I Got My Moms Car Stuck In The Mud...Remember What You Did At 17 W/O

Aug 8, 2004

The Bottom Line I got my moms car stuck in the mud.

I was a senior in high school when I turned 17. I even started college when I was still 17. Approaching 24 now, I though it would be fun to remember those days that seem ages ago now. Thanks to artemisadorned I am able to Remember What I Did At 17.

1. Who were your best friends, or were you a friendless geek? What was the most interesting fun that you had together?

Samantha and Brandi were my best friends. Yes, Brandi and I share the same name and we lived next door to each other, and her middle name is Jo and mine Jean. Weird, huh?

The MOST interesting fun I can recall was this one night a week before I was to leave for college. We had a little party at this park after hours. Then afterwards I decided I was going to this "make-out" spot with this guy I was sort-of dating. Well, it had rained hard the day before and the ground was soaked and muddy, but I did not realize it until I was too deep into it. So my mothers' car was stuck in mud in a deserted area. We had no phone (cell phones were not that common yet) and walking to a phone would have taken hours. And when all this happened I was already breaking my curfew by half an hour. A while later a woman drove past and offered to bring her husband and his buddies back with their truck and a chain. After an hour or so, they were able to get it out of the field onto the road. I made up a lame story to tell my mother about how the car was covered in mud and promised to clean it the next day. She was a little mad, but if only she had known what really happened...

2. What was your favorite food? Have you out grown your fondness for it? Was this food involved in a food fight?

My favorite food at that time was anything Italian. I loved pastas, spaghetti, all that stuff. And of course pizza. Since then my boyfriend has introduced me to seafood, which is my favorite now. My mother does not eat anything from the ocean, so she never cooked it. When Shawn first had me try crab legs, I was grossed out by it. Now I love them. No good food fight stories though. Not since junior high anyway.

3. Did you have a pet- real or imaginary? Were you the teacher's pet. Maybe you were the animal- fess up!

We had a dog. I do not like dogs. They are stinky and they shed everywhere and I hate listening to a barking dog. Did I mention I do not like dogs? And, yes, I was a teachers' pet in many of my classes, but not all. Mostly math because I am good at it and all my math teachers had me helping everyone else.

4. What was your most memorable, life changing moment- in school or out. Did it involve any psychedelics?

I would have to say on this on that it would be graduation day. My mother had a talk with me that morning which had extreme effects on me. See, my mother was the type that never really said "Good Job, Brandi" when I would bring home a report card with 4 A's and 2 B's. It was always like "Well, the B's could be A's" and that was it. There was no encouragement from her and I always had thought that she felt I never did good enough.

We are very different people, my mother and I, and she never seemed to understand that I am me and not her. I liked to stay up late and sleep in, she has never stayed up past midnight except when she was in labor with me. Even New Year's Eve she would have to nap and wake back up. I am a procrastinator - I work best under pressure - and she is a get it done right away type. I like to drink on occasion, she got drunk once as a child and has not drank anything alcoholic since. I wanted to go away to school and explore "life out there", wherever "there" may have been. She begged me to stay home, though I refused.

Anyway, the morning of my graduation, we had a heart-to-heart talk, which was probably the first and only we ever had. During that talk, she told me that although she may disagree with my choices in life, she would always support me. I was not so sure she would even want me back home at that time because she had even threatened me about going away to school because I was only 17 and she could stop me. I thought for a long time that she would. During this talk she also told me that whatever makes me happy will make her happy. She was expecting me to graduate and marry, which was far from my mind. Basically the things she said that day changed my attitude toward her and toward life. She said she was always proud of my grades and my accomplishments and I cried and told her I had waited 17 years to hear that.

5. Were you still a virgin at 17? Are you still?

Umm, I plead the fifth on the grounds that it may incriminate me. Did I tell you my story about getting my moms car stuck in the mud?

6. What was the most wicked thing you did? Did anyone find out? Were you grounded or just thrown in jail?

Ummm, did I mention getting my moms car stuck in the mud? I could have went to jail that night, but luckily did not, nor have ever, had the privilege of spending the night in jail. Came close a couple of times though. I managed to not get grounded after that one somehow. I think it was because I was leaving for school soon.

