Dacor Ignition Problems

Nov 10, 2007
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I have had the cook top for 7 years and like it except for the problems with the ignition not sparking or it continues to spark at some of the burners after the flame comes on. It happens often after our cleaner cleans the cook top.

The problem is due to dirty or wet ignition. I first dry out the ignition. You can use a hair dryer just to be sure. I then cleaned each ignition carefully especially at the base of the metallic part of the ignition where it touches the plastic and try to get as much crude off the ignition as possible. Using a sharp pointed wire or nail will work. Now every thing works. When you turn on any flame, all ignition should spark until the flame comes on and then all ignition should stop sparking.

Also, ff you are using the cook top the first time when it is cold, the sparking can continue for a short while until it warms up. Turning up the flame in such an instance will help to stop the sparking quicker.

Here's the manual you can also refer to.


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