Rubbermaid Diamond CleatMat Plus Chair Mat for High Pile Carpets 46x60 Wide 25x12 Lip

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Simple carpet saver - Rubbermaid cleatmat

Aug 30, 2007
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Pros:Doesn't "remember" where my chair sits, protects carpet great.

Cons:Will I ever get new carpet in my office? Not with cleatmat around!

The Bottom Line: It's a great product for carpet protection and chair rolling. If you have the space for it buy one!

In my office carpet is treated like furry gold. We occasionally get new carpet in "traffic areas" like hallways but in individual offices the carpet hasn't been changed since the great shag purge of 1978. Our next scheduled carpet replacement? No sooner than 2022 so you have to protect what you've got!

Like every other American who spends their day stuck in an office, I sit in a chair with wheels on the bottom and I like to easily slide 6 or 7 inches at a time to get to my file cabinet, tool box, shredding basket, and other office amenities. The cleatmat helps with that also because without it I couldn't slide on the carpet.

Football ready!
They call it a cleatmat for a reason: you could glue sections of this thing to your shoe and play football with it! The cleats appear to be a whopping 1/4 inch long and are sharp enough to really hurt your arm if you pull the mat up. You don't have to worry about this mat sliding's difficult to reposition even when you want to.

Carpet cleaning night is very difficult with this mat. I have to get it up off the floor and as I said, the cleats will eat your arms up. The other thing is that the mat is so heavy you nearly have to have two people to lift it. Want to roll it up and sit it on your desk? Forget it, it would take an undertaker three days to roll this thing up.

Avoid the divots
An upside to this mat is that it doesn't "remember" where my chair spends most of it's time. I've had lesser mats that would sort of groove in my default spot (I'm no featherweight) and make it hard for me to "pop" my chair out of the divots so I could move around the office...or slide back from the desk to stand up. The Rubbermaid cleatmat is so heavy that you could stand an elephant on it for weeks at a time with no position memory problem.

Think outside the box
I know that many of us are working in cubicles now. If your cube is a generous you may be able to get the cleatmat in but pay attention to your floorspace measurements because this mat is VERY generous in it's size so it won't fit in my smaller cubicles. Don't think you are going to trim it to size either unless you intend to use a chainsaw on this heavy thing!

Ease of use
It's so easy, even a caveman could do it. The mat will be rolled when you buy it (how do they do that?!?!?!?) so you simply unroll it and place it where you want it. The edges will curl up when you place it because it will want to retain the rolled shape but if left in place over night the mats own weight will pull it down into position.

It will outlast me...
A career only lasts so long and I think they'll retire me before they retire my cleatmat. Nothing effects this thing...not my weight on it, not coffee spills, not being lifted and left on the desk for cleaning night, nothing at all. It's like a rock of Gibraltar right in my office. If I did my job as well as the cleatmat does it's job I'd be the greatest Engineer ever!

Other than my nagging fear that the cleatmat does a better job in my office than I do, I'm very pleased with the product. I'd buy another if I needed it but I'm pretty sure that if our building doesn't burn down I'm not going to need a replacement. I'll never get new carpet with this thing around...the carpet beneath it simply doesn't seem to wear at all.

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