Rust-Oleum Specialty Glow In The Dark Paint

Rust-Oleum Specialty Glow In The Dark Paint

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Rust-Oleum Specialty Glow In The Dark Paint

Sep 14, 2007
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Pros:fun, easy to use, clean up a snap


The Bottom Line: "And the spirit glows in the dark
Casting shadows
From birth to dying"

Living on a corner lot we find that drivers … especially city trucks and school buses … aren’t necessarily interested in the ‘boundaries’ of our property. We have attempted to install several determent devices that will cause the least amount of damage but get our point across - Keep Your Vehicle Off Our Lawn! The most successful thing we have found is rebar, pounded in the ground, with reflective tape attached. Weather has taken its toll on the tape so I hoofed it off to the paint department to find a more permanent solution.

It glows in the dark
Perfect - just what I wanted. Something to glow and keep those n’er-do-wells outta our lawn. I snatched up a little 7 fl oz can and rushed home to paint those rebar. After a short drying time, approximately two hours, I pounded the new rebar in the ground and waited for dark.

And waited.

OK, so it failed. But it wasn’t intended for this application anyway.

Intended uses for the product
You can use this on wood, plaster, masonry, metal and unglazed ceramic. It is extremely fast drying and makes for fun decorations for a childs room or holiday use. Best applied over white or light colored surfaces. Uh … indoor use only [read directions first Susi]

How fun is it to paint stars on the ceiling and watch them glow as you fall asleep? When the painted surface is exposed to light for the better part of a day, it will glow up to two hours after the light is extinguished. Cheapest night light you will ever find.

Application and clean up
This is a latex based paint. Thus, clean up is easy as pie with soap and water. I would assume this is also one reason why it doesn’t work outdoors.

Use a soft tip brush or small nap roller to apply. Allow 45 minutes between coats for maximum coverage. Unlike most paints, this can’t really give an overall surface rating coverage. I mean, you can make a bazillion stars on the ceiling or paint doorknobs or light fixtures or clocks or all kinda things. So who is to say it will cover 200 sq ft or whatever because you aren’t dealing with the average painting surfaces.

Prior to application it is extremely necessary to make sure all surfaces are clean, dry and rust free.

As far as paint goes, my Rust-Oleum Specialty Glow In The Dark paint is probably one of the more enjoyable paints I’ve owned. If ya gotta paint anyway, why not have fun? My next adventure could be some of that chalkboard paint. Why not?

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p.s. thanks to those great H&G people, Larry got this added before the paint even dried!

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