Chamillionaire - Mixtape Messiah (3CD) The Most Anticipated And Bought Mixtape In Texas --- Period

Aug 7, 2004

The Bottom Line 67 Tracks, Mike Jones's career ender, new CCC and Cham/Paul Wall tracks, longest and most bought Texas mixtape in history, so you HAVE to purchase this!


To understand a fair amount of what I reference and am talking about when I go on about Chamillionaire, the Color Changin Click, and this mixtape, I would very highly recommend reading my general review of Cham at the below address:

That being said, there is so much to cover with this mixtape that I must start fairly concisely. There are three CDs included, yes, you read that right, a three CD mixtape, that you can pick up at most stores in Texas all the way to Louisiana for under $20. At the bottom of the review I will list the beats used on all the tracks in case you are curious. As another warning, if you've read any of my CD reviews before, you know how thorough they get, so just be forewarned that this is a three CD review... ;)

The first CD is regular speed, twenty three tracks, all of which are using "borrowed" beats and samples and includes four interludes (note: with one exception, they are true interludes, not skits, so do not prepare to be annoyed, prepare to be further entertained) that you cannot afford to miss. The second CD is screwed and chopped by OG Ron C, only third in fame and legend to the late pioneer DJ Screw and the ever-present DJ Michael "5000" Watts of the Swishahouse, who presents to you a very unique method of chopping the song up, not fully switching the slider to the other album to chop it dry but taking it to about half-way, so you hear both the records playing during the chop, a fresh take that most screwed and chopped listeners will find more of a like than dislike. The third CD is composed of Color Changin Click songs, some on borrowed beats, some on original beats; the Color Changin Click is made up of Chamillionaire, his brother Rasaq (Ghetto Status, Paid-In-Full Records), 50/50 Lil Twin (Grown Man Style, Paid-In-Full Records), and Yung Ro (Nobody, Paid-In-Full Records). There is also a bonus track on the first and third CDs that I will get into later.

Preface to the CD1 review
It would serve the mixtape well to give a slight background to the reason the first CD is presented as it is. There has been a lot of plex behind the scenes between Mike Jones and Chamillionaire... Why, you might ask, would that happen? Because Mike Jones blew up quick on the Houston scene spittin his name and number like there was no tomorrow, and left Koopa behind? Because Mike is getting $5,000 for a show when Cham and Paul were only gettin $3,500 when they were together? Not exactly. Jones has been talkin down on just about everybody in Houston, it turns out, from his old partner Magnificent (Mike Jones & Magno - First Round Draft Picks") to Chamillionaire to his new partner Paul Wall. Talking down on their grind, saying he blew up quicker and the streets are feelin him, sayin that he is "runnin the game," and disrespecting Chamillionaire by putting video footage of Cham that had been cut to make it appear that he was co-signing that Mike was "runnin the game" and "king of the streets." There's a lot of drama over the fact that for a few years Mike has been disrespecting people that he is personable and cool with to his face, only to turn around and say slanderous things about them to anyone around willing to listen -- what he was failing to realize was that the people he had recently befriended in the game had been friends with rappers like Chamillionaire, OG Ron C, DSR, Freestyle Kingz, all those sorts of cats... In any event, the first CD is proof that all Mike Jones's antics and gimmicks have finally come back to haunt him, and if you despise Jones, don't worry, because the end of his career is upon us.

If you have not heard about this mixtape (due to not living near Houston, keeping up with the Houston rap scene or message boards), the big hooplah about this disc is that almost the entire disc is dedicated to dissing Mike Jones. Now, for some of you, this is a dream come true, and for others, you'll find it a waste of studio time and the listener's time. I tend to land somewhere in between, because from what I've come to experience with Mike Jones, his flows are vastly superior to his written verse, and I can still enjoy listening to a freestyle on the Swisha House mixtape releases. However, given the information divulged by Chamillionaire in the last month or two about how Jones rolls, you can definitely feel all he's saying in the tracks. Also note, if you haven't heard any Mike Jones before, that his trademark is hollering out "Who? Mike Jones" a multitude of times in any track, as well as giving out his cell phone number ("281-330-8004, that's my cell phone numba, hit me up on tha low!"), which gets referenced a lot in the Chamillionaire diss tracks.

