Fix for 16 oz lp to work!, & add a thermometer!

Sep 22, 2007
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After receiving my Q120 I had the lp bottle problem fixed in about 3 mins. Just unscrew the top ring bracket screw and release it from the grill. (you can put the screw back into the hole for safe keeping) The lp bracket (chrome ring thing) will now flex open enough to screw a regular camp lp bottle in. It holds it perfectly in place and who really notices the unattached end.
Next thing that is a must add is a thermometer. I have had two go anywhere weber grills and added one to each and both of my home grills of course have them. I couldn't cook without them. Just go to a Home Depot/Lowes etc. and by a grill thermometer. It will have a nut and a really short probe on it. Simply drill a hole just big enough for the threads to go in and screw the nut on. It will take you longer getting the drill than doing the entire job. You won't ever grill without one again.

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