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Cheer True Fit Liquid -- Keeping My Laundry in Shape!

Oct 6, 2007
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Pros:helps clothes retain their shape, great fragrance, septic tank safe, no phosphates

Cons:only comes in liquid form (if you like powder detergent)

The Bottom Line: I really like Cheer Color Guard, yet I switched to Cheer True Fit. It does a great job at clothes cleaning.

I enjoy using Cheer Color Guard. It keeps my clothes clean and the colors bright. So let me tell you why I changed to Cheer True Fit Laundry Detergent.


Cheer True Fit is advertised as helping clothes to keep their natural shape while feeling soft. The catch-phrase on the back of the bottle says, “Help keep the fit you fell in love with.”

This laundry detergent is only available in liquid form. The liquid is blue and has a fragrance. My nose is sensitive to perfumes and this scent does not bother me. This detergent contains no phosphates and is safe for septic tanks.

The plastic bottle is a medium blue color with a silver cap. It is constructed from 25% post-consumer recycled plastic and has a handle for carrying. The back of the container contains 1-2-3 instructions for using the detergent. The bottle cap has two lines inside it to measure the appropriate amount of liquid for the size wash being done.

My Experiences

First I pour the laundry detergent into the bottom of the washing machine. Line 1 in the cap measures out enough detergent for medium loads, while Line 2 measures for large loads. I always do large loads of clothes and measure out the detergent between Line 1 and Line 2 in the cap. This works well for me.

The instructions state to add the detergent while the washer fills with water and then to add the clothes. I don’t do this. I add the detergent, pile in the clothes, and then turn on the water to fill the washing machine. I don’t sort the clothes either; however, I do turn them inside-out. I mix the whites with colors, jeans with socks and shirts.

I’m not hard on my clothes, though I do yard work and have been known to come in drenched with sweat after mowing the lawn in 90-degree weather. When I do stain something, I use Shout as a stain treatment. However, the back of the bottle says that Cheer True Fit can be used to pre-treat stains. Just make sure to test clothing to make sure it is colorfast.

I use cold water to do my laundry. Cheer True Fit mixes well in the water. I’ve never had a problem with the liquid clumping or discoloring fabrics.

So why do I like Cheer True Fit so much? This detergent won me over with its scent. I wish I could exactly describe it for you. The scent is light yet noticeable. It is not a floral, and it is not a perfume-type smell. The scent smells light, pleasant and clean. Previous laundry detergents have never impressed me with their fragrance. Not only does Cheer True Fit leave a pleasant scent, but it lasts. I sometimes (not frequently, honest!) leave my clothes in the washer and then switch them to the dryer the next day. Opening the washing machine, I immediately smell the fragrance even after the clothes have sat overnight in the machine.

The clothes are soft, too, as I transfer them from the washer to the dryer. Still, I toss in a Bounce dryer sheet to eliminate static in the fabric.

My clothes always come out clean and soft from the washer. I’ve been trying to determine if I notice any color fading. After all, Cheer Color Guard is supposed to protect clothes from fading, while Cheer True Fit is designed to help clothes maintain their original shape. I’ve been using Cheer True Fit for about a year, and my clothes look great. No fading. And they do retain their shape. Then again, I never noticed the clothes distorting while using Cheer Color Guard. So using Cheer True Fit, I gain a terrific scented detergent while my clothes come out clean, wonderfully fragrant and soft ... plus the clothes retain their original shape.

Cautions & Ingredients

* Keep out of reach of children
* Harmful if swallowed
* If swallowed, drink a glass of water & call doctor
* If there is contact with eyes, flush eyes with water
* Do not reuse the container for other liquids or beverages

The back of the bottle lists the ingredients as: biodegradable surfactants (anionic, nonionic and cationic) and enzymes. Contains no phosphates. This detergent is safe for septic tanks. I have a septic tank and have had no trouble using this product.


I buy the 80 fluid ounce size bottle that washes up to 20 loads. It costs $5.29 at my local grocery store.


I am impressed with Cheer True Fit laundry detergent. I just purchased another bottle and am in the midst of doing my weekend laundry. Should this detergent become unavailable, I will return to using Cheer Color Guard ... but I like Cheer True Fit better. It keeps my clothes clean, smelling great in the washer, and the clothes retain their shape.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy your day,

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