CD 1 Tracklist - Rating
1. Im Da King - 4.5/5
2. Shut Up (Interlude) - Rated 3 LOL's
3. You Got Wrecked - 5/5
4. New Name (Interlude) - Rated 4.5 LOL's
5. Who They Want - 4.5/5
6. I Mean That There - 4/5
7. Run You Out The Game - 4.5/5
8. Not Friendly - 3.5/5
9. Roll Call - 5/5
10. Talk Show (Interlude) - Rated 5 LOL's
11. Gun Smoke - 4/5
12. Drag 'Em In The River (ft. Rasaq) - 5/5
13. What Would You Do - 4/5
14. Switch Styles - 4.5/5
15. Body Rock - 5/5
16. Step In To My Room - 5/5
17. Answer Machine (Interlude)
18. Im Busy - Collectively rated 4.5/5
19. Put It In Slow Motion - 4/5
20. Screw Jams - 5/5
21. The Truth (spoken word) - 5/5
22. I Had A Dream - 5/5
23. The Truth - 4.5/5

Standout tracks
1. Im Da King boldly asserts that "The King is here, n*gga!" wasting no time to clarify exactly who has been running the scene in Houston. Pushing subtle concepts to the side and directly attacking Mike Jones, he starts digging the grave with a fast paced, aggresive rap about reclaiming the crown and putting a certain rapper in his place. The track initially talks about being on top of Jones, then moves on to speak out on his two former labels, Paid-In-Full Records and Swishahouse/Swishablast Records. After the song is over, it keeps the instrumental going with phone messages played over, most of which are guys telling Chamillionaire he fell off, that since he hasn't put anything out in a while, Rasaq moved into their spot of favorite rapper, et al, ironically placed into the hottest CD he's ever put out to make a fool of them.
Choice rhymes:
"I can't hand a n*gga the rap game now, cause I'm usin it/
Ain't an underground rappa goan' have it till I'm through with it"
"I'm gonna embarrass ya so bad that ya label won't say they know ya/
You's a good a$$ promoter but the fat lady says it's over"
"Do you feel any remorse? Of course!
That's why I'ma show up at his funeral and pop trunk on his corpse!"
"I could fit ya whole crib inside my truck and I still have legroom/
Then I could park that truck inside my master bedroom"
"Danny DeVito duckin down, couldn't even fit through ya doors"

The 2. Shut Up interlude has a record scratched into the chorus from "Day 2 Day Grinding" from the Mike Jones/Magno CD I mentioned above, except instead of Chamillionaire singing the hook, it has the other cut for the hook that Mike Jones sang. He sounds like Barney with a cold and you can't help but laugh when they scratch the record to a halt and someone says "B*tch shut the f*ck up," because it was seriously one of the goofiest hooks I've ever heard. This leads into the 3. You Got Wrecked track on a pretty infamous West Side Connection track ("Bow Down"), which uses a sample of Mike Jones from the Final Chapter 2k4 Michael Watts / Swishahouse CD on the "My Life flow (feat. Magno)." Besides a hilarious new hook, the verses very well match up to the WSC beat and baffle with all the intricate ways he takes Jones down.

The new hook features the Mike Jones hook:
"I step in the club and I'm throwin up my set/
Cup purple Barre, my car candy red/
I got special effects, surroundin my neck"

and is immediately followed by Cham:
"No you don't, n*gga, Dyke Jones just got wrecked/
When I step in the club, you breakin your neck/
You know why I'm here, to take my respect/
You can't get next, I came to plex/
So call up Dyke Jones and tell him he just got wrecked"

Other choice rhymes:

"He the King of Who? King of What? Sesame Street/
Lay you out over some beef like some sesame seeds"
"I know that Dyke Mike goan wanna turn this plex into peace/
But I can't (Why?) Cause I threw away my weapon receipt"
"I don't know Dre, but ay, I wouldn't introduce ya/
I drop a beat down on yo a$$, like a producer"
"A buncha n*ggas hit me sayin what they wanna do to you/
Don't worry, I won't let 'em shoot at you until I'm through with you"
"I gave you plenty of chances, but now it's ova, you ruined it/
Swishahouse before you, and KOOPA was your influence, kid"
"He hated on Magno, said people never noticed him/
He talked down on his boy to me, while doin shows with him/
Said the streets ain't feelin him, how could you even know it when
You got your whack a$$ style from Nickelodeon/
Who? Dyke Jones! Who? Dyke Jones!
Wrote his name and his numba on a Swishahouse thong"

The 4. New Name interlude takes the slave naming scene from Roots and replaces the old name with "Mike Jones" and the new name with "Dyke Jones"... pretty funny to hear out, I must admit.

