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Sep 23, 2007
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Pros:It's a good inexpensive jogging stroller.

Cons:This thing is way too big and bulky and heavy!

The Bottom Line: I don't think this is the stroller for me, although it's a great stroller if you have the space, and have a park nearby to walk to.

Really, I guess this is a good stroller. The problem with this jogging stroller is that it doesn't fold up that easily. And it's heavy. It's got a nice sun shade, with a little window to peak at your little one.
It's a good inexpensive stroller when you pay the retail price, so it's worth it if you live walking distance from a park, or have a big car where you can load this thing in. But don't buy it if you have a regular/small car, and plan to take your little one to a park that isn't walking distance. It's too big and bulky.
On the other hand, this jogger was very easy to set up. It has storage for my cell phone and 2 drinks as well as several pockets to keep other items. My other problem with this jogger though, is the front wheel does not swivel and it can be difficult to maneuver around corners.
There is a basket under the stroller, but it is very hard to reach. I usually put my keys, MP3 player and some portable speakers under there so we can enjoy music while we walk.

There is a handbrake on the handle, although I've never used it. There is also a strap that you can put around your wrist in order to keep the stroller from getting away from you if you fall. It's not very long though, so occasionally you jerk your arm when you try to slightly move off center of the stroller handles. The handles are made of plastic, so if/when your hands get moist, it begins to get more difficult to hold the grips. Terry cloth bands would come in handy to eliminate this problem.
The stroller has bike tires, so it can absorb some shock from rough terrain without jarring your baby.
The canopy is a really nice feature, as I said before, since you can adjust it to many positions in order to block sun or wind from your baby's face. It is not see-through though, so if the wind or sun is straight in your baby's face, adjusting the canopy will block the view for baby.
There is a flap on top for the parent to view the baby when the canopy is up, but since it is clear vinyl, I find it hard to see through and I never use it.
The parent tray could use a little work. It does have space for two drinks/bottles/cups (one on each side), but it does not have a lot of depth so I am not sure it would hold well if someone were running while using this stroller.

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