Magellan Tech Support- Not worth buying GPS

Aug 4, 2007
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Pros:Easy to use and read. Mostly accurate.

Cons:Tech support is horrible.

The Bottom Line: If you get a unit that works you will love it! If yours does not work it's likely you will fall into to the Magellan Technical Support abyss.

I purchased a refurbished RoadMate 6000T. I have used it in Canada, Washington and Colorado. When it is working it works great. The screen is easy to use and directions are clear and accurate. The unit is easy to use and for the most part self explanatory. I liked how the GPS keeps me one step ahead when giving me directions. When we went up to Canada I did not have to change any settings. It automatically switched over, unlike my mother in law's Maestro.

I purchased the RoadMate after using the Magellan Crossover on a vacation with my parents. The RoadMate 6000t is very expensive when purchased new, upwards of $500-$600. I was comfortable buying a refurbished as I assumed if I had a problems Magellan would work with me to resolve them.

I have had problems changing my destination once I have started toward one. Using the steps in the users manual does not work on my unit. I think it has to do with my refurbished model issues.

Sadly the GPS freezes up all of the time. Magellan has outsourced tech support and customer service to India. I had to call several times to get someone who speaks English well enough to write my name down while only asking me to spell it twice. I did not feel they understood my problem. They tried to make it into a different problem. I was put on hold several times while the rep "checked with someone else." On the eighth call I asked to speak to someone in the California office. The rep got very snotty with me and told me that I was talking to her, not the California office.

My problems with Magellan still have not been resolved. At this point I need to mail my unit back to Magellan. Who knows how long it will be before I get it back. I will not buy from Magellan until they get a more competent/better trained tech department.

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