SAVE YOURSELF! This is a poorly constructed machine with costly repairs and poor customer service.

Oct 7, 2007
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Pros:It is an energy star machine. It is stackable for compact spaces.

Cons:Poor durability, poor customer service.

The Bottom Line: Once again, run do not walk, as far and as fast as possible from this poor quality washing machine!

I purchased this machine originally in 2004. Less than two years later, I heard what can only be described as a small explosion. The Frigidaire representatives were extremely difficult, but I was finally assigned a Sears repair man to come out. The repair was over $600 of which the warranty covered all but about $200. After the long wait and extensive repairs, the washer began to leak the following day. Finally, because it was under warranty, the unit was replaced. I was required to pay the difference between the price at the time I purchased the product, and the cost of the new product. My thoughts were that having a new machine would be worth it, and who would think the same exact thing could possibly happen again? Yet, here I am Oct of 07 and what do I hear? An explosion once again. I have yet to call for service today, and truthfully I am more likely to purchase something else. It is understandable for a single product to be defective. Maybe a weak link, but for the same exact thing to happen? That in my opinion is an example of a problem or flaw in the design or construction. The actual interior basket that turns breaks off the shaft which turns it. The brackets actually snap off. This was not a machine which high use. This is a two person household doing a few loads of wash a week. Do yourself a favor. Save yourself and run do not walk as far and as fast as possible from this product. How Frigidaire has been allowed to continue to sell and promote this machine knowing full well it does not last is beyond me.

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