Thomas' Liquid Stainless Steel FG-SSQT / 005

Thomas' Liquid Stainless Steel FG-SSQT / 005

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May 28, 2009 (Updated May 28, 2009)
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Pros:Beautiful results, real stainless steel, addicting, adds value

Cons:Time consuming, you can make mistakes, limited stores carry product

The Bottom Line: This is amazing, beautiful, inexpensive and easy to use! You will have a brand new kitchen/living room/den/bathroom/bedroom when finished!

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Liquid Stainless Steel!!!

In this day and age (and trend) stainless steel can modernize and update your home and appliances. And in this real estate market, if you are trying to sell or rent a home, you CAN have stainless steel without the stainless price. How? By Thomas' Liquid Stainless Steel! It is a paint, but it is created and mixed with microscopic chips of stainless steel pieces, so when you paint, you are actually getting a stainless steel finish!! It is what the company calls a Mircometal technology that can be confirmed as 100% stainless steel. They do not add dyes or colorants, so it is not technically "paint".

When I lived in Michigan, and I was trying to sell my home, I bought the kit that comes with the large can (to cover appliances, both large and small) and the brushes, roller and top coat to do various projects around my home to give my smaller appliances and other items the stainless finish to match my fridge. This finish is very tricky, you want to make certain that you watch the how-to video, and visit the website, even call to ask questions before or as you do it, or practice on inexpensive vases or frames to make sure you have the knack to do it the right way.

To paint any item and give it that beautiful appearance, you must have three coats. Three very THIN coats. If you try to do it thicker to do "less" coats, you will cause chunking, streaks and other hideous strokes. Each coat goes on thin, let it dry for about an hour, and the next, and so on. You paint it with the required foam brush that comes in the kit or can be bought seperately, and then back brush it gently to smooth it out. For faster results, on large items, you should use the roller. It can take about 7 hours from beginning to end on appliances like your stove or fridge. If you paint your fridge, you should start with the back first, and make sure you take out the handles and inner lining. The result is beautiful if you do it right!!

You may worry that it looks horrible, like I did, upon the first two coats, that is normal. Just continue to the 3rd application, and you should love how it turns out for you and makes everything look brighter! The final coat looks different after it dries, lighter and more attractive. No matter what, don't use a 4th coating. It will look blurry and messy. And fake.

It does not show fingerprints if you happen to have little ones, and has a grainy texture and is of satin-ish quality. It can make anything in your home look brand new and upscale. It costs about $100 dollars for the kit, and you can buy smaller cans after that for half the price. It may not match the stainless steel appliances you already have because every company has their own technology and color secrets. The color is very warm and inviting, and not harsh like silver glass or anything.

This can go over any color and any finish, so don't let what your items currently look like disenchant you! the only problem you may have is if you have dents in your fridge from kids skateboarding or kicking it in! Then the dent will more prevailant. I have done items in my home, and friends' homes, so trust me...It is durable and long lasting, but can get scratched easily. The good news? It is easy to fix. It can up to 2 weeks to fully dry and have it's full effect, so be patient!

Once you use this, you will become addicted, and start looking for things around your home to modernize! You can be like me, and go to yard sales, and thrift shops just to get "bones" for your artwork! Everything will become a canvas to you! You can paint everything, even if the temperatures are hot, up to 300 degrees, so your stove and fireplace is good to go!! Test it first, but it can withstand! You can paint all of your appliances, like blenders, toasters, juicers...Your washer and dryer, dishwasher, microwave, and laundry racks. The racks and shelves in your garage.

You can paint your kitchen cabinets and hardware, dining tables, racks, bathroom lighting fixtures, lamps, vases, statues, bar stools, chairs, waste baskets, cannisters, bread baskets, bowls, cups, ceramics, water faucets, desks, end tables, bunk beds, dressers, staircase railings, automobile parts and accessories, patio furniture, photo frames, tv stands, electronics, window treatments, signs, buckets, any kind of handle..

Now that I have you excited and you know what you can paint, I have to break the bad news to you, to inform you of what you can NOT paint. * Countertops (where food prep takes place) * BBQ grills * Unprimed wood, drywall, etc....* Deep areas, like kitchen/bath tubs, toilets, sinks and the like. The reason for countertops, is that cutting meat/chopping fruits and veggies would scratch and destroy your hard work. It is not forbidden to use on countertops, but they do strongly advise not to. If you do, you should make sure you listen to them step by step on the dvd instruction video. They now sell GRANITE paint for your counter tops, so that is my next project, and that is a better solution than using the stainless steel. You also want to make certain that all your pre-painted items are cleaned well, with window cleaner or whatever it is that you normally use.

You may be like me and make many mistakes, which is why it is better to start off small even though you are going to be very excited! You can purchase everything you need online at their website ~, where you can shop, see the before/after pictures, client testimonials, and a nearby store list, that you can find which hardware/paint/homeimprovement stores in your area carry the full line of products!

There are many people out there who flip homes, buy low and rent out, and this product is a god-send to anyone wanting an inexpensive and creative way to add thousands of dollars to the net worth of their home! It takes some time, but it is a great feeling of accomplishment and you will love how the old is now anew!! Worth every penny!!

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