The Marriott Bed by Jamison

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The Marriott Bed by Jamison: Affordable Foam? No Sweat!

Sep 29, 2007 (Updated Oct 3, 2007)
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Pros:Hotel proven, affordable foam, you can try it out, doesn't radiate heat

Cons:less than optimal side support

The Bottom Line: If you're seriously looking at foam beds, it makes sense to take this one seriously. Take it for a test drive.

I recently returned from a trip to Ft. Myers, FL. Whenever I’m there I generally choose to stay at the Fairfield Inn, a Marriott property. I’ve pretty much learned how to play Priceline to assure me an excellent price there, but then there’s also a matter of the bed. In this instance we’re talking about the Marriott Bed by Jamison.

By now most frequent business travelers are aware that there’s a “bed war” going on. It officially started when Starwood Resorts, owners of the Westin Hotel Chain introduced their Heavenly Bed by Simmons back in 1999. Next to make a big splash with a bed of its own was the Hilton chain in 2006 when it rolled out its Cloud Nine Bed by Serta Experience. If you’ve stayed at a Hampton Inn recently you’ve slept on it.

But much more quietly the Marriott organization entered the fray back in 2000 when they launched the Marriott Bed and more recently in late last 2005 when they rolled out a re-designed Marriott Bed by Jamison Bedding.

The Marriott Bed by Jamison Bedding
What distinguishes The Marriott Bed from its hotel chain competition is that instead of being an inner spring mattress it is instead, a foam mattress. Although the Marriott organization still utilizes up to four different beds on their various properties, the bed that has become known as The Marriott Bed within the hotel and bedding industries is a 9 inch foam mattress made of high density open cell poured polyurethane. (Boy! Is that ever a mouthful!). It replaces a similar 7” mattress that was in use from between 2000 – 2005.

Polyurethane is one of three different foams used in bed construction and in general is the least costly. The other two types being, visco-elastic (Tempurpedic) and natural latex (various brands).

While it responds to the contours of your body, it is less responsive to body heat and not as heat reflective. Most everyone has heard stories about people waking in a sweat on their Tempurpedic mattress. The truth is that some people experience this situation and some don’t. But, in general open cell polyurethane exhibits this characteristic much less frequently if at all.

Even though I have purchased a Heavenly Bed, I can tell you that I enjoy the comfort of the Marriott Bed very much. It’s firm without being rock hard and it responds to the shape of my body (such that it is) without me feeling like I’ve fallen into a ditch.

The all important box spring
Not all of the comfort of the Marriott Bed is due solely to the mattress. Jamison didn’t skimp when it designed a matching box spring. Made of kiln-dried yellow poplar (hardwood), the box springs (a pair of twin size) are very substantial and offer excellent active support to the mattress. Each of the twin box springs weighs a hefty 75 pounds for a combined weight of 150 lbs. We’re talking substantial here. The box springs measure 10 inches in height.

Who are these Jamison Guys?
Well no, they’re not the household names that are Sealy, Simmons or Serta (unless you live near Franklin, TN), but Jamison Bedding has been manufacturing high quality beds since 1883.

Though they specialize in supplying hoteliers around the world, they also sell through a retail chain of approximately 400 stores throughout the Southeast. And while the name “The Marriott Bed” is of recent vintage, Jamison has been making Marriott’s beds since 1966. That’s a considerable track record.

How Much and Where to Buy
The Marriott Bed can be purchased in sizes ranging from Twin to California King for prices ranging from $800 to $1,400. Both the King and California King are $1400. The price includes both the mattress and the matching box spring(s). Shipping within the continental US is an additional $300. So, for $1,700 you can be sleeping on a foam mattress in as little as 7 -8 weeks (estimated delivery time). The bed can be seen on but can only be ordered by phone at 1-800-311-0708. The mattress is warrantied for the now common 10 year period against manufacturing defect.

But Will I Like It?
What I like about the whole idea of purchasing hotel beds is that you can take them out for a real life test drive. Let’s face it. In a showroom during the customary 5 -10 minute roll in the hay, the retailer has everything going for him. The bed feels different, but does it really feel better? It’s hard to tell in a trial that doesn’t last as long as an infomercial. But with a hotel bed you can sleep on it for a night or two simply by checking into the hotel. Think of the possibilities. It should be more fun than that test drive you took in your new Volvo.

Keep in mind that although the bed is under warranty, it is warrantied against defect not your satisfaction with its level of comfort. Take the test drive.

Where I Come Out on This
Personally, I still prefer a pocketed coil inner spring mattress. In my experience I find foam offers little in the way of firm side support, so important when I’m sitting on the edge of the bed struggling to get my socks on in the morning. But I can see how people might appreciate the other virtues of foam and can honestly say that I find the bed to be very comfortable to sleep on. The fact that this bed, like other hotel chain beds, has been “field tested” should be seen as a big plus. If foam is something you’re seriously considering this bed deserves a serious look-see.

Now go get a good night’s sleep.

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Mattress Size: King
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