I'm sure all of you have heard the "Game Over" tune by Lil' Flip right now, but you might be surprised to hear that someone wrecked the beat besides Flip, Bun B, and Young Buck. Cham did just that, turning the chorus into "Who they want? ME! ME! ME! (King Koopaaa...that's what I give 'em) Who they hate? Dyke! Dyke! Dyke! (Real n*ggaz don't jam Dyke Jonesssss)" Now, I admit that it's fairly simple and plain for a hook, but the verses are what make the song, with exquisite wordplay and multis all over the place. I'm going to have to listen to the song at least twice to get the good lines out of it, because they're just too plentiful...too many to choose from!
Choice rhymes:
"I end the beat like a pizza man/
You want beef I'll unpack it for ya/
Dyke Jonessss, is a whack rapper/
But he isn't a bad promoter/
You don't want problems my n*gga/
My stats is way past the quota/
Cause I'm gettin what [Lil] Flippa says in the initial that's after Clover.../
G's, n*gga please, them commercials ain't even right/
Texas n*ggas be pourin purple, we done remixed that sprite"
"This ain't no Lil Flip beverage, he won't have a lucky night/
He'll be lucky if he have a life, sayin Cham ain't goan get a deal/
Aint a rhymer, yous a vagina, it's time for some vagisil"
"He said I fell off and Koopa could never get hot/
Can't pull my d*ck out cause he got my d*ck in a liplock/
Man, I'm juss sayin though, get off my genitalia/
Get off my nuts, I'm better than ya/
No you ain't no competitor/
More money and more record sales, et cetera, et cetera/
So I'ma delete you and put Magno back there instead of ya!"

7. Run You Out The Game features Koopa rapping in syncopation to the beat in a very cool, staccato attack to the beat, using some of the most versatile rhymes and lyrics that I've ever heard, period. I'll let the words speak for themselves here.
Choice rhymes:
"Real n*ggas be ridin chrome/
We don't listen to the Jones/
We give a damn whether you like him, or whether he pickin up his phone/
Smokin cigars on album covers, that n*gga thinkin he Capone/
Who the hell is, gassin him up? They got him sippin on Patron/
(That was wrong) I mean petroleum, roll with em wouldn't try/
You'd step over to the side and let him die if you was wise"
"Dyke Jones just died, Chamillion what is your reply?
Musta did like my door panels and COMMITTED SUICIDE!"
"Messed up cause his name used to be an anthem/
Now I only think of p*ssy when I hear it like a tampon"
"Funny lookin rap clown, they goan look at all ya raps now/
And say "Dyke Jonesss" How hilarious does that sound?"

There is one thing I was incredibly impressed with, and that was Cham's performance on 9. Roll call, in which he impersonates some of the most prevalent Houston rappers: Slim Thug (recently signed to Star Trak with the Neptunes -- formerly of Boss Hogg Outlawz), ESG (Boss Hogg Outlawz), Big Moe (of "Purple Stuff" fame), Yung Ro (Color Changin Click), Z-Ro (Guerilla Mabb, original Screwed Up Click member), and very briefly, Yungstar. It is absolutely uncanny how well he impersonated their voices and styles, to the point that you could easily confuse them for the actual artists.

Rasaq graces the first CD on 12. Drag 'Em In The River, joining his brother in the plex against Mike Jones with a little more violent, primitive battle beef. There isn't much quotable to it but the song just jams and gets you in the mood to get strapped and hunt down Jones yourself. Rasaq has a chant-like feel to the hook and measure-by-measure ascention and descention in pitch gives an eerie feel to the verses. They poke at Jones -- not poking fun but more like poking a gun -- with the often used sample "I'm the trillest of the trill, you the fakest of the fake" in reference to him being a gimmick rapper.

