Ortho TotalKill Weed and Grass Killer

Ortho TotalKill Weed and Grass Killer

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Ortho TotalKill Weed and Grass Killer - Killed it all, even the blackberries

Nov 2, 2007
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Pros:Killed all the weeds and grass including the super-tough blackberry vines

Cons:Took a lot longer to work than round-up

The Bottom Line: If youíre looking for a cheaper weed killer and donít mind waiting, consider the Ortho Total Kill.

If you haven’t priced the leading weed killer, Round-up, you may not know that it is one of the most expensive products in its class. As a result, a number of cheaper alternatives have gone to market. One such product is Ortho’s Total Kill line made exclusively for Home Depot. Does it kill weeds, including blackberry vines? Is it speedy?

Read on, dear reader...

•• What it is ••
Ortho Total Kill is a liquid weed killer concentrate meant to be mixed with water and sprayed on weeds and grasses that you want to kill.

•• Features and Commentary ••
As mentioned above, the Ortho Total Kill is available only at Home Depot. So you won’t find it at Wal-mart or Target and you’ll barely find mention of it on the Ortho website. Which is too bad because this product works pretty well.

Ortho Total Kill is a concentrate, so it’s important to follow the directions. There are two ways to use the product, either through an Ortho Dial n Spray or by a pump sprayer. I chose the pump sprayer so that I could get a bit more control. I didn’t need to spray a large area, so the Dial n Spray was not the best tool to use.

The concentrate is a dark brown liquid a little thicker than water. It stinks, which is a good thing, because that would deter animals and children from possibly ingesting it. The liquid poured nicely into the pump sprayer and I mixed in the amount of water as described on the back of the bottle. I put the lid on and pumped it to pressurize the sprayer. Off to kill some weeds!

I had several places to spray the killer and the first part was some spot weeds in the front yard. I sprayed it on those and didn’t anticipate them putting up much of a fight. On to the backyard, where a much bigger challenge awaited me: the dreaded rock wall.

The rock wall has been neglected and as a result, there are mounds of thick grass that stick up in the air close to 2 feet. I felt like I needed a machete to get through. What’s worse, the wall had an outbreak of blackberry bushes. Who knew that a lovely little fruit grew on such a nasty vine. Here in the Pacific Northwest, these things are considered weeds and grow under any circumstance. And quickly. And they have deep root structures which make them impossible to pull out due to the sharp thorns. In short, chemicals are the only thing that can get rid of them.

So I sprayed the area with lots of the Ortho Total Kill. And then I waited.

Round-up usually begins working in hours. I’ve never found a weed killer that works as quickly, this product included. The normal weeds started to wilt and die off in about 48 hours. They slowly turned brown and eventually completely died off. The blackberry bushes seemed untouched after the same period of time. I was getting a little concerned that the Ortho was having no effect on them. Another day went by and the leaves where I sprayed were wilting and turning brown. But this seemed to be superficial damage and I was sure the vines would make it through.

A few days later, I knew I was victorious. The vines were wilting even further and the stems were starting to show signs of death. Sure enough, a week after the application, the blackberry bushes were dead. The Ortho Total Kill had done the job and killed all of the weeds I wanted it to, albeit very slowly.

•• Conclusion ••
If you’re looking for a cheaper weed killer and don’t mind waiting, consider the Ortho Total Kill.

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