Aug 26, 2007
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Well holy balls! I wish I knew this product sucked so bad before my sister in law purchased it for me!!!

Mine was purchased in July 2006 and I stored it in the closet for about three months since I didn't have the counter space. I only used this oven sporadically (say 5x's monthly if I'm lucky) ... Anywho, it's now August '07 and the temperature control button no longer works. I can toast with it but not use the oven.

Of course it's only a year warranty and it's way past that. And when calling the toll free number all they want to do is sell you a new one with the additional cost of shipping/handling.

So, I got the Resident Manager at my apartment complex to look at it for me since he's an electrician for 20+ years and all he needs is a new "Toast and Bake/Broil Temperature control" switch which is #1 in the instruction manual. According to the website (because the office is not open during the weekends like it states) you can only purchase the "accessories" and NO PARTS!!!!!!

*****BUYER BEWARE*****

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