Maytag MTW6300TQ Bravos Washer

Maytag MTW6300TQ Bravos Washer

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I hate this washer, its a POS!!!!!!!

Aug 12, 2007 (Updated May 23, 2008)
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Pros:None that I can think of

Cons:Wets the floor on unbalanced loads.

The Bottom Line: Wets the floor, and I was told that it cannot be fixed. A design issue.

I finally had to replace the Maytag washer that came with the house. It was from 1971, and I thought it would never die. But it finally did and my wife and I went looking for a suitable replacement. Now, I was originally going to go for the front load washer. After doing a bit of research, and looking at them up close in person, I decided I did not want a washer that needed to be baby sat. As in keeping the door open, and running a wash cycle with bleach to wash the washer. I may be getting a bit of the track here, but as a Manufacturing Engineer, I observe how things are made. I looked at the fixes that were done on front load machines, how drain holes were incorporated into the inner lip of the sealing gasket. But you still have a place for water to collect, and if you do leave the door closed, you have zero air movement. Unlike a top load machine, even with the lid closed, there is no positive seal, so moisture will evaporate. And now on to the review
Follow the lines on the box with a razor knife. That's as simple as it gets.
Once you get near wherever its going to reside, you follow the directions that are very clear. You lay the washer down on the packing material that came with it, and remove the shipping base. Yo then install a sound absorbing pad. Turn it right side up, and remove the packing from the drum.
It comes with all the necessary hoses. However, I preferred to purchase braided stainless hoses as I feel they give a bit more security for rupture.
Using the Washer:
Once again, I did not read the manual, as the controls are self explanatory. The main knob gives you a choice of seven wash cycles, and a spin, and a spin/rinse cycle. You then move on to modifiers. You have three soil level selections, and five load sizes. You also have a choice of four wash/rinse temperature combinations. Your options give you the choice of a stain cycle, that adds 10 minutes to the wash time, a second rinse, along with a pre-soak option.
Now, keep in mind that my last washer had the capacity of a small bucket, with about as many options. I have washed our queen comforter, some very bulky flannel sleeping bags with outstanding results. The sleeping bags were last used at a state park that is mostly sand dunes. So, in went the bags, wet and sandy from the last outing. Out came clean bags, and no sand.
I am impressed by the capacity. What used to be two loads is now one. The spin cycle is so efficient, the clothes seem almost dry. It makes a neat sound like a jet engine spooling up, but of course on a very quiet level. The noise made during the wash cycle is that of a quiet splashing sound. Not at all like the one it replaced. But then again, I would hope in 36 years there would be some improvement.
1-31-08 Update
OK, so I have run several hundred loads through this thing, and found what I would consider a serious design flaw. The basket is supported in the four corners by springs. The water is dispensed from a fixed point in the top of the machine. If you ever get an unbalanced load, the drum will
oscillate so much that during the rinse, the water misses the drum, and ends up on the floor. This has wet the floor four times so far. I have had the service techs out twice. There is no adjustment for determining when the out of balance occurs. Most machines use a mechanical type of limit switch. Not this one. It uses whats called a hall effect sensor, which is generated off of the main motor. This information is sent into whatever program that runs the system. No adjustment is possible. This unit is essentially a Fisher and Paykel design. Some of the parts are interchangeable.
If I could send it back, I would. Its to late now, and I am stuck with a floor wetter.

Update 2-2-08
What a coincidence. This thing has wet the floor two more times in the last two days. This is what I observed. First of all, I would like to get the attention of the Whirlpool/Maytag engineers. You have designed a system to fail. Take a close look at the agitator. You must have have your heads on backwards when you thought of this design. It is doomed to fail. You have engineered into this washer a point for it to snag clothes, bra straps, blankets etc. There is a pinch point for the items being washed to get entangled. If you provided minimal clearance between the agitator and the bottom of the drum, this would not occur. When you fix it, send me a check for figuring out how to fix your poor design.
Another Update 2-24-08
So I have had five service guys out here, and have been in contact with Maytags Customer Service Reps. The last tech that was out here told me that Maytag was aware of a design flaw, and that a fix would be forthcoming. In the meanwhile, the last tech that was here, duct taped aluminum foil around the top of the drum. It may sound silly, but it is a back asswards type of fix. I have to give him credit for his inginuity. Lame as it may seem, it kind of keeps the water off of the floor. More to come........

Update 4-17-08
I have recieved and had installed a new part to the machine. I will try to describe it. It is the cowl that goes on top of the drum. It purpose is to catch and direct all water, soap, bleach etc and direct it into the drum. It has larger "catch" areas than the old one. Time will tell if this is reasonable fix. Personally, I think they are fixing the effect, not the cause. The root of the problem, as I stated earlier, is the design of the impeller. It catches items and causes the drum to go out of balance.
Update 5-24-08
It still wets the floor!!!!! And, Its going back! Yup, thanks to ABT, they made Whirlpool do what they would not agree to do with me directly. Take this floor wetting, wall damaging, cabinet ruining P.O.S. back. Thank you ABT!!!!!!
I found out that the new improved part was not either new, or improved. I was lied to. They just replaced the top cowl with an identical part. What a load of BS from Whirlpool.
I am now filing a claim for the $1600 in damage to my walls, (black mold) oak trim, and the brand new oak sink base in my laundry room. This purchas has got to be one of the worst I have ever made.

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Amount Paid (US$): 670

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