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Aug 4, 2007
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Pros:Webers are good by me. Easy to set up, worked right, zones easy to adjust.

Cons:Price makes the 310 a tough buy, even for grillmiesters

The Bottom Line: A good buy you can count on if you can afford it.

With the in mind from the captain, I bought the 310. It's only been put to the test a few times. So far so good.

Grill space, temp control, heat zones and clean-up are big factors the reviewer mentioned that sold me. Moving the grill around isn't a problem so I don't think the wheels will be any problem but I can see what the other reviews are talking about.

I decided that the biggest reason to buy was I wanted a grill that would work right the first time and the next time. The first Weber I bought is still kicking around and it's quick and easy for hot dogs and basic grill nights. It was cheap and it's lasted a long time. That tells me something else that's about more than the kettle cooking I like. The old Weber was still better than the new cheap high-dollar upgrade fake I finally tried in the spring.

I have to agree with what the captain said about other brands. I got one of those knock-off brands and spending even that much was a big deal. I finally figured on the 310 and it costs more than ones like it. But I sure didn't get what I paid for the one I bought before the 310. Seems like one good grill is better and cheaper in the short run and the long run than three bad ones any day.

Taking my own advice too. Being without a grill is different from other grill emergencies, something I talked about in an article about grilling: the watner method of cooking kabobs even when you're short on kabob sticks.

Since the season isn't over, I figured I better get the 310. Now if Weber would include a bunch of kabob sticks, I'd be all set. -- cregg watner

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