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Scotch-Brite Stove Top Cleaner - No elbow grease required

Oct 28, 2007 (Updated Aug 14, 2010)
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Pros:Effortless cleaning of stove top. No mess; quick and painless. Online coupon.


The Bottom Line: Enjoy cooking on your flat surface cook top stove again with this awesome, easy-to-use, highly effective stove top cleaner!

BACKGROUND: Number one. I have a Whirlpool ceramic glass flat top stove. It has four heating surfaces and is completely flat (there are no knobs in the center of it or other things to impede the cooking surface). Number two. I like to cook... a lot. Number three. I have a timer, temperature control and eyes -- I refuse to use any of the above while cooking. Number four. My stove is a mess after any given meal. Enter Scotch-Brite Cook Top Cleaner.

I have used Weiman's Cook Top Surface cleaner in the past. Once or twice. I couldn't do it. It required so much effort I thought my elbow was going to pop.

The other alternative for me was to wait until the stove cooled and then place damp towels on the surface, to loosen the mess, and then wipe it clean. That frankly is just awful and never gets the tough stuff.

My husband tried Weiman's and he loves it. So he was given the task of scrubbing the stove after I had destroyed it during a meal. It had become our silent deal... I cook and make a huge mess on the stove and you scrub it off, after all you're a guy and much stronger than I am.

Fast forward to this last week -- you know how it is, the season for cooking is upon us. It starts with the cupcakes and treats for the kids returning to school in August and ends the day after New Years when we all start our New Years resolution to diet, whereby swearing off the evil food, again... (this brings us to bar-b-que season and HIS cook top surface). I digress. Last week I was in Target to get the things to ready my house for the "season of cooking" - Brillo, air freshners in all the fall holiday scents, parchment for piping icing, plastic wrap for the goodies, foil to cover the oven bottom (and the turkey), and... Weiman's. I had a coupon. I needed to get to my stove, as I had been out of Weiman's for about two weeks. (Imagine that, but again we are still technically in BBQ season here). Then, there, on the shelf below Weiman's was this "Cook Top Cleaner" by Scotch-Brite. Now you know you can't use Brillo or any other rough, caustic material on these cook surfaces. I've already thought of that and been told it can destroy a ceramic glass top cooking surface. My interest was piqued. The box reads:

"Unique handle and pad; removes stuck-on food; scrubs, cleans and polishes".

WOW. Really? I like to try new things in the kitchen. I had a coupon ($1 off) and it was time for me to take over this duty.

This is a new line for Scotch-Brite. They are offering this Cook Top Cleaner and another cleaner in this line that features a stainless steel appliance cleaner. You can buy this as a starter kit with the handle and pads, and then later you only have to buy the refill pads.

Once you get the unit home it is a cook top cleaner handle and six pre-moistened pads. The pads measure: 5" x 3" each and is thicker than say a paper towel or Lysol wipe. You have to open a tub of six. They are wrapped like baby wipes are, and you take them out and put them in a "tub". You have to keep the tub closed to retain the moisture in the pads. Place a pad on the bottom of the handle and clean away. It's like putting wax on a car. I sort of played around with it, making sure to cover the entire surface, honestly not expecting it to work and putting forth little effort knowing in my mind it wasn't going to work (or so I thought). The pad contains a white cream consistency type cleaner (much like others on the market). I didn't detect an odor. As I began to "buff" the top of the stove, before reading the instructions which tell you to get a soft cloth and buff the stove top to a shine, like removing the wax off of a car, I could see the grease, baked on food, and items were gone. But how? I didn't even try. I was just playing. I called my husband over and he sort of laughed that I thought I had cleaned the stove top. Note that the handle seems to give one more "torque" of cleaning power or maybe I'm just looking for a reason that it worked so well.

Once I saw it had worked so well, I read the package, wondering if I needed to wash my hands right away, as perhaps this was some kind of weird acid. (By the way, you do need to wash your hands after handling the pad). I did not notice any abrasive or gritty feel to the "cream" and it did rinse easily from my hands.

As an alternative to using the handle, you can take the pad off the handle and use it alone to get into corners. However, the corners were easy to get while still on the handle and I didn't want to hold the pad without gloves. (However, now that I know there was no precaution under WARNINGS regarding hands, other than rinsing them off after use, I may well use it without the handle if I need to).

I couldn't really see the top of my stove, as it was glazed over, the way wax dries on a car, to a dull finish. I had only seen the parts that I went back over to buff, and then they too dried back over. I then read the box, which says to buff off with a soft cloth or paper towel. I took a dry dish cloth and started buffing, and buffing some more, and there it was: A very clean, shiny stove top. I was so impressed with myself.

DEALS: Target sells this for $5.89. There is a one-dollar off coupon at the website for Scotch-Brite (see below).

WARNINGS: As always stove top must be cool before use. Wash hands after handling pads. Dispose of used pads in trash, do not flush. Keep pads flat after opening package (perhaps because the liquid could run out if sat upright). Do not use handle alone (duh -- would scratch surface). Obviously, these pads are not for personal use.

I feel like I did when I discovered Clorox Clean Up for bleaching my counter stains; the Tide pen for my kids and their ketchup stains; and the Bleach Pen for spot mildew. I'm in cooking (and cleaning) heaven this holiday season. You should join me and buy a set of Scotch-Brite to get your stove top back in shape for another meal. :)

Web sites: (go to handled cleaners)

Thanks for reading my review. Thanks to gamblin_man (Larry) for adding the new SAP for me. :) (c) 2007 - Kimberly Molon

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