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Cliphanger: Versatile, convenient, durable, what more can you ask for?

Aug 14, 2007 (Updated May 29, 2008)
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Pros:Almost unnoticeable, versatile, strong: Carry nearly any device conveniently, protect devices from accidental drops

Cons:Misleading warranty, slight learning curve.

The Bottom Line: Why buy an expensive model-specific holster when the Cliphanger lets you carry all your devices easily and securely?

I admit it, I'm a gadget-buyer. If you saw it on TV, I probably tried it. I've gotten plenty of duds (Pasta Express, Tater Mitts), along with a few gems (Hercules Hooks, Dryer Balls), and I'm glad to say my purchase of the cliphanger has been one of my better choices.

What is it?
The cliphanger works like a caribiner for your phone, pda, iPod, or similar handheld device. It hooks onto your belt loop, purse strap, or the included "autohook."

How does it work?
Unlike other cell phone clips, the cliphanger is very low profile. The ~2mm thick clip attaches to your device using a special adhesive pad that is exceptionally strong, but still removable (so no worries about permanently marring your expensive phone). I had no trouble attaching the adhesive, and the cliphanger is easy to place on almost any device. Once attached, you hang it from your belt by pressing gently on the "latch" where the ends of the clip meet.

How well does it work?
Once attached, the clip is very secure and there is no noticeable difference in weight. With both a small flip phone and a large (40GB clickwheel) iPod, the cliphanger showed no strain, the device swung freely with my movements but was never in danger of coming loose accidentally. The Lexan plastic construction is every bit as strong as claimed by the producer; I tried bending, flipping, and standing on the cliphanger with no damage.

So, what's the catch?
There's always a catch, and in this case there are two:One, although the cliphanger comes with a "full warranty" against breakage, they only cover replacement of the cliphanger itself. If the cliphanger breaks and your iPod shatters, you're out of luck. That said, I really did beat the heck out of my three cliphangers, and saw no indication they were likely to break.
Two, the latch on the Cliphanger is designed for right-handed users, and is tricky to get the hang of. Expect to spend the first week or so practicing opening the clip to hang it on your belt/purse. The included autohooks do not require you to open the catch, and they are very convenient for hanging your phone up when you get home or hanging your iPod in your car for a long drive.

What makes it different?
Aside from the Lexan plastic and the simple design, what really makes this device different from other phone holders is its versatility. You can attach the cliphanger to your phone, iPod, PDA, DS Lite (haven't tried the heavier DS), pocket camera, and more. No searching for the right attachment for your model, just stick and go.

Unexpected Bonus:
If you have a small flip phone (like I do), the Cliphanger is a super-bonus. By threading one finger through the cliphanger, you an hold your phone much more easily and naturally, especially over long conversations.


After almost a year of use, I still have nothing but good things to say about the Cliphanger. I have one on my iPod and one on my phone, and I give them away as gifts to friends. The adhesive is still totally secure, the plastic shows no signs of wear even from supporting the heavy 1st-generation iPod. I often forget that the Cliphanger isn't part of the device itself.

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