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Aug 24, 2007
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Pros:Good rack design, inexpensive, gets the job done.

Cons:the noise factor

The Bottom Line: Would recommend this as a low cost, energy efficient dishwasher.

Our last two dishwashers have been budget GE models (the first lasted for 20 years, the second blew out after 6 years. No more GE for us), so that is the basis for comparison.

I can't speak for longevity, since we just bought and installed the Whirlpool DU850, but having run a full load on the normal wash, non-heated dry cycle, it worked just fine. No spots on the glasses (without using rinse aid)and all the silverware (including a pair of long tongs) stayed in place. The rack system holds more dishes more securely than the GE did.

I don't know how many cycles, whistles, and bells one needs to wash dishes, unless you expect a dishwasher to act as a garbage disposal as well.

Contrary to the previous review, the position of the dial gives you a general idea of the progression of the cycle. Does it give you time lapsed to the second? No. But that is information that I don't see a need to spend hundreds of dollars more for.

As far as the noise is noisy, but no more so than the comparable budget GE models. Of course it is not as quiet as top of the line models that cost up to $1000.00. But for our husband and I are empty- nesters who only run the thing a couple times a week and can just close the kitchen door to block the noise for a half hour or so...we'd rather keep the money.

Aesthetically, its not bad looking. We bought the black but for another hundred bucks the model comes with a stainless steel door. Again, we didn't see a need to spend more for design features like hidden controls and a stainless interior. We have a narrow galley type kitchen so you can't really appreciate exterior details on appliances.

All in all, we are happy with the purchase and will remain happy as long as the machine gets a load of dishes clean on the lowest energy cycle.


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