Sin of Pride

Sep 20, 2007
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Pros:DR.SIN is a bunch of great musicians

Cons:"Great musicians" doesn't mean "great music" sometimes!

The Bottom Line: DR.SIN is one of Brazil's prominent Hard Rock artists

DR.SIN is a Brazilian Hard Rock band which frequently flirts with Heavy Metal, in the latter's 1980s incarnation. The band is lead by Eduardo Ardanuy, arguably one of the most gifted guitar players in all Brazilian music. Brothers Andria (bass, vocals) and Ivan Busic (drums) provide the remaining lineup. They are sons of a Brazilian Jazz trumpetist.

DR.SIN was formed after the brothers had played with many Brazilian rockstars including ULTRAJE A RIGOR and SUPLA among others. They were associated with Sao Paulo underground Heavy Metal scene through their studio work and tours with WANDER TAFFO and PLATINA. Following in the wake of SEPULTURA's worldwide reputation they were signed by Warner Brothers with solely a demo-tape and the praise of instrumentist pals. They played mainstream festivals opening for NIRVANA and AEROSMITH.

Their 1993 self-titled debut in English only is one of the very best Hard Rock records under the Ecuator line. The second record Brutal (1995) contained a noticeable Heavy Metal influence. By 1997 they were a respected stage act and a rewarding source for guitarist-wannabes. Ardanuy and the brothers improved their technical chops with every release.

Insinity, their 1997 release, is a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal record above average and may suscit particular interest from guitarists. It contains also their rare Portuguese song and hit Futebol, Mulher & Rock N'Roll ("Soccer, Women and Rock N'Roll") whose title speaks by itself. Lyrics and vocals were never their strong musical points, so they hired the services of Heavy Metal talented frontman Michael Vescera (LOUDNESS, MALMSTEEN) as a consulting producer. Vescera would eventually become their singer as well.

Brother opens the record as a meditative EXTREME would do -drawing guitar landscapes in your mind's eye with a slight country influence. Ardanuy is Brazil's STEVE VAI or JOE SATRIANI for sure. His pals don't spoil the party. (* * * *)

Second track Sometimes is a harsh Hard Rock/Heavy Metal ignited hybrid reminiscent of a DREAM THEATER from Brazil. Ardanuy unleashes one of his crystal-clear wonders. A little bit heavy but not much humble...The vocal work reminds me of GUNS N'ROSES circa 1991. (* * * *)

Revolution is a textured Hard Rock epic, much like a bottoms-up version of THE CULT. Ardanuy exceeds at melodic playing. Even vocals are up to the task! (* * * *)

Insomnia, counting on the support of JOE SATRIANI's drummer Jonathan Mover, rises slightly above a regular Hard Rock with noticeable percussion number. (* * * 1/2)

Echoes of Insanity presents their Heavy Metal variation, a Mammoth stomp vaguely reminiscent of the Blues with shrieking Ardanuy overcompensating for his more humble pals. (* * * 1/2)

Innocent Crime is a pungent Hard Rock/Heavy Metal ballad of technique and precision. The kind of number DR.SIN unveils in their sleep. (* * * *)

Then the record takes a noticeable downslide. Flying to Die is a heavily percussive item, unlike many of DR.SIN songs the guitar takes second place here. Ivan Busic is a humongous player that you can rely on. (* * * 1/2)

Wake Me Up suffers from the same plague that affects uncountable guitarists - excess of instrumental zeal and lack of restraint. It reminds me of the worst moments of MR.BIG. (* * 1/2)

No Rules resembles STEVE VAI's Hard Rock record Sex & Religion before it turns into a straightforward MOTHLEY CRUE impersonation. Professional, but severely dated. Nasal voice don't cope well with such a setting. That's why Michael Vescera delivers the goods as sidekick! (* * * 1/2)

Living and Learning is an embarrassing attempt on a power ballad. Vocals too tongue-in-cheek and guitar tricks too over-the-top to save faces here. Guitar egos land so high sometimes! (* * 1/2)

Faces is a more abstract guitar canvas number which presents DR.SIN as a power trio arguably much more interesting jamming that cutting 3-minute-singles. (* * * 1/2)

Lost and Confused is an attempt on Progressive Hard Rock but lyrics undermine their competent chemistry. This band engenders more sparks when seeking for humbler goals. (* * * 1/2)

Zero is Pop-Hard-Rock ballad, very melodic. It sounds a bizarre fusion of HELLOWEEN (Andi Deris-wise), MOTHER LOVE BONE (!) and BON JOVI. Not what we would expect from a Brazilian band. Intriguing, competent. But it sounds generic! (* * *)

S.O.B. once for all finds the ballance of prowess and restraint. It is a generic Hard Rock item but it contains no fat. DR.SIN need such a minimalist treatment sometimes. Unless you want them to be a Jam band like GRATEFUL DEAD. (* * * 1/2)

The coda Futebol, Mulher & Rock N'Roll is kind of a Brazilian Hard Rock anthem ("Soccer, Women, Rock N'Roll/God it's so good!"). Featuring folkloric Soccer narrator Silvio Luis as well as inane lyrics sung in Portuguese to a nasty groove reminiscent of PANTERA, it was DR.SIN's greatest Brazilian hit apart from their early classic Emotional Catastrophe. It closes the record in a high, populist note. (* * * *)

DR.SIN would follow Insinity with a host of live recordings, a studio album with Vescera and an album of Rock N'Roll covers. Currently past the first decade of existence, they have just released their 8th record overall. See ya.

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