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Aug 12, 2004

The Bottom Line Very interesting questions, really get your thoughts going.

1) Do you believe in science's evolution theory or the Bible's creation theory? A mixture of both. My belief in a higher being is key to my inner being, but to disregard evolution is to slap "him" in the face. Of course "he" gave us the ability to evolve, otherwise why are we here?

2) If you believe in the Bible's creation theory do you disbelieve science in other areas such as medical research, geology, astronomy, physics, biochemistry, etc? I believe that all sciences have their place, just sometimes people take them to far- i.e. cloning.

3) Why do you think "we are here?" (Why do humans exist?) To evolve and find a higher meaning

4) Can we ever truly be happy by grasping for material things (cars, houses, CDs, movies, clothes, etc.) or should we be more concerned about affecting/improving others' lives? Have you ever read "Simple Abundance" by Sarah Ban Breathnach? Things aren't all they're cracked up to be.

5) Do you think ADD/ADHD are more a product of environment or genetics? Why do you think ADD/ADHD has become so prevalent in the last 20 or so years? I think that labels are societies "easy way out" for not dealing with people directly. Try listening sometimes.

6)Are you a Democrat or Republican or something else? Why do you subscribe to that ideology?

7) George Bush or John Kerry for President? Why? George Bush. Our freedom is not free, war, unfortunately was evident.

8) How do you feel about Ralph Nader getting most of his support from long time Republicans in the form of campaign contributions and signatures to get Nader on the ballot this fall? hadn't thought about it.

9) Has toppling the regime of Saddam Hussein really made us safer? Or has it infuriated more Muslim fundamentalists and made us a bigger target?

10) Was the Abu Ghraib torture scandal a big deal to you? Sorry, I don't watch a lot of world news, so an opion has not been placed.

11) Why has Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind and financier of 9/11, been virtually ignored since the Iraq Invasion began? ?

12) Do you think America should support and/or participate in a possible invasion/attack against Iran? ?

13) Have you seen or plan on seeing Fahrenheit 9/11? If you've seen it what did you think about it? No. I don't like the producer.

14) Do you think we, as a nation, are more united or more divided since 9/11? United.

15) The Terminator is Governor of California, Madeleine Albright was Secretary of State under President Clinton, and other foreign born American citizens have contributed to this country. Should foreign born American citizens be allowed to run for President? This country has been made on the backs of "Foreigners", so yes.

16) Do you trust the electronic voting machines that will be used in some states this election? A lot more than "chads"!

17) Does the United Nations fill a relevant or necessary role in todays world? I think it needs to come into the twenty-first century.

18) Why are you Pro-Choice or Pro-Life? Pro-Choice, because it's my body and you don't have the right to cut my hair, why should you have the right to make me carry an unwanted pregnancy? Of course using abortion as birth control is unacceptable as well. People should use their heads!

19) Why do you support or condemn the death penalty? Depends on the circumstances.

20) Any final thoughts or feelings? Interesting questions, to bad people can't talk about them openly (without closing their minds) outside of the internet.

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