My Entry into Artemisadorned's remembering 17 W/O

Aug 16, 2004

The Bottom Line I had some fun times when i was17.

1. Who were your best friends, or were you a friendless geek? What was the most interesting fun that you had together?
My Best Friends were Scott Inglis, Shannon McKechie, Terry Harvey, Carl Sinclair-Walker and Dean Cowie. The most interesting fun that we did together that i could think of may sound corny but it is the only thing that comes to mind. We were all on the school newspaper together.

2. What was your favourite food? Have you out grown your fondness for it? Was this food involved in a food fight?
My Favourite food back then was McDonalds. I have now grown my fondness for it and my Favourite is now Chinese. No i have never used McDonalds in a food fight.

3. Did you have a pet- real or imaginary? Were you the teacher's pet? Maybe you were the animal- fess up!
The pet that i had when i was 17 was a Dog called Kesha and a Cat called Patch. I still have them now. No i wasn’t the teachers' pet.

4. What was your most memorable, life changing moment- in school or out? Did it involve any psychedelics?
I can’t remember any life-changing moments that i had at school. But the one i had out of school was probably when i joined Drama Classes. It changed my life because it helped overcome my nerves when i go up on stages. Since i did Drama classes i have participated in lots of things like the 2003 and 2004 Stage Challenges, the 2003 musical and i have auditioned for lots of plays as well.

5. Were you still a virgin at 17? Are you still?
Yes i was and i still am.

6. What was the most wicked thing you did? Did anyone find out? Were you grounded or just thrown in jail?
I can’t remember the most wicked thing that i have done.

7. How many guys or girls did you date when you were 17? Do you still keep in touch with them? Is your current mate jealous?
I didn’t date anyone when i was 17. But i now have a Girlfriend and she has no reason to be jealous

8. What was your favourite subject in school? Or are you a high school drop out? Did you get to skip a grade because you are a genius?
My favourite subject would have to be Economics mainly because the teacher i had was very cool. He was very eccentric.

9. What was the make and the condition of the car you drove. Were you guilty of any traffic violations or worse? Were you randy?
I didn’t drive because i never had a licence.

10. Did you know what you wanted to do with your life? Did you aspire to be a beauty queen, fireman or a Dentist? Or just be plain old brilliant and discover...
No i didn’t know what i wanted to do with my life. I had dreams to become a Teacher and an Actor.

11. Where did you live? The city, rural America, suburbia, out of this country... or in your own private, little world?
I lived in Dunedin and i still live there as well.

12. Sisters and brothers are, were, still are.....
My brothers were very annoying and they still are.

13. Did you get into the college of your choice? Were you college bound? Did you end up with a great job flipping burgers? Are you famous now because of the choice you made then?
I never went into college. When i left school i did a Tourism and Hospitality course. I am still doing it because i only started it this year. I wish i were famous because of a choice i made.

14. What was your favourite music, group, singer at 17? Do you listen to them today? Did your parents ever break your records? Did you play an instrument or in a group?
My favourite Singer was Will Smith; favourite band was still the Spice Girls. I still listen to Will Smith today, but i do not listen to the Spice Girls though. My parents never broke my records. I tried the Trombone once but never could get a sound out of it so i gave up.

15. Tell us about your prom... Theme, date, outfit. What dance was popular then. What was your "after the prom" fun. I dare you to post a picture of yourself, your date.
I never went to my formal because i never had a partner.

16. Did you belong to any after school clubs or sports? Were you ever in the newspaper because of these activities?
I did belong to some clubs. As i have previously stated i was part of Drama Classes, the School Newspaper and i was also a Librarian. I was in the newspaper because of my Drama Classes once as well.

17. The biggie and final question... Would you ever do it all over again if you could. Remember the drama and the hormones and the angst before you answer.
No I wouldn’t do it again. But if i could i would work harder in class.

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