If you can't stand Fat Joe (I'm in that least, ever since Big Pun passed away I haven't been able to like any Terror Squad), you will really like 15. Body Rock for the sole reason that Koopa absolutely destroys the "Lean Back" beat. The hook is infinitely better, and the verses astound you with even more lyrical prowess. This was one of the tracks he recorded in Atlanta with the same producers as Outkast, something that you can understand pushed his game to another level.
The hook is as follows:
"Southern n*ggas don't dance, we be saggin our pants/
So low you can see our boxers, mayne/
We body rock, we body rock, we body rock, we body rock"

Choice rhymes:
"How you up on the East and West and you ain't heard about me/
That's like claimin you a boxer and ain't heard of Ali/
Breakin off p*ssy n*ggas sayin words about me/
Definition of a real n*gga is a certified me/
I'm passin through customs with American ID/
Puerto Rican at the gate tellin' me 'hurry papi!'"
"If you hatin, tough, n*gga turn that dude to a stutterer/
Govern like I'm a governer, from the south I'm a southerner/"
"I'm Chamillionaire one of the south's hardest lyricists/
All you p*ssies hearin is 'Salute the Color Changin Pyramid'/
Other boys in trouble, other boys is gimmicks kid/
If you speak up for 'em, then your career disappear with his"

Cham proceeds to upstage T.I. and Jazzy Pha on the "Let's Get Away" track, on the CD as 16. Step In To My Room, making you wonder why exactly he isn't nationwide on a major label yet -- oh yeah, labels won't give him a deal that he's worthy of with the exact options he wants. If you ask me, it's a better decision to hold out until he can start up Chamilitary Entertainment like he's been toying with, as opposed to signing his records away for pennies on the thousands of dollars he'd get back with Def Jam South or Roc-A-Fella. 18. Im Busy is probably 30,000 people's voicemail right now -- every person that bought this mixtape, that is -- because it's one of the throedest (pardon the southern expression haha) hooks you'll ever hear, and it's an answering machine message!

Once again Koopa shows up some of the biggest artists currently taking the scene by storm, releasing 20. Screw Jams that had been in underground circulation without a mixtape release. I have to admit that I had a copy of this song before it was put out, but it was a very shoddy copy, and I'm so glad to have a legitimate copy... The hook alone makes this song worth having, but the verse is in a Twista-like speed that hypnotizes you with the accuracy and clarity of his verse. You can't help but once again question how this guy is still underground, except for the fact that he wants to remain that way right now.
The hook is as follows:
"She told that DJ, 'Pardon me, I need some Swishahouse, /
Color Changin Click, and Boss Hogg and Wrecking Yard in my life' /
Well, well, 'A Slow Loud And Bangin CD, some Screwed Up Clickin' /
'A little Suckafree, cause that's what I need in my life!'"

The lyrics are a little too vulgar for me to even bother posting, because every other word would have to be censored, but just know that it's a really jamming song, and that's on the real.

22. I Had A Dream is a humble homage to the late DJ Screw, something that I very much respect, considering Chamillionaire is from the north side of Houston that has notoriously disowned Screw for being south side. There has always been a competition and to some degree an animosity that exists between the two, but for once, that is laid to rest, as Cham eloquently and clearly sings:
"Last night, I had a dream, the North and South had no more plex/
And Houston was the place to be, standing taller than the rest/
A dream in memory of DJ Screw, gotta show respect/
So put ya lighters in the sky with me, R.I.P. that is all I said"
The song is laden with shoutouts, RIPs, and blessings from as many of the Screwed Up Click members as could be reached to leave a very kind word to one of the kindest and most impactful DJs to ever grace the city and state. No matter what part of the city you represent, you should be able to push that aside and respectfully listen to the song and imagine Screw looking down with a smile that the plex actually could be squashed.

If you stick along to the end of the last track, and wait about a minute, Cham starts talking, explaining why he left Paid-In-Full Records the way he did, how his relationship is with Paul Wall -- or lack of relationship thereof in this case, how things came to be how they are where Cham had to lay down all the diss tracks instead of settling it in person with Mike Jones, basically all the information you would ever want to know about the situation. It's a very surprising thing to me, because Koopa has previously been a very reserved, withdrawn sort of person, keeping a distinct line between his personal matters and fans that had yet to be broken until this message.

