Turkey on the Q!

Nov 6, 2007
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I bought the 220 of this model, and it has worked great through the summer on brats, burgers, steaks and chicken. I was wondering about doing a full turkey, and made a plan that turned out great. I got a 12 lb. fresh turkey, which I think would be the maximum size the 220 Q could handle. I stuffed the bird with various aromatics (apple, onion, and lots of spices), and oiled it down with a neutral oil. I stuffed a few pats of butter under the skin, and salt and pepper the outside. I used a small aluminum pan to put the bird in, and poured a cup of beer to help keep the bottom from cooking out too fast. I also recommend a temperature sensor to be inserted during grilling. I set the temperature to 350, and the bird fit inside just fine. The temperature of the turkey rose quickly, and so, I eventually turned it down to 300. The bird was done in 3 hours (180 for the meat). I suggest turning your bird 180 once to allow for even cooking. I basted as well. The bird was great and so is my Q!

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