Dec 18, 2007 (Updated Dec 18, 2007)
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Pros:Security risk is low, junk mail pile low...

Cons:Sharp blades

The Bottom Line: It is a chore no one wants to do, but it might as well be easy if you have to do it at all! Works great! Durable!

I have this little habit of throwing my junk mail in with my personal mail when opening it up in the car or bringing it in the house...who has time to sort through all of that? I have been guilty of either having papers that are garbage mixed in, or bills with personal info thrown out. Hey, when it starts piling up in the backseat passenger side to where one can't put their feet down, something has to be done!! :)

However, with all of the frightening trends of identity theft, I got scared, and decided to invest in a shredder. Well, my first one was an inexpensive nightmare that broke and nearly ate my fingers. So, after bracing myself, I took my husband along with me this time, seeing as he, too, added to the "too much paper" problem. I let him think that he *picked* the Fellowes Powershred but make no mistake, it was all me, baby....


This stylish and quiet shredding stealth eats paper, 8 sheets at a time. While that is great, I realized that it could only handle about 150 or so a day. Not that I have that much paper, but when I first started going through all of my tubs and boxes of 'saved in case of importance' papers, it took me quite a few days. But on a daily basis, I can shred credit card offers and SS# bills one by one without any issues.

It cuts with a 'confetti' style, rather than the long strips that clearly do not hide the numbers to the trained con artist, and in doing so creates less work and garbage to open and dump out of the five gallon waste basket. It falls into the waste easier and quicker, with no paper jams. The opening is 9", so if you are shredding an 8" X 10" document, you have lots of room! It has the opening at the top of the lid, and is big enough to hold your waste, and yet small enough to stay tucked out of the way!


Because of the power magnitude of this steel toothed shredder, the ability to chomp up office supplies like paper clips and staples, and creating a new version of the "cut your credit card in half", it has the sensitivity of 'Safesense' technology that senses touch that is not paper products, and will safely turn it off without a moments notice. My oldest son knows never to use this, but if it is plugged in during a paper shredding day, I run the risk of my youngest son putting little fingers there, so I am grateful that this feature exists. Now, of course, I usually only shred when the kids are in school and then it is safely put away, but there are some cleaning weekends that I have it in the kitchen or office, depending on what needs to be done. Once it shuts off, it is easy to restart it.

The last and best feature is the ease of emptying the waste basket. My other shredder was a pain, I had to stick my hand in and manually slush it out, but with this, not only is it easy to maneuver with a handle, the top pivots and all of the paperwork just glides out, soft and removed of all traces of personal identity. I even tried to outsmart it by trying to piece info back together and I couldn't do it! I am sold on this! If it ever breaks on me, I will have to replace it with the same, or nearest brand to it!!

The sneaky way the world works today, this Shredder in on your side!!

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