Overall CD 1 Rating - 4.5 of 5

Screwed and Chopped by OG Ron C, this CD features mostly songs from CD 1 but also some of the tracks from CD 3, and includes a "OG Ron C Guttamix" with a bunch of fresh tracks mixed into the fray. There isn't much to explain about this CD, especially because I touched upon the way Ron C chops things up, not with a complete switch of the slider from one record to the other, but leaving the resonance of the first vinyl heard while switching to "chop" with the other. Very interesting to listen to if you're only used to DJ Michael "5000" Watts chop-chopping it up and bringing phrases back three times. OG Ron C doesn't bring back phrases hardly as much as Watts, something that I particularly find more enjoyable, but that's just me. Particular notes will be placed beside a track, as for there is not much to explain about screwed/chopped tracks compared to the regular one for the most part.

CD 2 Tracklist - Rating
1. Im Da King - 4.5/5
2. Roll Call - 5/5 -- Z-Ro and Slim Thug's impersonations sound even more realistic screwed
3. Im A Balla - 4/5
4. Who They Want (ft. Rasaq) - 5/5
5. On Yo Azz - 4/5
6. What Would You Do - 4/5
7. Pimp Drill (ft. Color Changin Click) - 5/5
8. I Mean That There - 4/5
9. Run You Out The Game - 4/5
10. Switch Styles - 5/5
11. I Had A Dream - 5/5
12. OG Ron C Guttamix - 5/5 -- Very impressive showcasing of skills
13. Body Rock - 5/5 -- even more jammin screwed up
14. We On Fire (ft. CCC) - 4.5/5
15. You Got Wrecked - 5/5
16. Not Friendly - 3/5
17. Gun Smoke - 3/5
18. Answer Machine (ft. OG Ron C) - 5/5 (OG Ron C clarifies that Ron C does NOT beef with Michael Watts)

Overall CD 2 Rating - 4/5

CD 3
This CD is almost entirely Color Changing Click, with the exception of three songs ("Platinum Stars," "Still Tippin," and the hidden track with Paul Wall, "The Weatherman"), and showcases in particular the improved skills of his brother Rasaq. I must admit that in the past I was not feeling Rasaq's attack, nor his lyrics, but he has stepped his game up more than I would have imagined possible for him. At this point you can see the relation to his brother in his lyrical maturity and his presentation in the beats has also improved dramatically. Yung Ro is the new cat on the CCC scene, and "Nobody" as he is known has a pronounced and staccato feel to all of his words. 50/50 Lil Twin is the other member of CCC, although he is probably the least featured on the third CD, mostly because he's off doing other things for himself, promoting a solo album (Grown Man Style) and vising his brother who should be off lock soon.

CD 3 Tracklist - Rating
1. Front to Back (ft. Rasaq, Yung Ro) - 3.5/5
2. Who I Be (Rasaq) - 4/5
3. Gun Smoke (ft. Yung Ro) - 4.5/5
4. We Gonna Ride - 3.5/5
5. I Be Comin Down - 3.5/5
6. Call Some Hoes (ft. Kanye West, Stat Quo) - 5/5
7. I Got Hoes (Rasaq) - 4.5/5
8. On Yo Azz - 5/5
9. Texas Boys (Rasaq) - 4/5
10. Hey Lady (ft. Big Gem) - 5/5
11. Pimp Drill (CCC) - 5/5
12. Panky Rang (Interlude) - 5/5
13. Hurtin Em Bad - 5/5
14. We On Fire (CCC) - 5/5
15. Im A Balla (ft. Far East, Play and Skills) - 4.5/5
16. I Tip Down (ft. Rasaq) - 4.5/5
17. Who They Want (ft. Rasaq) - 5/5
18. Platinum Stars (ft. Lil Flip, Bun B) - 5/5
19. Tippin Slow - 4/5
20. Still Tippin (Slim Thug, Chamillionaire) - 5/5
--Hidden track
-- The Weatherman (Paul Wall, Chamillionaire) - 4.5/5

