Hitachi C10FR 10" Jobsite Table Saw

Hitachi C10FR 10" Jobsite Table Saw

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Hitachi C10FR.... Just Doesn't Make The Cut.

Aug 23, 2007
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Pros:Feature Laden

Cons:Saddled With Shortcomings

The Bottom Line: The Hitachi C10FR 10" Jobsite Table Saw is really nice in principle, but falls short fast.

Having the right tool for the job is simply the shortest distance between two jobs. While perfection is an ideal that is achieved by few, there are plenty of tools on the market that get the job done for a fraction of the cost of those that hover near that ideal. The Hitachi C10FR 10" Jobsite Table Saw is one such tool.

In The Box

The C10FR comes to the jobsite offering all the necessary components to get the job done. Featuring a 15amp, overload protected 500 rpm motor, spinning a 10” blade, you can be assured you won’t trip circuit breakers and interrupt productivity. Measuring just under 17x 21 inches the C10FR is just big enough to handle most light to medium construction duty work and likely meets all the needs of a demanding consumer, in principle.

Construction is sturdy high tensile plastic and the table is heavy enough to most stock though the table leaves much to be desired cutting pressure treated lumber. Cord management of the 6 foot cord is facilitated by an integrated cord wrap, which is a nice touch. The rip fence is a two clamp setup which, in principle, is a good setup. Unfortunately though, the C10FR cannot be relied on for instant square setups without measuring and tweaking to assure the fence is where the integrated rule indicates. And even then you have to be ginger about tossing your stock around on the table so as not to upset your setup.

The Hitachi features both a side extension table and rear extension tubes which again, are features one would expect on a portable. Once more they are right on point in principle but once more the C10FR disappoints. The side table and extension, both drop below table level allowing for instability of your flat stock. This is both a negative safety and productivity issue.

Bevel and crosscutting capabilities are also within reach and are better facilitated with short stock where you don’t have to use extensions. A bevel angle wheel with gauge are located at the front, where you would expect it to be. Coupled with the miter gauge you can create compound cuts. My only problem with this feature is you have to turn the wheel endlessly to set it up. The C10FR would benefit greatly from closer gearing of the bevel wheel.

Blade change outs are facilitated by raising the blade, removing the table insert and loosening the arbor and nut. It is a bit cumbersome and annoying since there is limited space to maneuver your wrenches. You do have the capability to use a ” dado if needed, which limits some of the most rudimentary home projects.

The one feature that really stands out speaks more to convenience than productivity, the built in mobility kit. The built in stand and mobility cart make getting the Hitachi C10FR 10" to your work a lot easier. Three folds to close, four to open are all it takes to pull this 40 plus pounder around. My complaint here is that Hitachi missed the mark with the plastic wheels. These wheels will last as long as it takes to hit a rut or hole and crack. Rubber wheels would have been a wiser choice.

Final Thoughts...

I really wanted to like this saw. The Hitachi C10FR 10" Jobsite Table Saw has all the candy. There are features that you would expect and then some, but they all fall short of the expectations of the advanced home user and far below acceptable benchmarks of the light duty professional, rendering this product virtually useless. How could Hitachi come so close and lose it at the bottom of the ninth you ask? Perhaps they are targeting the amateur home user and trying to pack in features of a $400 table saw for half the price? While all the safety features are there, the saw is unwieldy, making it prime for kickback. That alone is a deal breaker. The loose settings, fittings and poor stability make the Hitachi C10FR 10" Jobsite Table Saw prime for a fast drive by.

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