Awesome Not So Little Grill from Weber

Sep 22, 2007
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Pros:Heat control. Cast iron grate, Small(big) size

Cons:Hard to find locally.

The Bottom Line: Its a Weber. Questions?

I bought this grill to replace my POS econo Kenmore bohemath...which was a replacement for my econo Char-Broil. We have kids occasionally which means cooking for four, but I'm usually just cooking for two. Don't let the looks of this grill deceive you. Its plenty big for us plus a handful of guests. Add to that the fact that it gets HOT when you want it to and the fact that the cast iron grate gets hot also, and this puppy can grill! That grate BTW is just awesome, with direct heat the grate is really whats doing the cooking with fantastic results. With indirect heat, you get just that. Burner/ heat control is fantastic.
This is very high quality, not so little grill, that will blow away "big, put together, not designed" grills from Lowes and Home Depot for the same amount of money. Weber designs their grills using science and it shows. No it doesn't have a side burner. I used my old one once.

I also have a Weber Performer (charcoal with gas ignition) that I generally cook steaks on. And a Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker. A 20 year old Weber Kettle, and a 20 year old Weber Smokey Joe. Weber products perform and last! Its to bad that it took me two "econo" grills and so many years to figure this out.

Anyhow, the Weber Q300 rocks. Not sure why there are so few reviews here. There is a bunch on Amazon.

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