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Oct 2, 2007
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If you think this wine cellar really works, get a thermometer and actually check it, because it doesn't get COLD!

I bought this cellar from Target, brought it home, waited 2 hours, plugged it in, set it to 54 degrees, and let it sit overnight. Checked it the next day and it was only slightly cool.

Put an Oregon Scientific temperature monitor in it and it was only 64 degrees. Verified it with a second thermometer. Waited a week and temperature would fluctuate between 62 and 66 degrees, but never got below 60 degrees.

To rule out placement of the unit affecting the temperature, I put it in the middle of the room under a fan and on top of an air condition vent. No change.

Well, I must have just gotten a defective one, right? WRONG! Brought it back and exchange it for another one. Exact same thing! Thermo electric cooling does not work. Avoid this cellar unless you just want to throw away money for something that looks nice. Oh, and the buttons are very flimsy and looks like they will break easily.

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