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Do not use this company!

Nov 3, 2007 (Updated Nov 3, 2007)
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  • User Rating: Disappointing

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Pros:- none

Cons:- late - refuse to return calls - terrible service - lied repeatedly

The Bottom Line: Absolutely do not use this company. Their customer service is horrible. Their lack of punctuality could have been overlooked had they not repeatedly lied about it.

In June, while planning a move to Toronto, I had an estimate done. The person doing the estimate was named Mario. After investigating other movers and seeing that Two Small Men was the cheapest (at an estimate of $980) I called to book an appointment in August. I gave my credit card number to the person on the phone, who charged me 20% of the estimate as a deposit. When asked what day I wanted them to pick up my things, I said I needed my things to arrive in Toronto on October 1, 2007. I said it was up to them when they needed to pick my things up to get them to Toronto by that date and the person on the phone told me that in order for it to reach me on that date, the movers would need to pick my things up from Winnipeg on September 24, 2007. That booking was arranged.

As I was already in Toronto at this point, my mother took a day off work and oversaw the movers. She said they were quick and efficient.

That stopped as soon as they had my things.

On October 1, when my things were supposed to arrive, I hadn't heard anything. At approximately 5 PM Eastern time, I called the toll free number. I was transferred multiple times before I was told that there was going to be a two day delay. No one had called to inform me of the delay, but I had to track down the information on my own. I was assured that my things would arrive on Wednesday, October 3.

On October 3, I waited, once again, all day. There was no contact and no movers arrived, so at 4 PM Eastern time, I called the toll free number once again. I spoke with a man who put me on hold for about ten minutes. When he returned, he told me he'd tried to contact the driver to see when he would be getting into Toronto and had received no answer. He claimed to have left a message and that when he got a call back, he would return my call.

I received no such call.

When I phoned again two hours later, no one answered the phone at all.

The morning of October 4, I called the toll free number for a fourth time in three days. I spoke with someone named Jeff, who told me he'd been the one who had talked to me the day before. Jeff stared that my things had still not even left Winnipeg and that the reason he thought the driver was on his way on October 3 was because "the truck was not in the yard". I expressed my anger and disbelief and Jeff said that he would find out more and call me back.

I spoke with my mother in Winnipeg and she called the office as well. They promised her that they would call me that day to confirm when my things would be arriving in Toronto. I waited, once again, all day, and received no confirmation or call.

At 6:30 Eastern time, I called the toll free number again. I spoke to a man named Rosario who said that Jeff had gone home for the day. He also informed me that there is a 7-10 business day wait on any move from one city to another, a fact I was not informed of at any point before this. It would seem to me that the employees of the company should know this and when I told them that I needed my things October 1, they would take the 7-10 business day rule into account.

My mother also called a second time from Winnipeg on October 4 and no one bothered to answer her call.

On October 5, my mom called from Winnipeg and spoke with Jeff. He claimed to have no idea when they could get the truck to leave. This was, at that point, beyond the 7-10 business day rule that no one told us about in the first place, so that could even be used as an excuse anymore. He promised to call back within two hours.

Finally, at 5:30 PM Eastern time, Jeff returned my phone call offering to pay for an air mattress for me to sleep on while I'm stuck without my things. He then said that the truck would leave on Monday (October 8) and he expected the movers to be here by Wednesday next week (October 10). He also said he would be knocking the price down for my inconvenience.

On October 10, at 5:10 PM Eastern time, I had not received any information on my move. My things had still not yet arrived, so I called the toll free number and asked for Jeff. I was told he was not in and to call back in ten minutes. I called back and spoke with Jeff. When I told him I had yet to hear from the driver, he said the driver should have called me already. Then he said he would call his driver and tell his driver to call me.

By 7 PM Eastern time, absolutely no information from Jeff or the driver.

I waited until 12 PM Eastern time the next day, which was Thursday, October 11 and called Jeff once again. At this point I'd lost track of how many times I'd called him and been promised a call in return and yet received nothing. Jeff told me that he'd call the driver again and that I should expect a call from the driver right away.

When I asked about the discounted price he promised on Friday, October 5, he said he would have to look at the papers and call me back within the next couple of hours.

I called back at 2 PM Eastern time as I had yet to hear from anyone and Jeff said that he would call the driver again and should hear from him within twenty minutes to half an hour. I waited forty-five minutes before calling back. At this point Jeff claimed that his driver was out of range when he'd called and couldn't get through. He asked me to wait another hour or so.

As of 7 PM Eastern time there has been no contact. No information from the driver, no information from Jeff regarding the price.

At 12 PM Eastern time on October 12, I called back again and spoke with Jeff. While keeping me on hold, he tried to contact the driver twice. He then came back and said the driver won't be here until Sunday, but he did give me his name and phone number. When I asked about the price, Jeff said he'll have to speak with his boss and see how much of a discount I can be given.

At 3 PM Eastern time on October 12, Jonah called me finally and said he would be here with my things on late Sunday afternoon or early evening.

Jonah called at 1:30 PM on Sunday to say he would bring my things between 7 and 8 PM. He then had the accounting in Winnipeg call me to charge my credit card. They charged me $768, which is a mere $32 off the original quote.

In the end, my things finally arrived two weeks late.

Recommend this product? No

Punctuality: Showed up late
Ease of Filing Claim: N/A
Lost Goods: No
Amount Paid (US$): 958

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