Wyoming Wear Cirque Fleece Socks

Wyoming Wear Cirque Fleece Socks

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Wyoming Wear Cirque Fleece Socks -- Perfect for Winter Expeditions

Sep 25, 2007 (Updated May 4, 2008)
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Pros:Great for winter.

Cons:Not good for the warmer times of the year.

The Bottom Line: Pick up a pair and enjoy the softness, excellent padding, and warmth for winter sports or expeditions.


Are you serious about hiking? I use to be so serious about hiking I would hike at a pace of two to three miles per hour.

I am about to be training to lower my my heartbeat (or pulse) and increase my resting metabolism so I can lose some more weight. And needed some Polartec socks so that I can start running again for me my feet hurt when I have too much weight bearing down especially now with having neuropathy. Being that I have neuropathy it is important that I do not aggravate the nerves with excessive force.

Why I Bought

I bought these at the price of $6.99 since they were on sale and wanted another pair of Polartec socks for when it gets to be Winter time again.

About Fabric Content

The fabric is 300 weight Polartec for the padded bottom and 100 weight Polartec for the top for better fit and less bulk.


These Wyoming Wear Cirque Fleece Socks will last you for years to come as long as you keep yours shoes properly tied and toenails reasonable length; meaning that you feet are not loose in the boots rubbing against the heel portion and your toenails are at normal length so they do not essentially cut through the sock itself. Another thing that is important is proper washing and drying to extend life of the socks.

Proper Washing

My personal experience has shown that I knew better than to use bleach on any sock that is not 100% Cotton, but my mom has not yet come to the conclusion to appreciate this fine point that “Bleaching synthetics is not good for the fabric.” And I say no bleach because the socks that I had in the past that were anything less than 100% Cotton fell apart in many spots with holes and rips. Plus if you want them to last I would recommend using fabric softner to help prevent hydrolysis, which will shorten the life span of the sock. The fabric softner works by lubricating the man made fabrics so that they essentially will not dry rot. Basically the sock will last many more years by using fabric softner and how long the sock lasts also depends on proper drying.

Proper Drying

How to properly dry this sock is rather simple and does not take any extra time. All you got to do is place it in the dryer on low dry or tumble dry would be the best.

Other Care Directions

A fine point that is not well known is that you should not just forcefully pull on your socks because it causes permanent stretching which eventually will tear a hole in the socks or make them to where they are too loose to wear. Gently roll or bunch the socks pass on over toes to the heel then gently bring them up towards your calf. The point of this to simply prevent stretching and allow for them to be in service for years to come. I have done this practice with (my diabetic socks that I use for controlling swelling [an issue that is now rather infrequent]) and steel toe shoe socks since 1997 (ten years and believe it or not some of the socks I still have from that time frame) and really does extend the life of the socks in general but especially in the heel region.

At some point during the time which you have these socks if you notice a loose end clip it as close as you can carefully to the sock with scissors to prevent premature unraveling or bunching or pulling or breaking. (Do not just pull a loose strand by hand.)

Times to be used

These socks are perfect for hiking on them cold winter days or day around the house with sandals on if not walking on carpet. I find them to be perfect and priceless for gift giving during Christmas time. They are great for providing warmth during your cold outside expeditions and winter sports.

About Wyoming Wear Cirque Fleece Socks Sizes

They seem to run true to size so if you are not sure about whether or not they will fit I would recommend trying them out at bricks and mortar store before purchasing a big order of these from an internet shop.

Final Thoughts

I would be so happy to get these for a Christmas present so that I can do hiking during Christmas break from college and have some in rotation. Personally I think that anyone that hikes would appreciate getting these for Christmas, but they do not have to be a hiking enthusiasts since they are very comfortable socks.

They would be fine to wear around the house on carpet but if you are going to wear them else I would recommend wearing some shoes or sandals or something of the such.

I also think that when giving these sox shows that you care for the persons health of their feet and to help encourage them to keep on running.

Contact Info



Wyoming Wear
P.O. Box 3127
Jackson Hole, WY 83001

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