Standout tracks:
Unfortunately, the third CD comes out a little softer than the previous two have set the precedent for, although not to worry, it does not last at all. Rasaq and Yung Ro give lackluster performances on 1. Front to Back, which I say because the beat was pretty tight, and they’ve both done a lot more with a lot worse of a beat. Luckily, the next song has Rasaq dominating a slow grinding beat with horns and bells on 2. Who I Be. This track is somewhat of a “growing up” track for Rasaq, as he is doing some mundane chatting about rims and wood grain gripping in the car, but eventually seems to get more comfortable and spits out some lines that’ll make you smirk.
Choice rhymes:
“Boys on the street say Rasaq is the answer/
Cause the candy Roadmaster look like a jolly rancher”
“If I was you I’d be hatin’ me too/
Cause I’m sittin sideways like a Playstation 2”
“They call my four door the Oprah show/
Look in the seats and there’s mostly hoes”

3. Gun Smoke is one of the hardest-hitting songs on the whole mixtape. Yung Ro puts out the best verse I’ve heard from him since he came up with the CCC, and it incorporates a very different style than you’re used to hearing, instead mixing a gangster Sean Paul with a Youngbloodz sound. It’s somewhat hard to place, but it’s like the street sound of Youngbloodz with the eccentricity and improvisation in a verse like Sean Paul giving a little scat feel to it. Two thirds of the song is Yung Ro, which I appreciated, because he was coming hard, and the last third is the recycled verse from CD 1 that Koopa had. It still fits the song, and if you listen to it independently to the first one, it makes the song sound a little tighter. With the first CD in mind, however, it detracts a little from the great job Yung Ro did on the track.
Choice rhymes:
“Ssshhhhh…..POOF! ‘Nobody’ around like a ghost, b*tch!/
When there’s gun smoke on a track, you know Yung Ro wrote this”
“That’s how I do ‘n execute ‘em/
Red beam wit a red dot, not even Neo can dodge what I’m shootin”

I’d bet you a sh*tload of money that you’re going to be hearing a lot of the next song I’m going to talk about, all over the radio, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was on MTV and BET. I believe that doing so would make Chamillionaire the first independent underground to be on a network video channel (not including Swishahouse’s “Still Tippin” that gets limited play on BET Uncut at 2-3 A.M. on some weekdays), considering Lil’ Flip was signed at the time “The Way We Ball” came out, so here’s fingers crossed that they get to shoot a video for 6. Call Some Hoes featuring the one and only Kanye West! Oh yeah, and that up and coming hotshot off Shady/Interscope named Stat Quo is on the track too – oh yeah, it’s Stat Quo’s track…you forget these sorts of things when Kanye is on a track, you just remember Kanye. Regardless, the song is obviously about callin up some girls these guys know and want to have a fun time with, forgetting girlfriends, fiancées, mothers, daughters, chickens, and second-cousins. Kanye spits first, then Stat Quo, then Chamillionaire – not because he’s already recognized as the most talented on the track (not yet anyway, that comes with more fame haha) – but because after the track was made Stat Quo called up Cham and asked him to drop a verse for the radio edit. Crazy, huh? So ya boy’s gonna be getting some mad air time. There isn’t much worth quoting except for the King Koopa verse, so I’ll leave you with that.
Choice VERSE:
“Go get a bigger scale, on a scale of one to six/
I’m an eleven, you’re in heaven when I punish it/
I got her naked but I knew I wasn’t gonna hit/
Cause she was lookin’ at it like ‘that isn’t gonna fit’/
I told her ‘I was only gonna use half of it/
You want a smaller size go ‘n rent a plastic d*ck’/
Why you acting like you a genital activist/
Matter of fact, you can get out, you can pack ya sh*t/
She was like ‘Ay, why you gotta act like this?’/
‘Cause you wasting my time and you can ask my wrist’/
Now you trying to talk to me about abstinence/
She was like ‘Wait a second, let me ask ya this:/
Chamillionaire, do you rap?’ ‘No’/
‘Ain’t you on a song with Kanye West and Stat Quo?/
OG Ron C said you was..’ ‘Oh, is that so?/
I don’t know what he told ya that for’/”

