Coleman Tallgrass Family Tent

Coleman Tallgrass Family Tent

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Coleman Tallgrass Family Tent: and another Coleman tent

Sep 3, 2007
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Pros:Large, inexpensive.

Cons:Not very durable, rainfly is a liability in high winds.

The Bottom Line: Just another Coleman tent I donít recommend.

This is another family tent by Coleman that can hold 5 comfortably or 9 if you like to be a bit cramped. It is in the shape of a Y, not rectangular like most other tents. Generally when you see a Y or V shaped tent it is because it has individual rooms, but not so with this tent.

For those of you keeping track, this is the third Coleman tent my sister-in-law has bought in the past 5 years. They first started with the Coleman Weather Master, then another large Coleman tent, and finally this one. The Weather Master Was too taunt and ripped in two places on their second trip with that tent, the second tent was folded in the rain and it rotted. So this is their third selection.

The set up
Set up is fairly basic and expect it to take 15-25 minutes to set up. The tent is supported by the typical collapsible elastic shock sticks. Three are used to support the middle of the tent, just like most Coleman tents. They run through short sleeves on top with clips that support the pole on the side. And then there is one pole to support all 3 ends/doors (which also go through sleeves).
The basic has 16 points for stakes and 6 points for guy wires.

The rainfly is like many other coleman tents. It only covers the top half and it is attached using bungee cables. This leads to a major issue I am calling the kite effect. When wind blows the rainfly takes flight and lifts up the tent itself, with only the stakes (and guywires if used) keeping it in the ground. Not a great design and it does not protect well from vertical rain.

Another issue with the rain fly is it covers the screen top. Now if you donft mind people looking in when your dressing, or if your very secluded, then you donft need the rain fly. But for most campgrounds you will need the rain fly for keeping prying eyes at bay.

The design
The design is a little awkward. It is a Y shaped design. Most campsites are rectangular so a Y shaped design usually doesnft fit neatly in the average campsite. I personally see no benefit to the design.

The doors
It has 5 doors. 1 large one, 2 medium ones, a smaller one, and a doggie door. There is also small door for an electrical cord (or other such needs), definitely not large enough for anything else to fit through.

Unlike other Coleman tents in this size range, this one does not have any individual rooms. Everyone sleeps in the same Y shaped room.

How did it handle the wind
Unlike our other trip a year and a half ago, we did not have much wind. But with what little wind we had I still saw a lot of movement with this tent. This tells me that (like the other Coleman tents my extended family has owned) it will not do well in strong winds. Keep in mind though that the guywires were not in place and this would undoubtedly help stabilize the tent.

So far durability is still a concern with Coleman tents. This was on itfs 2nd camping trip when I reviewed it and already one of the stake loops has ripped off from the body of the tent. It was for one of the medium size doors so it wasnft a dire problem, but it goes to show the workmanship of this tent.
The materials are also not the best and, I predict, will not hold up over time like other more expensive tents (like REI, Northface, etc.)

Inside accessories.
There are 4 pockets around the sides of the tent, all about 1 gallon in size. There are 3 nylon loops on the middle top area for lanterns and hanging things.

Who do I recommend this to.
I personally wouldnft recommend this to anyone but there is a market that may find it a better option due to price. So basically if you rarely go camping, need a lot of room, donft have much in the bank account, always sleep in a motel when it rains, and donft leave it stored in your garage wet; then this is an option for you.

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