Wilson Di7 Irons

Wilson Di7 Irons

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Killer Staff Infection--Wilson Staff--"Oh Mr. Wiiiiiiilson!"

Oct 24, 2007 (Updated Oct 25, 2007)
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Pros:Longer than long, Straighter than straight, and Workable too! Great Engineering and a Reasonable price.

Cons:Still looking for one.

The Bottom Line: These are a must try for any and all mid-cappers!

No your name doesn't have to be Dennis in order to become a golf course menace. These clubs are definitely light years ahead of what others are offering in the mid-cappers department. They are long, high, straight, and get this one--workable! Yeah that's right--these baby's work like a job, and they'll double shift, and work overtime for you as well. Pardon the extended metaphor--but as G*d is my witness--these seem to be the hands down winner in this year's game improvement irons. Yes I'll spout the wonders of Mizuno's forged feel, and Callaway's resurgence all day long--BUT--the absolute resurrection of the "Wilson Staff" name is in full bloom right now. If you really want to get better at this game--and we all know--"It's not the arrow --it's the Indian", than for Pete's sake, at least try this set of the straightest shooting arrows I've ever--and I do mean--ever--shot. To top it all off, they feel almost forged, they are workable, and I literally gained 1 1/2 club's worth of length. I hope you're excited by this, because there are many reasons why I am making these claims, and Lord only knows, Ive shot and reviewed a heck of a lot of irons over the past several years. These are simply the best friend an aspiring mid-capper could ever hope to find.


Oh do these clubs have balance. I mean to tell you that "Club-Head Awareness" was simply that--AWARENESS! There was no need to even try to think about it--I simply knew at all times exactly where the club head was. My backswing never had a single interruptive swing thought, because I knew where the club head was, and there was never any double-clutching, second guessing, or even over analyzing necessary.

To top it all off-the shafts fit this thing like a dream. Usually when someone says--"Uniflex"--I cower and cringe at the thought of another compromise at something that attempts to tackle several tasks, and does none of them well. "How in the heck did Wilson come up w/a uniflex shaft in both steel and graphite that fits Senior, Regular, and Stiff shaft people equally well?!" That's always been the theory--but rarely has it ever been executed correctly.


The options are pretty straight ahead. In flexes you get one-"Uniflex." Naturally the steel plays a shade stiffer than the graphite, but both are made by two of the top manufacturers in their respective categories.

In Steel you get a True Temper TX105 which is a pretty amazing little shaft. At 105 grams it's stout enough to hold up under some pretty heft swing speeds, but light enough to grant you some additional club head speed. Thanks to the wider tip (similar to the "Fat Shaft" series) you get virtually no club head twisting. The torque is a meagre 1.8*, and it sports a low to mid kick point for a mid-high trajectory. If you usually shoot a stiff shaft, this may be the better choice for you.

Graphite, however, is no wimp in this department either. UST, who gave us the amazing V2 Driver Shaft, have designed this particular shaft using the same technologies. It has been dubbed the V2 iron shaft. It too sports the wider tip, and a very low (for graphite iron shafts) torque raing of only 2.4*. This is my preferred shaft as I tend to play a firm to almost stiff shaft on my normal irons.


The heads on these babies sport a seriously deep cavity which lowers the center of gravity. The cavity has an elastomer compound paint on the back of the face which really smooths out impact. Even the worst of miss hits provide no sign of the infamous "Hogan Sting." The sole is 20% wider than a standard blade, making it pretty wide, but not quite bulbous. The face height has been lowered 11% vs. standard game improvement irons--thus keeping her well sized, but not the mammoth over-sized behemoths that have been popping up left and right. That helps give this club a handsome and sporty look--despite her game improvement pedigree. Even the top lines are thinner than the usual super-clunker look of most of today's game improvement clubs.

The head and shafts are well mated on these clubs, and it's obvious that a lot of thought went into them. It's hard to believe a club that could be this heavy would not look clunky at address. These things sport swing weights of D4 in 3-PW, D6 for the Gap Wedge, and D8 for the Sand and Lob Wedges. These are some pretty hefty puppies to be sure. But as I said earlier, they are exceptionally well balanced. Balanced so well, in fact, that you can work them fairly easily. No they won't work as easily as a blade, but they are definitely the most workable game improvement irons I have hit in some time.


Yes I did really pick up a club and a half's length when shooting these. A lot of that can be attributed to the juiced up lofts on these. They are a full club stronger than most. The Pitching Wedge sports an amazingly strong 43* vs 48* for standard issue clubs. This, of course, necessitated the need for a Gap Wedge, which Wilson had figured out, and that is why they are usually sold in sets of 4I-GW rather than 3I-PW. The gap wedge is 49* which is only 1* weaker than the old standard Pitching Wedge of 48*. Despite these hot-rodded lofts, supper fat shaft tips, and heavy swing weights--these babies are very easy to swing. The 4 iron--despite it's 23* loft (old 3I strength) is as easy to swing as most maker's 6 irons.


The long irons, thanks to the hot rodded lofts, are actually your 4,5, and 6 irons. They are the easiest long irons you'll ever hit. The ball will go far, high, and straight. I found it very easy to hit a power fade by opening the face ever so slightly. My preferred baby draw was very easy as well. Just barely closed the face, and "BLAMMO" an easy two clubs over my usual distances w/these clubs thanks to the draw spin.

The mid-irons, for similar reasons, are actually the 7,and 8 irons. Talk about your pin seeking lasers. If you need more greens in regulation--you need these clubs. It was here that a consistent club and a halfs worth of length popped up, and stayed with me throughout the round.

Short irons and wedges are the 8, 9, Pitching Wedge and Gap Wedge. These clubs are simply wonderful. The stronger lofts get you more distance, but the lower center of gravity keeps that higher trajectory you so desperately need from your short game clubs.

Overall, I'd have to say this is the longest flying, and easiest hitting set of irons I've ever had the pleasure to play with.

Thanks to my CL Abraham for giving me this product link for the links.

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Amount Paid (US$): 349.-549.99
Shaft Material: Graphite

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