A typical day at...home...(CaptainD's ATDATO W/O)

Jun 29, 2004

The Bottom Line Would I rather be at the office? NO WAY!

Oh, a stay-home life is the life for me,
How I love the life of a hermit-ee
And I never ever ever do a thing about the housework
‘Cause the housework never ever does a thing for me…

I don’t have an alarm clock.
I don’t have a commute.
I have three children, 3 ½, 2, and 10 months.
And this is a day in my life.

My wake-up call typically comes in the form of soft cooing that escalates into a full-blown squall. The Bud is awake, and he’s hungry. Sometimes, this takes place at an obscenely early hour, but if I’m lucky, his NUK and turning on his soother will keep him quiet a little longer. But when it’s clear he’ll no longer wait, I trudge downstairs in a sleepy haze and pop his bottle in the microwave. I’d better get the girls their milk too, lest the waylay me like the Scylla and Charybdis on my quest to cease the howling of the little squirt with his bottle. (Lately, I’ve been lucky though—my husband has been doing the milk-fetch most mornings…)

Once the ritual drinking-of-the-milk-in-Mommy-and-Daddy’s-bed is complete, I get the Boofins (my 3 ½ year old) started with her clothes, then get the other two changed and dressed. By the time we all get downstairs for breakfast, I’m famished! But those little gypsy beggars won’t wait—the only way to prevent them from eating my breakfast for me is to distract them with theirs (and sometimes even that doesn’t stop them). Most days we’d rush off to the minivan and take the Boofins to Montessori school, but now that it’s summertime, I usually chase them outside to go run off some energy while I sit in the shade and read a little. Ah, for those tranquil mornings when the Boofins would be at school, the Bud would be napping and the two-year-old-who-defies-one-word-nicknames would actually play quietly by herself, allowing me to get some Epinioning done!

Well, sooner or later, lunch rolls around. I usually try to keep the refrigerator stocked with leftovers that can be quickly reheated on the stove—who wants to cook 3 times a day? Fortunately, the girls are pretty good eaters, so mealtime usually goes reasonably smoothly.

After lunch the three-ring circus begins as the girls tear around, tear up the house and terrorize their little brother, who thinks it’s all hysterically funny. When 1:30 finally arrives, I nearly dance them off to bed for their naps while visions of silence dance in my head. It’s time to re-knit the shreds of sanity left lying about (seems like each time a find a few less…). Sometimes I even get a blessed nap myself, but usually I have duties that cannot be attended to with 3 kids in tow—particularly working outside. So it’s Heigh Ho, off to work I go… Since March I have moved a ton of mulch (you think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not), dug in border stones around all the flowerbeds (and yes, I carried all 2000 lbs of stone by myself too), built a retaining wall, planted trees, shrubs, a dozen rosebushes and a full vegetable garden…only to watch a large part of it be decimated by a cute widdle bunny wabbit (know any good recipes for rabbit stew?). On rainy days, you guessed it, I’m on Epinions again.

I sometimes ponder on the life I lead (dangerous, that…)…unlike the typical workday with its demands, the only structure (or stricture) is what I provide. Aside from mealtimes, naptimes and drop-off / pick-up times for school, nothing beyond my own discipline exists to dictate what I must do or not do (and some days my discipline is lacking greatly). As with most freedoms, it is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I don’t have to answer to anyone; a curse because if I look at it that way, I would live in a filthy house with a very unhappy family. And so I alone am responsible for reining in my desire to start that new project, and instead try to make sure I accomplish at least one (if not more) constructive task per day. It can be very hard to do sometimes, especially because doing various projects, while time consuming and sometimes exhausting, is what helps me recharge. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, I consider myself lucky because I actually have the ability to choose.

Eventually they all wake up—it’s nice that the Bud is always first, so I get to spend at least a little one-on-one time with the insanely happy baby… (I do my best each day to make sure that within the chaos, I take the time to pay attention to each one of the three individually—reading, playing or helping with activities—and my husband does the same.) One half of my batteries are recharged by my alone time, but the other half is recharged by just being around BABY! Only a Mom or Dad can truly understand what this is like. Needy as they are, these kids are 100% pheromones, people!!! Babies give off vibes that can knock your socks off. I can be screaming mad at my 2 year old one minute, then go hold the Bud for a moment and feel it melt away like butter… Yeah, they’re a lot of work, but until someone figures out how to bottle baby pheromones, this is my drug of choice.

So, after my brief interlude, the posse is awake and chasing each other around some more. I sometimes wonder: When I designed my KitschFam® [that’s a kitchen-family room combo to those of you who are unfamiliar with my favorite word] [and yes, the spelling is intentional] whether I realized that it would become an exercise track for 3 crazy children…

This is catch-up time. I had my “me” time—now I have to rush to unload & load the dishwasher (thank god we finally got rid of the old one, or I’d be cleaning them a second time), clean up the disaster area called my kitchen and get dinner ready before the husband gets home (while the girls pretend to do the same in their little kitchen). Feeding 5 is not a lot of fun, but when I’m not too tired, I do enjoy cooking (especially now that I’ve learned how to cook really good Chinese food…).

Once dinner’s over and the kitchen is clean, we read to the kids and pack each one off to bed. I typically collapse on the couch at this point, realizing for the first moment that I’ve been on my feet more or less all day. I pop in a relaxing CD and try to grab a good book instead of turning on the “boob tube”, but I don’t always succeed (especially if the book I’m reading isn’t much of a page turner).

But after a brief rest, my insane body eventually decides (against my will) to get a second wind. (It’s not my fault, I’ve been a night person all my life.) So now it’s “project time”—sewing Halloween costumes, making a quilt or curtains, working on Family Tree research, planning even more ambitious gardening projects…there’s always something… And half the time, I’m doing it at the same time I’m watching TV or a dumb movie.

My brain finally starts to let up around 11 PM and I’m off to bed, hoping and praying I’ll get to sleep until at least 7…but I doubt it. Good night.

These insane ramblings were unleashed upon the world at the behest of CaptainD’s A Typical Day at the Office Write Off (ATDATO W/O), so be sure to stop by to thank him.
Part of his challenge was to “link slut” as many other reviews as possible without going off topic…and I’ve done my very best.

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