my favorite all time punk rock bands. After buying “Suffer” I bought “How Could Hell Be Any Worse?” and along with it I bought me a brand new Dictionary! Bad Religion (though now some would accuse of selling out) one of the punkest bands ever. Armed with intellect, and extreme vocabulary Bad Religion has made punk record upon punk record all containing amazing tracks on government, politics, religion and anything else Greg can get his hands on.
Best Tracks: We’re Only Gonna Die, Faith In God, F#ck Armageddon…This Is Hell, Damned To Be Free, American Dream, Doin’ Time

Dead Kennedys are a tough band to pick a best record from, and I didn’t want to cheat even more and throw a Best Of record in here. But, “Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables” their first album is their greatest all around record. This record has found itself at # 1 because of the insane vocal stylings of Mr. Biafra and the pure power and energy that came from these 15 Songs.
Best Tracks: Kill The Poor, Let’s Lynch The Landlord, Police Truck, California Uber Alles, Holiday In Cambodia, Viva Los Vegas

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