7. How many guys or girls did you date when you were 17? Do you still keep in touch with them? Is your current mate jealous?

Just one during the high school part of 17. That would be the one that I was with when I got the car stuck. There was a few short flings in the college part of 17, but I cannot even think of their names now. I ran into the one, the car stuck in mud one, a few months ago when I was with my boyfriend. That was a little weird. Shawn was not too happy.

8. What was your favorite subject in school? Or are you a high school drop out? Did you get to skip a grade because you are a genius?

That would be math. I am a bit of a math whiz and I was also good at chemistry and english. The chemistry was because it involved a lot of math and the english because I like to write. Biology and history I was not so good in. Never got to skip a grade though. However, I did take college level math courses in high school. My mother always wanted me to be a math teacher but I find math too boring to do for a living. I want some excitement in life beyond the old 3x 7y = 79.

9. What was the make and the condition of the car you drove. Were you guilty of any traffic violations or worse? Were you randy?

I drove my mothers' Ford Escort. I could not tell you the year, though it was pretty dated. Did I mention getting it stuck in the mud?

10. Did you know what you wanted to do with your life? Did you aspire to be a beauty queen, fireman or a Dentist? Or just be plain old brilliant and discover..

I actually wanted to be a profiler. I started college out as a double major in law enforcement and psychology. Then after a year I dropped the law enforcement. Then after a short break from college I continued with psychology. Then after a longer break I changed my major to actuarial science, which is largely math. But, as I said, math is boring, so now I am majoring in business. In a few months I will let you know what my major is then :)

11. Where did you live? The city, rural America, suburbia, out of this country... or in your own private, little world?

The high school part of 17 I lived with my parents in the metro St. Louis area on the Illinois side of the river. The college part of 17 found me in Macomb, Illinois. It was a small, small town besides the big university in the middle of it. I did not like it there - I am used to having a major city close by.

12. Sisters and brothers are, were, still are.....
How many? Were you an only child? Do you wish you were an only child? Did you see to it that you were?

I have two sisters and a brother, though the brother and one of the sisters are products of my father and step mother and live with them. I have not seen them in years. My father and I do not speak, though in a few more years as the children get older I do intend on trying to have a relationship with them. The sister that I lived with is ten years younger than me and that was hard for everyone. My mother said she always thought having kids so far apart would reduce the fighting between them - ha! She learned early on how wrong she was. And, of course, it was always my fault because I am older and know better. Whatever mom!

13. Did you get into the college of your choice? Were you college bound? Did you end up with a great job flipping burgers? Are you famous now because of the choice you made then?

I was very college bound at 17. I applied to 6 schools and got into all of them. I had a few scholarships, though none at Western Illinois University because it was my last choice - the fall back school. But, of course, as life works, that is where I ended up going. I cannot even remember what made me decide on that one. I only stayed away a year though. I had an evil compulsive masturbating roommate and decided college life was not for me.

14. What was your favorite music, group, singer at 17? Do you listen to them today? Did your parents ever break your records? Did you play an instrument or in a group?

I don't even know where to start. My absolute favorite was Sublime and I still listen to them today. Mom used to take away my stereo and CDs, but she never broke them. Never played an instrument - heck, I cannot even whistle.

15. Tell us about your prom... Theme, date, outfit. What dance was popular then. What was your "after the prom" fun. I dare you to post a picture of yourself, your date.

I vowed early in my high school years to never go to the prom. And I never did.

16. Did you belong to any after school clubs or sports? Were you ever in the newspaper because of these activities?

I have never been a sporty type. I was always the brainy type. I would rather sit at home with a good book then to be playing sports. Maybe that's why my butt is getting so much bigger...

17. The biggie and final question... Would you ever do it all over again if you could. Remember the drama and the hormones and the angst before you answer.

Of course. Life is one big chain of events. Change one thing and you change everything afterward. I would not change my life now for anything. I found my love, Shawn, and probably would not have if the things that happened when I was 17 had never happened.

There are no rules. No prize. No party. There are no winners or losers.

No prize? No party? No winners? Now, I like the no rules part, as I have never been one for rules, but no party? C'mon now, how can we reminisce on those good ole days of 17 if we cannot party like we are 17 again!

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