GLAD SimplyCooking Microwave Steaming Bags

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Glad Simply Cooking Microwave Steaming Bags- Simply Irresistible?

Aug 31, 2007
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Pros:cooks vegetables nicely and quickly.

Cons:wouldn't use these to make meals, waste issues, bag wouldn't stay open at the top.

The Bottom Line: I'd buy these just to have around should I need to cook vegetables quickly. Don't plan to make a meal out of these bags. I wouldn't recommend them for that.

I had the opportunity to try out Glad Simply Cooking Microwave Steaming Bags. I got 3 bags, along with a recipe card. These are available in a box of 10 for $2.99 in retail stores.

So, what are these for you say? Well, you can cook vegetables and other items in the microwave, rather than boiling them on the stove. Here are a few words from Glad’s website about the bags:

“In today‘s busy world getting fresh, good tasting food on the table doesn‘t have to slow you down thanks to new Glad SimplyCooking Microwave Steaming Bags. They are perfect for veggies and much more. And using them is a cinch—just fill, cook and serve.

No waiting for water to boil, no messy pots and pans to clean. And veggies come out just right. Crisp, tender and delicious every time. Putting fresh, wholesome veggies on your table has never been, well, simpler.”

These bags measure about 9 inches across by 7 inches vertically. They claim to hold 3 to 4 servings worth of vegetables such as corn, broccoli, and cauliflower, or 10-12 spears of asparagus, or 2 medium sized apples. Or, it will also hold 4 to 5 ounces of shrimp or fish. Of course, you have to cook all these items separately, but I just to let you know how much that it will hold at one particular time, so you realize that these will hold a pretty good sized amount.

They are made from microwavable food safe plastic, and they are able to stand up on their own when you put them on the table opened, which is easy to help with the loading of food. The bags are clear in color, but they have light green images in the background, such as an ear of corn, carrots, and other veggies. There is also a table on the front that lets you know how long to cook each amount, based on 1000 watt microwaves, which happens to be what I have here at home. They have a snap top seal, but when you have cooked in them and let them cooled for a bit (30 seconds), you hold them by the top, and then you can tear at the side and tear off the zipper seal, and just place your stuff in a bowl, and then just throw away the bag. Oh, and I forgot to mention there is no need to worry about adding water to these bags- just stick the stuff in, and microwave!

I know what you’re thinking- steamed vegetables in the microwave? Yes, believe it. I do own an electric steamer, but the thing takes ages to steam vegetables, plus it really stinks up the whole house when I steam cabbage, broccoli, or cauliflower. So, I had been buying the Bird’s Eye Brand vegetables where you could steam them in the package in the microwave, but it made too much for our family to eat at one time, and no one would ever eat the leftovers, so they ended up being in the garbage. So, at least with these bags I could steam as much as we needed and not end up having so much left over, and also I could use fresh or frozen items, whichever I had on hand.

Along with my bags, I got a cooking guide, and two recipes, one for beef stroganoff, and one for a ham and cheese omelet, but there are more recipes if you log on to Glad’s website. I found one for Hidden Valley Ranch potatoes, but there are also several other recipes, including vegetables, meats, and one for cinnamon apples. I thought that was pretty smart of Glad to include some recipes, then you would not feel to afraid to branch out with these bags.

First, I tried some small ears of corn in one of the bags, and I cooked it 4 minutes, and I could smell the corn cooking, and when I took the bag out of the microwave, I held it by the ends and it wasn’t overly hot. I let it sit out for a few minutes before removing them from the bag, and they turned out fine- even the ends where I put in the holders were nice and soft, rather than when you boil it sometimes the ends are a little hard. I was pretty impressed with it vegetable wise. The bags were easily closed, and when I needed to rip the top off after cooking, it came off easily.

Next, I tried the omelet recipe, and I wasn’t as impressed with the results. First off, it was hard to get the eggs in the bag because the top kept closing up, so I had to put one hand down in the bag to hold it open, then crack the egg with the other hand. I followed the directions, but I found that the eggs were done on the top, but then when I flipped them out of the bag, they were rather runny on the bottom. So, I didn’t even eat them, I just dumped it all in the garbage.

So, overall, I was impressed with the vegetable cooking, but not so much anything else. I don’t think that I would trust these to make ‘meals’ but they would do better at steaming vegetables. Also, there is a waste issue with these.

Not really sure if I would buy these, if I had a coupon I might pick up a box just to have on hand should I need to cook vegetables quickly, but otherwise I would probably use my electric steamer.

I received these bags from Fleishman-Hillard in exchange for my honest opinion- thanks to them for letting me try these out.

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