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Aug 15, 2004

The Bottom Line My Bottom Line looks great in a tight pair of pants...does yours?

I was bored and came across this very boring little W/O hosted by blackrose4eva. If you feel like joining in just follow the link.

1. Who named you, and what does your name mean?

I never questioned which parent named me or what my name means for that matter. I've always loved my name and guess I was just happy to have it.

2. Which is better: Classic Coca Cola or C2 Coca Cola?

Actually beer is better than both of these choices, but if I had to pick one of them it would be regular Pepsi. Sorry, but I don't like Coca Cola in any formula.

3. Are you a pessimistic or optomistic?

I try to be optimistic or maybe patient would be a better word. I believe that good things come to those who wait. However, I do see the glass as half full:)

4. If you can rule the world for 1 hour, what will you do?

If I had to rule the world in its present state I might be inclined to lose my mind. I guess if I could do anything I wanted, though, I would whisk Mr. Bush off to parts unknown, lock him up and swallow the key. I would give the exterior of the White House a little facelift...maybe a nice pale yellow. No actually I'd like some hunter green trim on it and that probably wouldn't go with yellow. What do you think? Something earthy maybe? I'd take Saddam and plop him down in the middle of his country (American soldiers present of course) and let the people he tortured have at him. I'd cut off every male child molesters Dick and have it attached to his forehead permanently and have the words "I molest children" tattooed all over his body. While I was at it I'd cut of his hand, too. I'd take every female child molester and sew her mouth shut permanently, cut off her hands, tattoo "I'm am a child molester" all over her body and have a little one-on-one time with her myself. After all of that was said and done, it would be mandatory that all child molesters have their pictures plastered on billboards across the country.

Enough fun, the day must be almost over so I better get down to business. Since I'm the Ruler, but only for a day I guess I would first have to fix it so that my rules stuck after I was done ruling. Assuming I can do that..I would make any kind of discrimination punishable by life in prison, I would legalize same-sex marriage, I would legalize adoption for same-sex couples in all state, The poor and homeless would never go to sleep hungry again, The homeless would have roofs over their heads, Medication and medical care would be free for the elderly and the poor, Child abuse would be punishable by life in the general population of the prison system, No Bush would ever run this country or a state in this country again, Education would be free at all levels and no child would ever wake up on Christmas morning without a special gift to open. I'm worn out now so my last official duty as the ruler of the world would be an all expense paid (with plenty of gambling money included) trip to Vegas. After all that work a girl's entitled to have some fun. Oh shoot! I just realized you said for 1 hour.. I'd better get to work.

5. Who do you think is the WORST actor/actress in history to date?

Hands down the worst actress would have to be Madonna. The girl can sing, but should leave the acting to the actors.

6. Which gender do you think should dominate: women or men?

Woman of course. Look at the great job I did ruling the world for one day.

7. Do you think education should be free or be paid for? If you pay for it, do you think it is really worth it?

If you had been paying attention you would know that the free-education bill was passed while I was ruling the world:)

On a more serious note, though, I feel that any education no matter how little, is worth more than any amount of money. I just wish that everyone could afford it and took it more serious.

8. What do you think about the recent gas prices?

Hell, I've got a 1981 pile of junk sitting in my driveway broke down, I've got a 2000 sitting in the backyard broke down, my 1991 van was stolen right out of my driveway last week and I'm hoofing it all the way. What do you think I think about current gas prices?

9. Do you think animals have feelings? If so, why are you eating them? (Assuming you are not a vegetarian)

Animals have feelings more so than humans. Look who's eating who.

10. If you can only have one, which would you choose: a heart or a brain?

Assuming my other organs (including my heart) would function without my brain, I guess I would go with the heart. It hasn't let me down yet.

11. How much can a woodchuck chuck wood?

I gotta be honest here. I really don't know and couldn't care less how much wood Chuck chucks on any given day.

12. In your opinion, do you believe that people--especially the younger generations--are taking HIV and STDs seriously? Why or Why not?

All kidding aside on this, I don't really know whether or not the population in general is taking this epidemic seriously. Being a nurse I see quite a bit of this and can tell you that it isn't just the poor and undereducated population that are suffering with these sexually transmitted diseases people from all walks of life are dying daily with AIDS related complications. I would like to think that parents are talking about this with their children from the time they're old enough to ask. I believe that talking with our children about HIV and STDs is the best defense for their future.

13. What do you think about the idea of spanking your child--assuming he/she misbehaves--as a form of discipline?

I didn't believe in it when my Son was little and I don't believe in it now. Having come from an abusive home I can remember always being afraid. I didn't want my Son to feel afraid for one minute because of me. I think there is a lot to be said for talking with your children and I definitely think the lesson will go a lot further than a spanking.

14. Do you like people? (Be honest)

I love people they just don't always feel the same way about me. Whether it be because of my lifestyle or my outspoken mouth, some people just tend to have a problem with me.

15. You have a lion, a goat, and a bundle of hay. You need to cross a river by using a small boat, which can ONLY carry you and something of your choice (the lion or the goat or the hay). You CANNOT, for example, bring the lion along with the goat, etc. Nobody can swim across the river or make or bridge, etc. You MUST use the boat.

Since I can't swim I'm going to get across the river as quickly as possible and since it's a small boat I'm going alone.

*Extra* 17. What is your WORST job ever? Are you still in it?

I don't remember ever having a job I didn't like. I take care of my Grandmother right now which I love, but I do miss going to work each day.

Thanx For Reading!
Savanna Smiling:)

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