Nautilus TreadClimber TC916

Nautilus TreadClimber TC916

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Go ahead and spend the money - you're worth it!

Oct 26, 2007
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Pros:great workout, no joint pain, burns lots of calories

Cons:confusion about the start button

The Bottom Line: If you can afford this and want one cardio machine that does it all this is it.

I have not given high marks to any of the models of the Bowflex TreadClimbers by Nautilus. The simple reason is the way the resistance has to be set. For months I have been using the Nautilus TreadClimber TC916 which is the commercial TreadClimber. It is expensive running from $4500 up to $7,000 depending on the deal you can get. However it is the most amazing machine I use. We have two of them at the gym and they are the first ones to be taken.

About TreadClimbers

TreadClimbers combine two or three different cardio machines (cardio-vascular refers to heart and lungs) in one. For me they are a combination of a stair climber, an elliptical machine and a treadmill. The results are as if I have been running but I’m not. In fact on a treadmill let’s say I set the miles per hour at 4.0 I will after an hour feel my ankles hurting me and burn perhaps 200 calories. On the Tread climber I have no pain whatsoever. The workout is quite hard but easy at the same time. I set it to 2.5 and burn 500 calories in that hour. Although my feet don’t hurt I sweat more than on any other machine.

About the TC916

The TreadClimber TC916 like all the others has two platforms, called treadles, rather than a single flat walking surface like what you find on a treadmill. Each platform rises separately. My one concern about this machine is that it takes some getting used to because it is not like anything you’ve been on. In fact if you are walking fast it’s quite easy at first to step to close to the inside of the platform which will throw you off balance. I know since it happened to me. I didn’t get hurt and I recommend that on this machine you hold on to either the sides or the handle in front of you.

The TC916 measures 70 inches long by 36 inches wide which is larger than the other TreadClimbers I’ve reviewed. The walking surface is 21 inches wide by 48 inches long which is quite comfortable. The maximum weight is 400 pounds rather than 300 on the other models. The machine weighs 360 pounds which is about the same as the others.

Functions and Features and Use:

The TC916’s speed starts at 0.5 and goes to 4.5 mph. You’ll see on the console the following functions: speed, distance, time, calories per hour, total calories burned, floors climbed, and heart rate.

There are two integrated bottle, etc. holders on each side and a magazine rack. The LCD readings are large, bright and easy to read.

The TC916 has on the console a place for me to choose my workout. I have used many if not most of the options. Most recently I did hills. I was prompted to choose a workout and I used the arrow buttons to find the one I wanted. I then hit enter. I am then asked for my weight, time and speed. The only confusing aspect is I am then told to hit start but the only start is quick start which is the one that is used. There is a TreadClimber workout that is great for beginners. You’ll be taken through a 20-minute walk.

There are 8 programs. You’ll find traditional ones such as interval training and hills. I know compared to machines that have 20 this number seems low for the price. Believe me this machine is so effective and actually I find it fun that the 8 programs work fine for me.

There are two major differences between this machine and the non-commercial 6000 which is the top of the line and will run you about $3,000. One is the handle bar that is right in front of me. This holds the heart rate sensors but it also has buttons that are used most frequently such as the up and down arrows and buttons for the treadles. The treadles remember are the platforms. Hitting the up and down button raises or lowers the treadles and makes using the machine more challenging. Essentially this is the step height and is the way the machine knows how many floors you’ve climbed.

The second major difference is the resistance or height of the treadles. On the non-commercial models there are pistons. The company says (I called them a long time ago about this “problem.”) that you don’t actually have to get off but you do have to stop. Whatever the case may be it’s ridiculous to spend this kind of money to have to manually adjust anything! This has been resolved with the TC916. The heights of the treadles are on the handle bar and with a push of the button they change. You can see the level on a graph on the console. You can also see a graph of the workout you’ve chosen.

There is a 15 year warranty on the frame, 3 years on the electronics and mechanical parts and 1 years on labor.

Jo’s Final Thoughts:

I love this machine. In all the time they've been in my gym neither has had problems or been out of use. The amount of calories I burn is incredible; the lack of any joint pain is super and the smoothness and quietness of the machine is wonderful.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 5,000

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