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The Fitness Club That's Opened Anytime

Oct 8, 2007
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Pros:can work out 24 hours a day

Cons:no classes, expensive for what they offer

The Bottom Line: I am not recommending Anytime Fitness. Unless you can only work out before 5:a.m. or after 10:00p.m. I would go elsewhere.

About Anytime Fitness

I had never heard of Anytime Fitness until they came to Massachusetts. As we traveled during the summer I saw many clubs and as I researched the club I learned that “Anytime Fitness has earned the rank of #21 in the Franchise Times Fast 55! A ranking of fastest growing new franchises.” They are headquartered at 12181 Margo Ave. South, Hastings, MN.

Anytime Fitness has locations all over the country. I looked at a few states and found 39 in CA; 16 in MA; 16 in Kansas and 89 in FL on the website.

When we came back from vacation we were in limbo having stopped our gym membership. I worked out at Anytime Fitness with a pass for the week before we reinstated our gym membership on the first of the month. I also was curious as I am with any gym.

As I walked in I noted a vending machine for beverages and a cooler containing beverages. The vending machine is used during non-staffed hours. I also noted beauty supplies which I later learned were for sale from the masseuse who has a room in this location. She is not an employee of Anytime Fitness.


Anytime Fitness is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. However they are staffed from 8:00a.m. to 9:00p.m. from Monday through Friday and 9:00a.m. to 1:00a.m. on Saturdays.

The way the gym works is that you'll get a card with a security pin number which will enable entry into the building when there is no staff. There are security cameras everywhere.

I am an early bird and work out in the mornings. There were a few people there in the mornings but it was never crowded. The first time I went it was early afternoon when gyms are notoriously slow. There was one other person and the owner who was training him. The manager showed me around. This location is small having one room with all the equipment in it.

The weight training equipment

I walked up several stairs making this location not handicapped accessible. The weight training equipment was in pristine condition. All of the equipment was made by Nautilus. One area contained machines for circuit training (Circuit training is a way to train in which we work all our muscles in one workout session. If a gym is set up nicely, which this one was, the machines are in an order that allows easy access from one machine to another.)

Another area contained free weights (Two sets of dumbbells up to 90 pounds), benches, and barbells.

I had never seen their setting system. This was quite nice though certainly no necessary and something for which I wouldn’t pay extra. Coming up stairs to the left was a large machine where I would scan my security card. When I was first taken around the setting for the machines were written down as any gym should do. These settings went into the computer. If I were on the pec dec machine (for my chest) I put my code into the console on the machine and my settings came up!

The cardiovascular equipment

There were a handful of treadmills, one step mill, a few bikes and a Tread Climber. This was adequate for the crowd this. As was the weight training equipment the cardio equipment was almost brand new.

Other amenities

There was a day care room for $3.00 an hour.

There was a massage room which is run by an independent person.

There was a tanning bed.

There were no locker rooms because cameras can’t be put in them. There were lockers outside of two one-person bathrooms.


There are no classes at Anytime Fitness. There was a large room for aerobics with some equipment. A large screen television gave me a choice of a variety of workouts. For example one day I did Tae-Bo and one day I did Pilates. It just doesn’t cut it for me to do this on my own. I may as well by a DVD and do these at home and save the money along with some dumbbells and a treadmill.

There was a spinning room with five spin bikes. However there was no instructor. You will be spinning on your own. The nature of spinning is to have an instructor! Again this seemed silly to me.

The Cost

I thought the cost to be high considering the lack of amenities. It will run you $39 a month for dues and less if you are a couple, family or student. They run specials so at that time I wouldn't have had to pay an initial fee.

My Final Thoughts

There is no way I would join Anytime Fitness. Although I do believe there is a market for 24-hour gyms I think they have made a mistake not having classes while staffed and/or charging so much money for a no-frills gym.

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