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Jul 28, 2007
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Pros:Big bottom basket.

Cons:NOT FOR JOGGING. Bulky folded up.

The Bottom Line: If you are looking for a true jogging stroller, then pass this one up! After mine fell apart from jogging, I'd never recommend this to anyone.

I bought this stroller a few months ago and have been using it as a jogging stroller. It was sold as a display stroller and did not come with a box. My son is 10 months old, almost 3 feet tall, and weights 23 lbs. He seemed comfortable in it. I liked the roomy basket on the bottom. I drive and SUV and get annoyed about how much room the stroller takes up. My son liked the steering wheel toy on the front.

A few days ago my husband was jogging with the stroller and had an accident. The "fork" holding the front wheel bent and caused the wheel to rotate further than it should to a position perpendicular with the pavement, causing the stroller to come to a halt, mid jog. My husband flew into the front of the stroller, knocking it over, and the side of my son's head slammed into the ground. Luckily, both came out of the accident just bruised and skinned up.

I contacted Kolcraft, the manufacturer, and I got an explanation saying, "Unfortunately, the stroller you have is not a jogging stroller." I can order a replacement part at cost plus shipping or buy a stroller that is a true jogging stroller.

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