Canon's lens of disaster

Aug 28, 2007
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Pros:Cheap, light weight & quiet good for macro.

Cons:Cheap results: Soft & less colorful. Extra budget for hood.

The Bottom Line: Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 USM Lens is disaster. Too many disadvantage.

First of all, I'm a learning photographer. Do it for hobby and enjoy taking good pictures.

This lens is the kit for Canon 350D Digital Rebel. And I learn a lot of photography technique through it. My pro photographer friends suggested me to master it. So I do lots of "learning by doing" with it.

This lens is full of weaknesses that makes it really hard to master. What you need to master this lens:

1) Very steady hands and/or tripod
2) Sound knowledge of aperture and speed
3) Adequate flash light (for low light area)
4) Polarized Filter for outdoor

With all that, a chance to get a clear, sharp and colorful picture is still small. The results are always soft, even when my professional friends tried it, the results are always soft. But if you take macro or short distance shooting, the results are okay, but the color is not that much.

Using outdoor without the hood, the lens shows several light spots (direct translation from Bahasa Indonesia), you need to buy one if you are thinking of using it.

Disappointed, I almost sell away my 350D. But when I bought Canon lens 50mm f1.8 and later Sigma MACRO 18-50mm F/2.8 EX DC, WOW!!!! I never thought I could ever make such a sharp and colorful images in my life using the same camera! It is definitely not the camera, it is the lens!

I have no idea why Canon even build this kind of lens. It definitely hurts Canon brand and its customers.

Since I am not a pro, there might be a way to use this lens in maximum capacity besides using Photoshop or other softwares or use it for MACRO. M-A-Y-B-E.

My advise when you buy Canon 350D or 400D, do not buy the kit. Buy body only! Invest to other lens. This lens kit is a disaster. I am very pleased with those 2 lens I mentioned before. I am now can't wait for the weekend to hunt for more pictures.

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