The rest of the tracks up until the last official song are pretty good, but nothing worth talking about. Besides, I think I’ve spent up enough of your time already on the CDs, and would like to waste your time no more. With that being said, I must devote a fair amount of attention to the last official song and the bonus song. 20. Still Tippin is a very controversial song, not for the lyrics Slim Thug and Chamillionaire use, but rather because of how this version has become the “remix” as opposed to the original song. The fact of the matter is that when Swishahouse first came up with the song, Slim Thug, Mike Jones, and Chamillionaire all laid down verses for the song. However, Mike Jones complained to DJ Michael Watts (who runs Swishahouse) and got Chamillionaire’s verse deleted from the album and radio edits, and had Paul Wall lay down a verse in his place. Now, that’s pretty messed up as it is, but having Chamillionaire’s old partner lay down a verse in his place just seems like adding insult to injury. The song was released and was an instant radio hit in Texas, and still gets a fair amount of play. However, it wasn’t until over a month and a half later that a version with the Chamillionaire verse was released, on a DJ Smallz mixtape. It got mild radio play, but since it was not the original, the following was not as strong and thus the resquests were slighted. What is really perplexing is that the Chamillionaire verse was vastly superior to the Paul Wall and Mike Jones verses, but was dropped. However, what goes around comes around, as this version of the song is only Slim Thug and Chamillionaire – no Mike Jones or Paul Wall in sight.

The hidden track is segued by Chamillionaire introducing it as a track he stole from Paid-In-Full records before they locked up all their recordings together. “Ha ha ha, you didn’t know I had this, did ya?” is spoken over a remix to their hit “N Luv Wit My Money” from the Get Ya Mind Correct CD that hits just as hard as the original song. It’s sad, mostly because it makes you wonder exactly how much stuff they have laid down on masters that have never seen the light of day or been touched by a production team. I got the chance to talk to Paul Wall about two years ago in San Antonio and got his word that at some point in the future, regardless of whether or not they go back on contract or greatly improve their relationship, there will be a Paul and Cham release. Best believe. I know I’m looking forward to it more than I was anticipating Get Ya Mind Correct. Hidden Track – The Weatherman is a characteristically humorous track from Paul and Cham, with a few oddities to it. There’s no distinguishable chorus, an odd beeping sound that keeps no pattern or beat and only seems to serve the purpose of annoying those who cannot get it out of their attention and direct their focus towards the song. However, if you can look past that, the song is an absolute gem. Paul and Cham leave the track stuffed from head to toe with their classic “I could catch boppas if…” and “More…than…” lines that they’ve sustained success with since coming up on Swishahouse mixtapes. It really does make you itch to hear more from the duo, and hope that they patch up the difference they’ve come to since their split.

Overall CD 3 Rating – 4.5/5

Overall Mixtape Rating – 5/5
All in all, you’re looking at 67 tracks, three hours and thirty six minutes of music, features by Kanye West, Stat Quo, the Color Changin Click, a Paul Wall track, the best diss CD since Slim Thug released The Boss as a diss towards Big Pic, and absolute wrecking on some of the hottest beats on the radio right now (“Lean Back,” “Game Over,” “Let’s Get Away,” “Slow Motion,” “Slow Jams” to name a few), three CDs on a mixtape folks…that’s just insane. We’re talking an OG Ron C screwed and chopped CD, a bonus CD with unreleased CCC material and a Paul/Cham track that should have made GYMC by all means…For under $20…are you kidding? Is there any reason at all not to cop this mixtape? The answer is a resounding “no,” because there are so many reasons to cop the CD that it is an atrocious crime to leave this on the shelf. I’m telling you Cham broke off Mike Jones worse than Slim Thug did on The Boss…if you know about Texas rap, you’ll know how serious that is…and if not, take my word for it. The mixtape moved 15,000 units in pre-order alone (yes, I was one of the pre-orders), and has already moved well over 45,000 copies in its month or so of being released. It is one of the fastest selling Texas mixtapes and by far one of the best mixtapes to be released period, let alone by a single artist as opposed to a DJ mixtape. Please go cop this like your life depended on it, you’ll seriously thank me later.

You can purchase the CD through, so please support him, as he is still underground and counts exclusively on CD sales, royalties, and merchandise sales of his present and past records. Spread the word and let your friends hear the CD, but do not bootleg! Do that to 50 Cent, not Chamillionaire!

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